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text 2016-02-22 00:41
Book Haul for week of February 20
Pistols For Two - Georgette Heyer
Love In A Cold Climate - Nancy Mitford
The Pursuit of Love - Nancy Mitford
The Dressmaker - Rosalie Ham
Undeniably Yours - Heather Webber
Lethal Black Dress - Ellen Byerrum
Practical Sins for Cold Climates - Shelly Costa
Fit To Be Dead - Nancy G. West

MT took me on a belated weekend away for my birthday, to the Alpine National Park in northern Victoria.  It's my first time in Victoria's proper mountains and it was absolutely beautiful (pictures may be forthcoming).  


A stop in Bright for lunch out last day (at a brewery MT was keen to try) was ever-so-conveniently just a few shops down from a bookstore - a small, but well-curated bookstore and I finally caved and picked up The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham.  I haven't seen the movie yet but I want to, so I'm going to read the book first so I can yell at the screen about how they've gotten it all wrong.


As I was buying The Dressmaker, I asked about used bookshops in the area and I was directed to one right around the corner.  I almost missed it - I think my bathroom might be in a bigger space.  But she had a fabulous collection of books; again, really well curated to focus on fiction (Bright is ski-resort territory).  I picked up two Folio Society editions of Nancy Mitford's works: Love In A Cold Climate and The Pursuit of Love.  She had quite a selection of Georgette Heyers too but I can never remember which titles are good and which are... less good, so I settled on the only hardcover one she had: Pistols For Two.  I figured short stories gave me better odds that there would be a few good ones.


The last four are from the weekly post.  Two of them: Undeniably Yours: A Lucy Valentine Novel and Lethal Black Dress are the last books in series I've loved, each independently published by the author after their contracts with mainstream pubs weren't renewed.  The last two are Henery Press offerings - Henery Press hasn't given me a bad read yet, so I was willing to give these a go.


New books: 8

Read books: 3 (not counting re-reads)

Physical TBR pile: 207

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review 2015-12-14 22:18
Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford
Pursuit of Love - Nancy Mitford
bookshelves: radio-4x, winter-20152016, dec-2015-free-for-all, long-weekend, britain-england, lit-richer, amusing, published-1945
Recommended for: BBC Radio Listeners
Read from November 28 to December 11, 2015



Description: Fanny Logan tells the story of her beloved aristocratic cousins, the Radletts, and in particular Linda, who is beautiful and loves animals. Uncle Mathew hunts his children with bloodhounds (to the horror of respectable families in the local village) and keeps a blood-spattered entrenching tool above the fireplace as a relic of his experiences in the First World War. The cousins spend much of their childhood in the airing cupboard - the only warm place in the enormous Alconleigh Hall - discussing love and sex.

Beautifully observed and hilariously funny, the novel is also a fascinating hinterland account of the period leading to the Second World War and never pulls its punches in evoking the painful reality of the times.

1: Fanny Logan's story of her beloved aristocratic cousins

2: Fanny is anxious about meeting her Aunt Emily's husband-to-be

3: Aunt Sadie needs to find some young men to invite to Louisa's ball

4: Cousin Linda Radlett falls in love, to the dismay of her family

5: Linda's marriage does not turn out as she hoped

6: Linda falls in love but finds communists' parties are frightfully gloomy

7: Linda's success with the communists does not extend to Christian

8: Linda is living in Paris with the seductive Fabrice, Duc of Sauveterre

9: Linda has to leave Fabrice and return to London

10: Linda returns home to await the end of the war.

Reader...Diana Quick
Abridger...Lauris Morgan-Griffiths
Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery.
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review 2015-02-24 00:00
Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love Are You Making?
Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love Are You Making? - Linda Dillow,Juli Slattery Not a bad read, seems to provide a lot of information and help. I could see groups of women doing this as a support group, but also I definitely for see this good for couples to do together and look forward to do this as a couple with my spouse when that comes to fruition.

While I can see how this helps couples and women, but at the same time I still felt a little uneasy. I'm sure in time it would get easier. One thing I could see is couples married and to be married utilizing this to help bring out the best in both.

I received this through Goodread's first reads.
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text 2014-03-21 19:49
March Book Haul #2
The Pursuit of Love - Nancy Mitford
Midaq Alley - Naguib Mahfouz
The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey
The Game of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett

The doorbell just rang...the delivery man came bearing such wondrous treasures to fill my every waking moment. Inside that deceptively plain cardboard package were books for next months group reads and books for hours and hours of reading pleasure, taking me into worlds as yet unexplored. I think my discovery that Chapters delivers will prove to be a very dangerous knowledge for my budget, but a sacrifice I'm willing to make, after all, food is highly over rated.


The scary part is that before this delivery was even made I had added an additional 9 titles to my shopping cart for next month's order...perhaps a pruning back is prudent. I like to think I'm doing my part to support the book trade as well as the economy...whew...now that my conscience is clear I think I'll get back to The Last Battle, as in only 50 short pages I'll have concluded the Chronicles of Narnia and the first stage of the C.S. Lewis Project.

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review 2014-02-14 00:00
Pursuit of Passion (Access to Love)
Pursuit of Passion - Gracie Lonsdale Pursuit of Passion by Gracie Lonsdale is a sweet, romantic, passionate story about two ordinary people just trying to find their soulmate. This is one story where so many people can relate. This deals with struggles of dating, dealing with new divorcees, momma's boys, and just trying to find something more from a partner than just good sex.

We all are trying to find that special connection, that one moment you look at someone and they immediately take your breath away, the ever so mysterious "love at first sight," situation. Who knew you can find it by signing on to a dating website?! If I had a chance to be matched up with a gorgeous, home town, charming cowboy like Deacon Brooks....SIGN ME THE HELL UP NOW!

In Pursuit of Passion, we all know why Ivy Hughes had it up to "here" and finally signed up for the dating website, but I needed more of Deacon's back story. His character intrigued me so much, and I wanted more.

"I don't want to push you into anything you're not ready for, but darlin', you have to know...I'm dying to kiss every inch of your body and show you just how I'm feeling right now."

This had just enough steamy sex scenes to keep me satisfied. Not too little, not too much...perfect.

The fact that this story released on Valentine's Day was pretty damn perfect. If you are looking for a short, satisfying read that is romantic and sensual, pick this one up and you won't be disappointed.

*ARC provided by the author*
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