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review 2019-03-18 22:30
By Night, Vol. 1 by John Allison
By Night, Vol. 1 - John Allison,Sarah Stern,Christine Larsen

Boom! continues to add to its arsenal of comics series that are bizarre, push genre boundaries, and are just plain fun. 


'By Night' follows twentysomething former best friends Jane and Heather. Time, college and some undefined circumstances have led to their drifting apart, but they've both returned to their home town of Spectrum, SD. Not much is going on in Spectrum since the sprocket factory shut down.


On hearing the factory is going to be left unguarded, Jane convinces Heather to explore it with her, you know, before the teens find it and ruin everything, and what could have been a brief outing to rekindle a friendship becomes something much more.


This was cool. I'm waiting for the sequel. That's all.

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review 2019-03-14 18:42
What Makes Girls Sick and Tired by Lucile de Peslouan and Genevieve Darling
What Makes Girls Sick and Tired - Lucile de Peslo√ľan,Genevieve Darling

This comic packs a lot of ideas and questions into a small, accessible package. The illustrations have only a single line but they cover a whole gamut of issues of facing young women today.


That striking brevity gets the readers attention, but it of course can't cover everything or get into the deeper arguments for feminism and the importance of being supportive of each other and taking civic action. 


A great inspirational gift.

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review 2019-03-07 19:28
Lupin Leaps In by Georgia Dunn
Lupin Leaps In: A Breaking Cat News Adventure - Georgia Dunn

The world can always use another cute book about cats. 'Lupin Leaps In' is about three house cats, Elvis, Puck and Lupin, who report to each other the breaking news in their household. These can range from the man's loss of his tail (a haircut), just how many cats have moved in upstairs (so many), and how often the woman keeps getting up once they've just settled into her lap.


It's a funny concept. Writer and artist Georgia Dunn gives the cats quirky personalities that any cat owner will recognize and the gentle humor is appropriate for all ages. If the book has a flaw its that much of the book is episodic and doesn't form a longer narrative. 


But, cuteness compensates for a lot!

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review 2019-02-28 18:28
Tales From the Crypt, Vol. 2 (EC Archives)
The EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt, Vol. 2 - Al Feldstein,Joe Dante

An issue of 'Tales From the Crypt' was one of the few comic books lying around my house growing up. It was sick, it was gruesome, and I read it all the time. I was never sure where it came from and my parents refused to get us any more, but it stayed with me. I remember my siblings and I loved to watch the cartoon on Saturday mornings and later watched the TV show and movie.


These are just as fun to read now as when I was a kid. Even with the overuse of exclamation marks - literally there's one at the end of every sentence even on the most mundane of statements! These stories have vengeful corpes, premonitions of death, voodoo dolls, curses - you name it! The vibrant colors on these reissues makes them really pop. I can see why my parents raised their eyebrows at this stuff in the early 90s, so yeah, this was controversial in the 1950s and led to some pretty heavy restrictions on the industry.


EC Comics Archive


Previous: 'Vol. 1'


Next: 'Vol. 3'

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review 2019-02-26 19:15
Man-Eaters, Vol. 1 by Chelsea Cain, Lia Miternique, and Kate Niemczyk
Man-Eaters, Vol. 1 - Chelsea Cain,Lia Miternique,Kate Niemczyk

Some years ago, young women started turning into cats. Big cats. It took awhile for the authorities to figure it out and a lot of people were killed. but now we know. Due to a mutation of toxoplasmosis - one of the most common diseases and carried by housecats - menstruating women, particularly adolescents and twenty-somethings, are at risk of spontaneously transforming into giant, man-eating cats. Hormones have been put into the drinking water to stop menstruation and aggressive measures are in place to identify women who still menstruate and protect men and boys from them.


'Man-Eaters' is set in that world. These issues follow 12-year-old pussy-hat-wearing Maude living with her detective father. Her parents have split up but still socialize to keep her from getting screwed up, something she is very aware of. Her father works in homicide and her mother is a part of one of the highly funded task forces that hunt down the killer cats. At the end of the first issue we see that things are going to get pretty complicated for Maude.


This book is laugh-out-loud funny and inappropriate and in any other political climate over-the-top dystopian. The level of misogyny that is normalized in this world is stunning, but in the four issues collected here its easy to see how it happened and why it was embraced. There are posters listing the signs of an impending cat attack that include a woman being moody or pushy, there's a scene of a sex-ed class where boys are given a pamphlet on what to expect and girls are given a book about how their bodies are going to betray them and "can I stop it?". It's funny. It's ridiculous. It's also the world we live in.

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