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review 2017-03-19 17:12
Keen (Terran Times Second Wave Book 3) by Viola Grace Review
Keen (Terran Times Second Wave) - Viola Grace

Being invited into the Alliance was a shock for Kyna. She was wanted for an archivist assignment on a far-off world that needed her…specifically. Kee gets an implant that allows her instant access to generations of information, and she heads off to Jhenno for her new life in one of the most comprehensive archives in history.

When a co-worker tries to take her life, he forces the hand of her would-be suitor, and for the first time ever, Kee faces a dragon.

Jherin has been asleep for a few thousand years. He was thrown back in time to be at the right place at the right time to find his mate; he just missed the mark. When the mind of his mate begins to dim, he can’t spend time waiting for a long courtship.





Who doesn't love librarians and dragon shifter? A nice quick read with a hint of danger and a fated romance. 

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review 2017-03-18 16:40
Enforce (Terran Times, #22) by Viola Grace Review
Enforce - Viola Grace

Gwen has been living a life of duty and responsibility. Her first Alliance assignment was as an Enforcer, her next the polar opposite, Matchmaker. She has fought rabid crowds with ease and control, but facing an endless supply of bridezillas is too much to handle when her old boss comes knocking.

Etien Mathijen has pulled in every favour he was owed to get his true mate to his planet in a capacity where he can court her. Now he just has to get her cooperation and they will be able to live happily ever after. With her mind on duty and responsibility, can he crack her shell of reserve in time to save her from her own mindless obedience?





A quick SFR read to pass an afternoon. The dance between the hero and heroine is a lot of fun. 

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review 2017-03-11 16:13
Untrained Fascination (Brace for Humanity, #1) by Viola Grace Review
Untrained Fascination (Brace for Humanity Book 1) - Viola Grace

Like thousands of humans, Lianne works for the Rrassic on a world she didn’t know existed. A friend stuck her neck out during registration and hid Lianne’s compatibility with the Rrassic under the guise of an existing allergy to cats.

An accident at a public event made Lianne run into the action, and a few small cuts left enough of her at the scene to give the hunters a trail to follow.

Sorrok selected Lianne as a possible mate back on Earth, but he wasn’t the one to collect her during the final extraction, so he was sure that someone else would have found their way into her bed.

His delight meets feral possessiveness, and while he changes her life, he makes sure that there is a place for him in it.





I found this world an interesting one if highly unethical. The imbalance of power made for a lot of discomfort but at the same time it felt more realistic as to what it might be like if such abductions were to occur.


A like the different kinds of the "races" in the aliens. I like that the heroine has a working class job she is very good at and is in this kind of zoned out space in her head in this new reality.


The hero is very steeped in his own culture. He is kind over all.


There are some plot turns that are unexpected and interesting and the romance is much more developed, longer, and more layered than Grace's books usually are.


I liked it.

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review 2017-03-04 21:19
Intercept (Terran Times, #29) by Viola Grace Review
Intercept - Viola Grace

Maud has known that she is destined for life as a dragon’s wife, but she has contractual obligations that she has to finish first. On her last assignment, everything goes wrong and she goes from filing paperwork to being scooped up by Raiders for use in one of their arena facilities, providing black market fighting to an entertainment hungry universe.

Tridell has been patient, waiting as dragons do for his woman to come to him. When he finds out she is lost in space, he pushes to find her and puts his own life on the line to bring home the woman of his dreams.





This short story is made special by the friendships as well as the fated mate love story. I really like that we get lots of time with the couple and a building of a world.

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review 2017-02-25 17:10
Finite (Terran Times) Viola Grace Review
Finite - Viola Grace

Cera enjoys acting as a dispatcher for the Guardians. When five strangers come to her, brandishing an imperial writ that demands her transfer to Haloth, she is taken aback. When they transport her there without any kind of vehicle, she suspects that she is in a less-than-usual situation, and when she is handed over to wake an energy being, she knows it.

Renn has come to physical form over a hundred times, called by a hundred different women. When Cera calls him, there is something new. She knows what she finds attractive, but gives him enough leeway to add a few bonuses of his own to his appearance.

Between her mind and his body, they are going to make a helluva team.





The world building in this one is lovely, detailed, and creative. It is a wonderful idea to visit paired with a fun romance with great characters. 

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