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text 2018-11-20 11:00
Teaser Tuesday: A Royal Legacy: Part 1

A Royal Legacy: Part 1, book 4 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White

COMING April 12th


#Mpreg #TheRoyalSeries #lgbtq #indieauthor #mmromance #supernatural



Source: smarturl.it/TheRoyalSeries
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review 2018-11-20 02:53
I don't know what just happened...
Optimus Prime #17 - Kei Zama,John Barber

But I absolutely love it, and I'm eager to find out what's going to happen next.   It's all scheming, betrayal, and something super weird going on between Devastator, Metrotitan and Starscream. 


And of course the surprise guest at the end.   Like that's the WTF just happened moment, and I am so, so eager to find out.  I want to scream out what happened, but I have hopes that Jessica will eventually finish this up... so I won't spoil this, or letting her know what we find out about Primus. 

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text 2018-11-20 00:36
Reading progress update: I've read 44%.
Third Girl - Agatha Christie

Well, this one has surprised me. There's so much humour in it and yet there's also more violence and a deeper sense of threat than I'm used to. 


I love the opening when a girl looking for help comes to Poirot and then leaves because he's too old to help her, which, of course, guarantees his involvement.


Adriadne Oliver is a hoot when she plays detective.


I've no real clue where this is going but do like how it's getting there.

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review 2018-11-20 00:06
I really, really need good comics right now
Optimus Prime #16 - Kei Zama,John Barber

Things feel like they're falling apart around me, and while my immediate go to comfort read would be new Lost Lights, I want to catch up on my comics - I have so many piled up! - and Lost Light?   Well, Lost Light is over.  


This is an excellent second go to, though, especially as this issue was a breathtaking character piece on Soundwave.   (It also furthered the plot, including many other characters, but it was mostly a piece on Soundwave, who is one of my favorite characters in this series.)


A beautiful, breathtaking issue.   Love, love, love this series.   It's become just a highlight for me.   Barber gets better and better with time, and I love seeing his evolution as a writer come to this.   I'm hoping, trusting, that the rest of this series is just as good. 

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review 2018-11-19 20:00
SuperMutant Magic Academy / Jillian Tamaki
SuperMutant Magic Academy - Jillian Tamaki

The New York Times and New Yorker illustrator Jillian Tamaki is best known for co-creating the award-winning young adult graphic novels Skim and This One Summer—moody and atmospheric bestsellers. SuperMutant Magic Academy, which she has been serializing online for the past four years, paints a teenaged world filled with just as much ennui and uncertainty, but also with a sharp dose of humor and irreverence. Tamaki deftly plays superhero and high-school Hollywood tropes against what adolescence is really like: The SuperMutant Magic Academy is a prep school for mutants and witches, but their paranormal abilities take a backseat to everyday teen concerns.


My first thought on this is that I am wayyyy too old to truly appreciate this graphic novel! I liked the idea of a school for mutants and witches and I’m pretty sure that this would have totally been my jam when I was in junior high school. Because, let’s face it, we all feel like mutants when we’re in junior high.

It was definitely a creative way to illustrate all the problems that we have at that age: where do we fit in? What are our talents? What will be do after graduation? Or even today after school? Do our marks matter? Does that cute boy/girl know that we exist?

I can still relate to some of it—don’t we all still feel like mutants some days? But those days are fewer and farther between the older that I get. I know that I can support myself and run my life successfully on the majority of days. If I could talk to my teenage self that would be my message: you’re going to be okay. Loosen up and enjoy things more. Too bad that wisdom only comes to us once we’re short on the energy to appreciate it fully.

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