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text 2019-04-01 14:59
March 2019 wrap-up
The Kingdom of Copper - Suman Chakraborty
A Conjuring of Light - V.E. Schwab
Any Witch Way You Can (Wicked Witches of the Midwest #1) - Amanda M. Lee
One Summer in Paris - Sarah Morgan
The Unicorn Anthology - Henrnandez,Coville Bruce,Sara A. Mueller,A.C. Wise,Marina Fitch,Peter S. Beagle,Dave Smeds,David Levine,Carrie Vaughn,Karen Joy Fowler,Garth Nix,Patricia A. McKillip
Nation of the Beasts - Mariana Pavlova

So, 6 books finished in March. I'm surprised it was that many! 3 were Netgalley, I think. I don't remember if I got One Summer in Paris there too which would make it 4. Any Witch Way You Can was fished out of my freebies to fulfill criteria for a Snakes and Ladders square.


The first two books were continuing series, something I'm getting less and less enamored of over time. So many just don't hold up!


Probably the one I enjoyed most of this bunch was One Summer in Paris. Nation of the Beasts was very interesting and has stayed with me far beyond the review. It did challenge me in places though.


So now I've got several Netgalley books either in progress or not started yet. I've made some progress with samples, but have a long backlog to catch up. What I really want this month is at least one really good book that I could easily give 5 stars. I need to stop requesting too many books at Netgalley!

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review 2019-03-20 11:56
A Conjuring of Light
A Conjuring of Light - V.E. Schwab

by V.E. Schwab


Third in the series. I had a time gap between reading the second book of this series and this one, so jumping right into action that effectively continues from the second book took me a little while to settle into.


It all started coming back soon. Book two left us on a cliffhanger with Kell in peril! I was so displeased about the cliffhanger that I didn't even bother to review it. But a few chapters into this one and I was desperate to see him escape.


I found this one stressful. Too many tempers, too much hopelessness in the situation that arises. Many times I wanted to just stop so I wouldn't have to go back into this imaginary world anymore, so unlike the first book that made it rather fun. It also meanders a lot and it took me quite a long time to read it because it didn't always hold my attention and seemed overly long.


But with the first two books of the series demanding continuity, I persevered. I'm glad I did. The last third of the book had me doing late nights. I was really gripped! All I'll say about the end is that it all gets tied up neatly, though I do wonder who will inherit the kingdom in the next generation.

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text 2019-03-16 11:23
Snakes and Ladders next roll
A Conjuring of Light - V.E. Schwab

Roll 10!



I was sort of hoping one of the three squares that would fit my most need-to-finish Netgalley book would come up, but I can't complain.


Square 80. Main character is a man


Okay, I've been trying to finish A Conjuring of Light since Halloween Bingo. I'm so glad the rule is to finish a book and that ones started before the game count. :P



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text 2019-02-21 17:16
Lora's Snake & Ladders Post
Black Wings - Megan Hart
Nation of the Beasts - Mariana Pavlova
One Summer in Paris - Sarah Morgan
Any Witch Way You Can (Wicked Witches of the Midwest #1) - Amanda M. Lee
A Conjuring of Light - V.E. Schwab
Templar Silks - Elizabeth Chadwick
Thomasina (Essential Modern Classics) - Paul Gallico
Gather the Fortunes (Crescent City #2) - Bryan Camp


Well, as I've learned we can start with a book we're already reading, for square one I'm reading Black Wings by Megan Hart. I'll list the criteria for the squares as I occupy them.


1. Author is a woman: Black Wings by Megan Hart


Roll 10


11. Author's last name begins with the letters P, Q, R, or S:

Nation of the Beasts by Mariana Pavlova


Roll 9


20. Set in a country that is not your country of residence

One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan


Up the ladder to:


70. Something related to fall/autumn on the cover

Any Witch Way You Can by Amanda Lee



Roll 10


80. Main character is a man

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab


Roll 5


85. Written by an author who has published more than 10 books

Templar Silks by Elizabeth Chadwick


 Roll 7



 92. Reread of a childhood favorite

Thomasina by Paul Gallico


Roll 8


100. Let BL pick it for you: post 4 choices and read the one that gets the most votes!

Gather the Fortunes by Bryan Camp


And finished on 19 April! 8 books. :D




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review 2019-02-05 08:30
A Sequel Much Better In A Duology!
Our Dark Duet - Victoria Schwab

Finales are never easy to write, especially when it comes to expectations for readers or fans. Our Dark Duet ends with a certain adrenaline beginning that races towards the middle and ends with an unexpected closure. Its the pinnacle choice of what must be and has to be to make this duology a read some thing different worth picking up.


Picks up months after the events in This Savage SongKate Harker is hunting monsters in Prosperity. She is fearless and deadly until a new different kind of monster appears that force her to return to the one place she escape from - VerityAugust Flynn is a Sunai hunting other monsters and has a role - to vanquish sinners, monster or even humans. But when the battle between the North and South of Verity is at a standstill still, the appearance of a new kind of monster is tipping the balance and it will take more than his violin to stop this Chaos Eater.


The sequel is so much better than the first - the pacing is fast, the delivery is better and it does not waste time into getting the chapters unfold of what's next in a direct way. I truly enjoy Our Dark Duet more than the first book. The ending perhaps is a choice I foresee that is inevitable and of course, there are great things involve. The character development is well crafted, as always. What I love most, is the interaction between the characters that is pretty much awesome. Overall - I love it better than before.

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