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text 2019-05-22 20:34
Before We Were Strangers - Brenda Novak
The Maze Runner - James Dashner




I finished Before We Were Strangers by Brenda Novak so my bank is up to $3.00 with that 400 pages...(I was one page away from another $2.00, dang it...)


Bank Total:  $23.00




Roll #2



Which takes to #25.



25. I look forward to the summer blockbuster movie releases every year!
Read a book that has been adapted for a film.


I'm going to read Maze Runner by James Dashner






My first roll for booklikes-opoly and I get doubles!!! That put me on #8. The Racecar!!!


I gained a Racecar Card and I rolled again.  Which lands me on #18. 


Read a book that is set in the Western United States (west of the Mississippi) or that was written by an author who comes from that region, or that is in the Western genre.


Read Before We Were Strangers by Brenda Novak which is set in Texas, and is West of the Mississippi River.




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text 2018-08-09 17:51
I'm back!
The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1) - James Dashner

And, yes, I know no one noticed since I don't do much here.


BUT!  This book was intense!


The suspense had me on edge and then this popped up:


"If someone's going to die every night anyway, we might as well use it to our advantage."


Newt frowned.  "Well, ain't that just cheery."


I laughed out loud.  Broke the tension just enough.  



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review 2018-06-27 00:00
The Maze Runner
The Maze Runner - James Dashner Honestly, I wasn't sure what I'd think about this in book form, because I saw the movies first and loved them. I had to wait until the 3rd film came out and I saw how all the movies came together, what they formed, and knew the story, before I delved in.

I'm glad I did. Just like Harry Potter, the books are just as good, if not better, than the movies. And they provide so much back story that is lacking from the movies, which helps make the whole plot clearer and more rounded.

The book is both similar and different to the movie, in the best ways. It gives more detail, it makes the story refreshing, and it makes more sense of the things that weren't properly explained in the movies. However, I do feel that the films better portrayed a "survival" lifestyle better. Here, in the book, they have dishwashers, washing machines, houses with windows, watches, and read food like steak and ham and cheese sandwiches. I get that they can request things from the box, but it makes it feel a little less like a trial and far too comfortable, with the added luxuries. It's no wonder that there wasn't a huge revolt to find their way out of the maze sooner, because they had a pretty cushy life - they had the serum to cure stings, they had the walls to keep them safe at night. It was a perfectly comfortable set-up, rather than a savage and survival training landscape.

Saying that, I loved the way the book differed and made more sense. The conflicts with Gally made so much more sense, and I thought the fight between Minho and Gally was just epic! I also found Chuck to be much sweeter, more clueless and scared. At the same time, I have to applaud the casting of the movies, because the actors fit the personalities of the book characters perfectly. I could envision the actors playing out their parts, as I was reading.

Overall, the plot was strong, well formed, and well paced. Things were explained in a rational and reasonable manner, and timeframe, while the logistics of the discoveries after Thomas arrived were well explained and explored. The ending was nicely rounded off, to provide a complete story arc, while letting us know that there is so much more to come.

A well written, compelling read.


Favourite Quote

"I swear, Chuck," he whispered to no one. "I swear I'll get you back home."
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text 2018-03-11 07:15
A Fiction book
The Maze Runner - James Dashner

this book seems exciting

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review 2017-05-31 20:34
Die Geheimakten: Alles über Die Auserwählten // Secret Files!!!
Maze Runner - Die Geheimakten: Alles über Die Auserwählten (Die Auserwählten - Maze Runner 0) - James Dashner,Anke Caroline Burger

German and english review


Ich geb dem ganzen 5 Sterne, weil ich es gleich nach dem letzten Teil gelesen habe und ich die paar Seiten so viel unterhaltsamer fand, als den letzten Teil. Ich fand die näheren Hintergrundinformationen mal richtig interessant und die Form wie es geschrieben war, war anders und es hat sich wirklich super schnell lesen lassen.



I'm giving this 5 stars, cause I read this right after the last book and I thought that these few pages were just so much more entertaining that the whole last book. I loved that we got more background informations, really interesting and the way it was written, different and so easy to read.

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