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review 2016-03-08 17:12
Going Home by Kris Ripper
Going Home (The Home Series Book 1) - Kris Ripper

This freebie surprised the hell out of me.



Firstly, because for a Love Landscape's freebie it was exceptionally well written, the plot complex and with 208 pages, it was a relatviely long read. But more importantly, it threw me right in the middle of a scenario that I tend to avoid in my books.



The right to own sex slaves has just been made illegal. The government is taking the slaves to a reeducation camp where we can learn to be a part of everyday society. But what they don’t understand is that I’ve been with Master for 7 years and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than kneeling at his feet, with his collar around my neck and being used in any way he needs. I’m his.



I'm no fan of sexual slavery stories. I don't enjoy dub-con/non-con, falling in love with your abuser is not a trope for me - not in erotica and sure as heck not in romance. Stockholm syndrome is NOT my idea of a romantic relationship. With all that said, nobody was more surprised than me when this little one not only landed on my Kindle, but that I read it front to back. And was interested and invested the whole time. But Rory was a fascinating character. On the one hand slavery was all he's ever known. He was born into it, became his Master's property and was prepared to stay with him for the rest of his life. He thought he loved him, he was okay with how his life was going, he enjoyed the D/s relationship in the bedroom, and was alright with how the rest of his lofe was supposed to pan out. Or so he thought. But when sexual slavery was abolished, when he was taken to another location and contact to his Master isn't an option anymore, Rory's world is crumbling. Everything he thought was right, suddenly isn't anymore. Black isn't black, white isn't white and grey never looked so chaotic. He's changing, the world is changing - even his feelings are changing. It's terrifying, but through all of it there is one thought that prevails: He needs to get back to Geo. 


This story sure as hell isn't a psychology handbook. It's also completely different from what I expected. And I liked it. For once, it wasn't a twist on Stockholm syndrom. There was a difference between consensual D/s relationships and the master7slave conext Rory and Geo were used to. It was very fascination to see this struggle, this journey, the psychological and physiological ramifications of their complex, shared history.


Was it preachy? MAybe? A little? There were some side characters that - while layered and interesting and sometimes a pain in the ass - loved taking the roles of angels and devils. Sometimes that was frustrating, but all in all not too bad. The story is wordy, though. More so than I usually like in the "preaching and lecturing" department. But all in all, I enjoyed this one, and I liked how much it managed to surprise me again and again. Definitely recommended.



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review 2016-03-01 23:17
Humbug by Joanna Chambers
Humbug - Joanna Chambers

This is the perfect holiday novella!


It's short, it's funny, it takes place over a short span of time and there is some character involvement going on that warmed my heart to the core. Because let me tell you: Quinn is a piece of work in the beginning. But my heart still broke a little for him when he got it from all sides, all at once. On the other hand, he really needed a wake-up call! And boy did he wake up and found his heart. I found myself rooting for him so hard in the end.

I really enjoyed this one! Sweet, sexy, filled to the brim with Christmas spirit. It was a perfect holiday read - even a month or so too late!

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review 2014-05-19 14:14
A Mackenzie Christmas by Liliana Hart review
A MacKenzie Christmas - Liliana Hart

In this one we meet Grant Mackenzie. He is a cousin to Cooper, Dane, Riley and Thomas. He is the one really ready to settle down. His siblings are far from it, but Grant is. For a long time Grant has been in love with his little sisters college best friend Annabeth. What he doesn't realize is Annabeth has been in love with him for just as long. We see fate work it's magic and them come together. It is another steamy and sweet read that I really enjoyed. The characters were good for a novella and it was an enjoyable read. A little quick for me, but hey it happens.

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review 2014-05-19 14:09
Dane: A Christmas Wish by Liliana Hart Review
A Christmas Wish: Dane (MacKenzie Family) - Liliana Hart

There's not much of a review for this one because I've already reviewed the characters. This was a short little continuation of Dane and it was really sweet. We revisited characters and found out how they wrapped things up. It was short and sweet, steamy and romantic and a cute read. 

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review 2014-05-14 14:22
Thomas by Liliana Hart Review
Thomas (The MacKenzie Brothers, #2) - Liliana Hart

I didn't like Thomas as much as I liked Dane. Still a great story, but not as good as Dane. As I read the series I'm still confused on the order of the Mackenzie guys. I believe Thomas is the youngest. Thomas is the doctor of the family. He took over the local practice of Surrender. He also is the one that resides in the family home. While working on the family home there's an accident and this marks Cat's crashing into Thomas's life. I didn't like Cat as much either. She was just too far fetched for me. I get that her career choice occurs every day, but still. They also just jump in so fast that it's kind of unbelievable. They just go for it. There's not really any preamble or anything... just jump for it. That kind of bugged me. At least their way did. Although they were still definitely hot!

Again, it was a good book. A short, steamy read if that's what your looking for. It was also still a fun one to read. Check it out!

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