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review 2020-01-27 16:54
ARC REVIEW Cowboy Courage by Carolyn Brown
Cowboy Courage (Longhorn Canyon, #6)Longhorn Canyon #6, Yay! It's Hud finally. A second chance romance. Rose, Hud's middle school crush, shows up in town to help her great aunt run her B&B and gift shop while she's on vacation with the Fab 5. Rose is at a crossroads in her life right now she can either re-up in the Army or do something else with her life as long as it's not going back to her family in the commune. One thing she knows for sure she's not going to make a decision based solely on a guy, not even a guy she's never stopped thinking about since she left without saying goodbye. Hud knows it's her choice whether to stay or not and seeing how there is not a opportunities for a multilingual language specialist he's worried he's going to lose her before they even get the chance.

In a funny Murphy's Law sort of way Rose and Hud are pushed to their limits. Both Rose and Hud have to face some truths before they can finally admit their feelings but when they do nothing will keep them apart not even a tornado in January. I really enjoyed this book. I loved Hud and Rose. I would love to see more of Great Aunt Luna she's my kind gal. Overall, this is a fun read Hud is a real sweetheart and Rose is a bright head strong woman  who picks her battles wisely. I am really looking forward to Pax's story next. 



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review 2019-11-12 14:49
ARC REVIEW Wolf Rebel by Paige Tyler
Wolf Rebel (Swat, #10)SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #10, I had been anticipating this one and it did not disappoint. This can be read as a standalone but the entire series is worth the read.

Rachel is still relatively new to the whole wolf thing, she still has nightmares about the event that activated her wolf DNA, it would give me nightmares too. They were getting better but ever since L.A. (the events in the last book) they have gotten worse and Rachel is afraid she's losing her mind because now she's started to see and hear things. It doesn't help that every so often she gets a delectable scent in the air that's gone as quickly as it appears.

Knox is known to make impulsive decisions, like joining the Navy, becoming a SEAL, leaving the Navy but his last impulsive decision put in hip deep in trouble by joining The Hunters. He believed their scare tactics it wasn't until his first mission with them that he regretted his rash decision because in the end he ended up as one of werewolves. He saved one by taking a bullet meant for her, she could have killed him but she let him go. He saw her again in L.A. and knew that if there was anyone her could talk to about what happened to him it would be her.

Two things happen in this book, aside from the smokin' hot romance between Rachel and Knox, The SWAT is put on protection duty of the DA whose life is being threatened because her most recent case. Her husband has also hired a private firm to handle security so SWAT will be working side by side with them bring together Rachel and Knox. Thankfully no one else knows about Knox being a former Hunter but Rachel and one other, but he isn't there right now. The other thing is that Rachel thinks she is losing her mind the crazed man who tried to kill her keeps appearing keeps talking to her. She agrees to help Knox learn who to be a wolf bringing them in even closer contact with each other, they feel safe with each other, trusting each other came easily. Knox knows about what happened and he wants to help but how can you protect someone from their own mind.

Overall, it is a great read. I loved Rachel and Knox. There aren't very many more of these guys left so I hope that means Tyler's introduction to the FBI special unit will lead to a spin-off series.  


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review 2019-09-05 14:24
ARC REVIEW Wolf Instinct by Paige Tyler

Wolf Instinct (SWAT Book 9) SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #9, wow, book nine already. Out earlier this summer if you haven't the chance yet I highly recommend this series. Throughout the book the SWAT has discovered they not alone, between the Omegas and the Betas but now they discover so much more, the shifters aren't the only paranormal out there. There is a continuing story arc but each of the book is a stand alone you can read it just by itself but really these books are quick and easy to read and so good it worth reading all of them.

The sexy former SAS Brit, Zane, and some of the others go to L.A. to track down the one who betrayed the pack. Zane is slowly recovering from the poisoned bullet that nearly cost him his arm, he's not sure he'll ever get back to full strength but that's not going to stop him from catching the SOB who was behind the attack in the last book. FBI Special Agent Alyssa Carson is part of a unit that technically doesn't exist. She's in L.A. following a lead on a missing persons and the connection to an exsanguinated body. Alyssa has seen some weird stuff but she is in no way prepared for meeting Zane, the hunters and all the other weird stuff L.A. has in store for them.

Overall, it's an exciting read. Excellent action, sweet and hot romance, wonderfully developed characters with the right amount of angst and witty banter. 


