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review 2018-05-20 08:28
In the Company of Wolves by Paige Tyler
In the Company of Wolves (SWAT) - Paige Tyler

SWAT officer Eric Becker, the renowned lover of women in tight yoga pants, does the most logical thing to do when faced with the most beautiful werewolf, he's ever seen pointing a gun at him in the middle of a shootout—he almost swallows his tongue at her sweet scent and then hides her in a crate to keep her from getting arrested or killed. Now, it's her turn to make a move.

Jayna Wilson has no idea what move she's supposed to take after a gorgeous SWAT hunk helps her hide and escape instead of hauling her off to jail. She's been out of moves ever since the alpha of her little pack has gotten mixed up with Albanian mobsters, revealed the werewolf secret to them, and now offers Jayna and her pack members as muscle to the criminals...So maybe she'll let the SWAT hunk have the next move as well...

The suspense was great as always, although the criminal group (at least they weren't Russians) seemed a little in disarray from the beginning, making Eric's job a little easier. They just didn't seem like very savvy criminals, if you ask me.
But I liked the suspense, the "mystery" of how Eric might save his dream woman and her little pack without having to sacrifice his own pack, his job or his life. And the action, as always, was top-notch with bullets, and in this case, claws and canines, flying every each way.

The problem I had with this particular story was the fact there appeared to be something missing. And I didn't realize what it was, until the end (the final chapter), when it was there again.
What was missing, was the SWAT pack. I love those guys to bits. I love their friendships, their relationships, their unflinching loyalty, their willingness to take a bullet for the guy standing next to them. And I love how they love each other. Even when they're pissed at each other, even when the alpha is snarling mad, their emotional connection is palpable.

And I missed it in this story, since it was mostly Eric and the new little pack of betas among the larger "pack" of mobsters. Thank god for Cooper, Eric's bestie with his secrets-keeping Cupid-extraordinaire superpowers, for the much necessary infusion of Pack camaraderie and humorous zingers (those were missing alongside the guys), since I didn't particularly care for the new pack and its characters. They seemed more like extras to me, extras who propped up the heroine (who wasn't bad, but wasn't all that much either). Even Becker paled compared to the Becker that I've come to love.

Solid suspense, great action, but as far as characters go, this was a let-down. But we did get to learn about a new "species" of werewolf.

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review 2016-03-31 00:00
In the Company of Wolves (SWAT)
In the Company of Wolves (SWAT) - Paige Tyler After not reading this book for two weeks, the hype that i felt on the start of the book never faded. That is how good this book was written. As as teacher, mother and a reader of three to four books at the same time, recalling the plot of a book that i stopped reading due to work reason i was really happy that I finally finished this one.

The reading snippets that i did during the heavy work load that i had was not enough, i need to read the whole thing, i could read it using my phone, but, it would feel different.

I love this book. i do not want to go in to too deep. There are so many aspects of this book that made me love it. The pet and how each of the characters interact with each other. The fears and the reality on how each of the people changed. Again, the level of action on the last part of the book was so action packed that i had to stop reading because i was conducting a test! But man! Each scene keeps getting better and better! The epilogue? It was such a good way on how to end each of the book. A tradition you might say. And it give us a chance to glimpses some of the members and how the interact with the new members of their growing family.

Thank you for making such a wonderful book!

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review 2016-03-08 09:26
In The Company Of Wolves (Paige Tyler)
In the Company of Wolves (SWAT) - Paige Tyler

Another fun fast-paced installment!!

I must say that I was surprised to read how Becker being so sweet to Jayne. I guess I remembered him from the previous two books as sort of the 'clown' within the Pack with him always asking for women to use yoga pants *lol*. But Becker -- I still couldn't think of him as Eric, even if Jayna called him that -- was showing that he was as Alpha as Gage and Xander; especially by going undercover to inflitrate a bunch of scary Albanians gang.

Jayna was another strong heroine -- even though I think she was the youngest heroine so far compared to Mac or Khaki, but she was gutsy. I was impressed with her calmness in handling some of the dangerous situations, like during the Mexican standoffs between the Albanians and the omegas. Also near the end when she proved that she could fight her ass off, even if she wasn't completely embraced her alpha-ness.

The story went outside the SWAT team environment this time; with Jayna having her own pack of betas to protect and Becker going undercover to help her out. So there wasn't a lot SWAT team time. Only Becker's best friend Cooper who had more pages compared to the other SWAT team members. I didn't mind because it was nice to understand more about the werewolves mythology this time around. Paige Tyler finally introduced us to the concept of betas and omegas in addition to the alphas which made the world-built more complex than the previous two. I would love to know more about Tyler's ideas of werewolves in the next book.

By the way, I am happy that the next book will be about Cooper. I expect to see him doing more shirtless cooking!! *lol*

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review 2016-01-03 21:18
Audiobook Review: In the Company of Wolves (SWAT, #3) by Paige Tyler
In the Company of Wolves: SWAT Series #3 - Tantor Audio,Paige Tyler,Abby Craden

My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens.com.


This series just keeps getting better and better. As we learn more about the members of the Dallas SWAT team, we are also learning more about werewolf lore. Ms. Tyler is not willing to give us too much information in any one story. We are just getting bit and pieces of this lore. In this story, we learn that alphas are not the only kind of werewolves that exist. There are also betas and omegas. These are not the same betas and omegas that we get in other stories and I liked the take that Tyler took with her lore.


We continue to see stories of traumatic events that are turning people into werewolves. We also are reminded that traumatic events can come from family just as much as it can come from war. Seeing the events that turn Jayna were tough. She’s had a rough start to life and it didn’t get easier for her after becoming a werewolf.


One thing that really increased the action in this story, was the fact that the group of bad guys are also werewolves. Jayna’s pack has been working with Albanian mobsters. She believes that she is doing dangerous jobs for these mobsters because her pack owns them money. She isn’t comfortable with the amount of danger that herself and her pack are put into for each mission. She still continues to put her faith in her pack alpha, because that is what a pack does. That is until Becker saves her.


Cooper continues to be the protector of the SWAT guy who is bending/breaking SWAT rules because he has found “the one” for him. I’m hoping that he will get his story told soon, so he can have some of those favors returned for him. There is also time spent with the previous couples from the first two books. It was a fun story and I can’t wait for the next book. After being able to binge through the first three, now I have have wait, I don’t even know how long, for the next book. *pouts* LOL



Abby Craden does another great job with the narration of this book. In this book she has the job of tackling the Albanian mobsters. I have no idea what an Albanian accent should sound like, but she had to create the accent of several different eastern Europeans mobster type guys. I thought she did a pretty good job with this task. She continues to do well with both men and women, pace and tone as well.

Source: www.hotlistens.com/in-the-company-of-wolves-audiobook-by-paige-tyler-review
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review 2015-12-10 02:37
Great Story and Characters
In the Company of Wolves (SWAT) - Paige Tyler

Jayna left her mother and step-father at 17 as her step-father would have raped her. Jayna was now a werewolf. Eric Becker was a SWAT officer.

This story has everything: SWAT team, werewolves, really bad guys, pack mates like families, greed, gun shots, raids, and amid all that chaos, romance and finding THE ONE.

This was a great story with a great plot and characters. It was a great addition to the series. I highly recommend.

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review

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