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review 2018-06-20 14:01
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick

Not sure I would ever have read this if it wasn't for the movie adaptation but I enjoyed it. I think it may have been more powerful back in the time it was written but there were enough thought provoking elements to keep it feeling relevant for me. It's pretty different from the movie so don't expect it to be similar.

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review 2018-06-01 03:57
Sheep's Clothing by Elin Gregory 3.5 Star Review!
Sheep's Clothing - Elin Gregory

A terrifying personal change plus a family bereavement might have been bearable, but the break up of a relationship as well is just too much for handyman Darren Murchison to take. Everywhere needs someone who can fix pipes and fit lights, right? So he ups stakes and moves to a quiet valley in rural Wales.

With work to do, a house to improve and a hunky farmer to lust after, things are looking up! In sheep country just how much trouble can a gay, English, werewolf plumber get into?




For such a short read, this is a wonderful romance in terms of character development, setting, and world building. 

We get the start of a romance but the bad guy took up room where more love story could have been but very good quick read. A delight with lots of fun surprises.

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review 2018-05-27 16:31
Beauty and the Black Sheep - Jessica Bird

Back before JR Ward wrote about vampires, she wrote under a different name...


Heroine - head of the family and managing the family pile (which at this point seems to be literally a pile). She has spent the past 10 years taking care of her sister and grandma following the death of the parents. She has control issues, and has pretty much resigned herself to spinsterhood due to the transient nature of most of the men she meets. The family pile is of course, a bed and breakfast, and it's falling down about her ears - literally as it were - in the opening chapter, the ceiling caved on her, dumping water from a leaky pipe and lord knows what else.


Hero - fairly well-known chef. His life goal, along with that of his friend, is to have his own place. He's currently unemployed while looking for the perfect place. He hires himself after a car breakdown, a hike for several miles, and coming in on the h and company trying to figure out how to feed guests after attempting to cremate the chicken. His issues are the result of an ex who assumed he was due an inheritance and when she found out otherwise, had an abortion and dumped him - in that order.


While I really don't have any quibbles about the characters themselves, some of the obstacles seem off.


There's a mortgage on the family pile. Unknown how much but it must not have been for a remodel. And it's a large one - h has to come up with $150k by the end of the summer. The state of the house - how long has it been since any repairs were actually done? The H's car - it's towed to a barn, he works on it briefly, and nothing else is said about it. The feeling I get that to the h, her sister is still a teenager. The brother who abandoned his family and only a nasty boat wreck brings him home...


Some of the scenes were really funny though - the H's decision to repair the gutter and remembering halfway up the ladder that he's afraid of heights.


In the end, he decides he's found the perfect place to ply his trade - in her b&b - so all is well. And apparently the plumber is a justice of the peace...

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text 2018-04-29 07:53
A Tale of Two Cities and a tale of my day (not a book review)
A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens,Stephen Koch

I LOVED this book.... aside from the beheading, starving, and taxing people.  That wasn't nice.  I really enjoyed the story though and I'm so glad I finally read it.  I gave it to my husband and insisted he read it too.  I hope he will but he doesn't seem willing.  


I totally cried at the end.  I tried to pretend I was a tough old broad and not a sissy crybaby but I failed.  I bet my husband cries more than I did if he reads it.  He is a bigger sissy than I am (but don't tell him I said that.)


I ordered a nice hardcover book copy on ebay today that has 3 of Dickens books, including this one, and it will look nice on my shelf.  It also has Great Expectations and Oliver Twist.  I hope I'm happy with it when it comes.  There are never enough pictures on ebay listings.  I also find it annoying that they don't give you any idea of size.  I want to know I'm not going to end up with a tiny book with text I can't read.  I think that should be automatically provided in the listing so I don't have to ask every time.  


My husband said I should get a book of the complete works of Charles Dickens.  LOL  Wouldn't that be one HUGE book?  


I did buy a paperback copy of The Old Curiosity Shop today.  It looks brand new but I got it at a used bookstore for $2.75.  I saved a whole $2.25 off the listed price!  I love deals no matter how small.  


Anyway, I will have to write a review another time.  I had a big day and I'm exhausted.  I will probably have to pay for it tomorrow.  I guess we will see.  There was a small fair type deal at a place call Calypso Farm up in the hills here.  It is in a small community called Ester.  It was a bit of a drive but I enjoyed it.  They had Shetland sheep and were shearing them so those wanting to learn could watch.  I watched the first one.  They had several people selling wool roving and yarn, spinning kits and knitted and crocheted garments.  Several people were spinning yarn.  They also had food, including pizza baked on a wood stove.  We are both dieting so we decided to pass.  It was also very, very muddy and the food was up hill through the mud.  We had to park on the side of the road and walk up this steep, sloppy muddy driveway (at least a block long) with water running down from the snow melt.  I didn't think to wear my mud boots since it isn't that muddy at my house and we have a lot less snow.  I had my wedge heeled faux suede ankle books on and hope they aren't ruined.  Walking up there was not fun at all.  I enjoyed talking to the people showing their wares and bought some turquoise blue yarn.  I got a little over 6 oz and saved 50%.  My husband went up to look at the food place to scout things out while I was looking.  He was a pretty good sport since he had ZERO interest in anything there (poor guy.)  He said there was a lot of dangerous food items for dieting folks there.  I wanted to go check it out but when I looked up and saw the way was still steeply uphill through 4 inch sloppy mud I decided to pass.  We went somewhere else and I ate a salad with grilled chicken that was much lower in calories.  So, I got some exercise, ate healthy, and got 4 new books!  I say that is a good day.  You can see some pictures I took on my instagram.  I still have a few pictures I need to add so hopefully I'll get that done soon.  I'm so exhausted I can hardly move.  I know I will be hurting tomorrow but at least it will be worth it.  I'll just chill out and read if I'm able.  

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text 2017-12-25 16:43
Reading progress update: I've read 2%.
A WOOF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING - Parisa Zolfaghari,Lynn M. Stone

My third book in the Must Love Pets Set

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