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review 2017-05-13 16:05
Seal the Deal (Sector Guard` Book 24) by Viola Grace Review
Seal the Deal - Viola Grace

Life counseling the abused and grieving has worn on her nerves, so when she is offered life in the Sector Guard once again, Sekhara jumps at the chance. After some heated negotiations, Contract and Counsel begin life as partners with Counsel’s pet, Maxi, along for the ride. They find a lost Terran, get blasted across the universe, and have to be rescued by a member of Udell base, and that is just Counsel’s first day…

What kind of a career is it when you have to keep your hands off your partner while you fight for your life?




The Sector Guards Series is a lot of fun as the heroes and heroines have to master cool superpowers and come to be partners. There is a lot of good action in this short story and love. 

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review 2016-10-01 19:42
Seering Order Viola Grace Review
Seering Order - Viola Grace

Reva has spent her life in servitude, her commanding voice her largest asset. When an Enjel swoops her off and away from her life as a nanny, she has a choice. Blinding and unfocused freedom, or life as a Sector Guard. Seer is her companion, and he wants to move up to lover, but as Order becomes comfortable with her new job, she has to think things through. She has to face her lack of education, social skills and romantic entanglements, and she has to do it fast before her Enjel loses patience.




The psychology of this heroine who has been a slave all her life is engaging. She finds a great hero. This is a very sexy science fiction romance short story.



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text 2014-04-09 20:31
Healer: Romance Healers Who are Not Traditional
Keepers Of The Flame - Robin D. Owens
Warprize - Elizabeth Vaughan
Dark Magic (Carpathians, #4) - Christine Feehan
Remedy Maker - Sheri Fredricks
The Warrior's Touch - Michelle Willingham
Yellowstone Redemption: Yellowstone Romance Series Book 2 - Peggy L. Henderson
Forbidden - Elizabeth Lowell
Resurrecting Flame - Viola Grace
Shadow Touch - Marjorie M. Liu
Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh

Some people can heal by touch alone. I always thought this super power would be a terrible one to posses. I would try to save everyone. I couldn't help myself. 


Then, we have the herbalists, medicine people, and other non traditional healers.  Usually the hero or heroine needs some healing and that is the meet in these romances. However, sometimes, being a healer is just a large part of character development.  Its all good!


Here are my favorite Romances with these kinds of leads:


1. No one does it better than Robin Owens, Heart DuelHeart SecretKeepers of the Flame and  Heart Change all showcase very different healers with wonderful conflicts and love stories. 

2. Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan,  Xylara

3. Dark Magic by Christine Feehan, Gregori

4.  Remedy Maker by Sheri Fredricks.  Rhycious

5. The Warrior's Touch by Michelle Willingham, Aileen à Duinne

6. Yellowstone Redemption by Peggy Henderson, Sarah Osborne

7. Forbidden by Elizabeth Lowell, Amber the Untouched

8. Resurrecting Flame by Viola Grace, Kozue Guardsman

9. Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu, Elena Baxter

10. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh, Sascha.


Do you have a favorite I have missed? Let me know!


Check out my Pinterest Board, Healer: Romance Healers Who are Not Traditional, for more recommendations! 





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review 2013-05-17 00:00
Freak Factor (Sector Guard, #1) - Viola Grace I thought it was a good story.
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review 2013-02-03 00:00
Imperial Guard (Sector Guard, #6) - Viola Grace Short story. 66 pages. Another matchmaking story but with a bunch of other characters thrown in. I liked the bodyguard's description but there wasn't a lot of time spent with his story.
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