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review 2019-06-30 18:12
Great Story and Characters
Wolf Instinct - Paige Tyler

“This isn't music” Zane said to fellow werewolves Rachael and diego who were all SWAT team mates, practically shouting to be heard over the beat coming out of the club that the sign  at the entrance said was Attitude. Rachael was the newest member of the pack. The three SWAT members went into the club -Rachael and Diego pretending to be a newlywed couple and Zane was undercover as a British tourist. The target -Stefan- was standing with a security team of four at the far end of the bar. He did the same he did every night that they had been following him. Staring out at the people on the dance floor. Stefan’s uncle was randy Curtis who was the former Chief Of Police in Dallas and current member of the FBI’s top ten list of fugitives. Randy had tried to murder an entire Swat Team, as well as their friends and families-the team Zane was a member of. Six months ago the werewolves of the pack Zane belonged to, what a “ hunter” was. But in September they’de learned that groups of men roamed around the country killing any werewolf they stumbled across. Within weeks werewolves were coming to dallas looking for protection.  Than Zane realized Stefan had moved from the bar to talking to two young girls as Zane wondered how they had slipped past the bouncers. Than Zane realized this was set up as a waitress brought the girls some drinks that were drugged. The effects showed immediately on the girls. Than Stefan left with one of his security men and the girls were being ushered by the other three toward the back of the club. When out in the back of the club Zane had already taken out one of the men when a woman stepped in and took out another of the men and he realized it was the woman with the scent that smelled so good in the club. The woman was FBI agent Alyssa Carson and she had pegged Zane as a cop and “special”. Than she thought CIA or some other three letter agency. Because he slipped through the crowd like a trained killer. Alyssa doubted he was there for the same reason she was. As she knew Christine Howard , her friend, inj the LA FBI field office was the only other law enforcement i=officer in the state that knew about the case Alyssa was investigating. When the body of one of the many missing people- a woman- had been found in a landfill with a bizarre cause of death Christine called Alyssa as she specializes in the strange and bizarre. Alyssa had no doubt Stefan was going to kidnap the twin girls considering his team. She saw the girls had been drugged. Maybe they were the guys who grabbed women and she could find them before more bodies were found in the landfill. Zane and Alyssa stopped to get something to eat after Christine picked up the girls and to take them to the hospital. Zane and Alyssa decided to meet the next morning to figure out how she and the Swat team could work together. Zane thought Alyssa may be The One from her scent but he couldn’t pursue it as he felt he no longer had a soul. Also he had to find Curtis and put an end to the hunters trying to kill everyone he cared about. Zane still couldn’t do much with his left arm after being shot by the hunters. He had tried to get a back hand swing with that arm at one point, and the pain had been so severe his vision had gone a little dark for a few seconds. From what his pack hacker dug up Zane had to wonder if Alyssa was working or was a hunter. Alyssa used her FBI card to rent an apartment across from the garage where they found the car the twins had been in with several identical to it there. Alyssa and Zane took a shift to watch the garage and rachael and Diego took the other. Than Zane had went to Alyssa's apartment for coffee and they became lovers. Than had followed Stefan to an unknown club which was different.- super loud with strobe light that about blinded you and several odd smells. Zane ran into a guy who was the twins alpha and he stayed with them than they saw the twins on the dance floor but the were taken by Stefan and another man and several odd creatures- who turned out to be vampires. before anyone could stop them. Zane and his pack hadn’t know vampires actually existed. Zane also saw the horror and other negative emotions on her face when she seen as a werewolf. When he had charged to protect her. Zane now knew Alyssa was definitely The One but now it was over. 

I loved this book. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning and held it until the very end.   I loved the action, danger, and intrigue. I loved Zane and Alyssa together and how they interacted. I rooted them on through the book. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book-HAPPILY!  Loved the relationship of the SWAT Team as well as the relationship between Christine and Alyssa. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.

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review 2019-06-22 03:23
Wolf Instinct - Paige Tyler


Werewolf Zane Kendrick will do whatever it takes to take the man who attacked his SWAT pack and his search has taken to Los Angeles where a smart, sexy agent comes to his aid and all his wolf instincts tell him that she’s The One. Alyssa arson has investigated some weird stuff lately as a FBI agent and finding people drained of blood definitely falls into their category so when she agrees to work with Zane and his team, she doesn’t have time for the attraction between them. When they discover the sinister truth it will take everything they have to make it out this mission with lives –and hearts- intact.


The electrically explosive chemistry between Zane and Alyssa is WOW to the factor of 10 but this relationship has a couple major handicaps which keeps readers on pins and needles. First they have this major mission that takes precedence and some uber important secrets that could implode at any moment, but their attraction will not be denied no matter how much they fight it which has sparks flying in every direction.


This fast paced and energetic plot keeps readers on the edge with lots of thrilling suspense regarding not only the relationship and the secrets but of course the search for the bad guys. Stunning twists and world rocking unveilings adds some truly remarkable, adrenaline pumping excitement to this story. These jaw dropping revelations also grips readers hard and has them curious and eagerly awaiting just where the author is taking our favorite SWAT werewolves! STAT someone bring lots of ice, because this is one sexy and red hot read.


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