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review 2018-01-18 20:45
Review: Writing Down the Bones
Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within - Julia Cameron,Natalie Goldberg

“You're a writer? Don't you just love Writing Down the Bones?”

This is one of those books that people just assume you've read when you have an MFA in writing. I had heard quite a bit about it, but I hadn't actually read it until now. But since this book has clearly been highly praised and circulated within the writing community since the 1980s, it's no surprise that I've come across so much of Goldberg's sage advice throughout the years.

The problem with a book like this is that I have heard it all before. It's a testament to what Goldberg had to say on the subject of writing, but my mind was certainly not blown by reading this. And so I'm not sure if my overall lack of love for this book is indicative of an overpraised lackluster book, or a wonderfully brilliant book that has been dulled by its successors. Frankly, I think it is both.

Some of Goldberg's ideas are golden. She's very much into the “let go” mentality of writing. She has really great advice for how to achieve this. Many of her thoughts on mindfulness are the words I have heard and appreciated over and again. But when you look at the whole of this book, you find that that really is the summation of the author's advice. Sure, she has a small exercise here and a tidbit of non-zen based advice there, but so much of this book is about writing mindfully. Writing mindfully is exactly what I need, but reading this book thirty-two years after its original publication, it is mostly stuff I've heard before.

Writing Down the Bones is excellent for the beginning writer or the writer who wants to approach their work more naturally. It should probably be required reading in undergrad writing programs. But for a broader, more modern perspective of the writing craft or for solid inspiration, I'd look elsewhere. Personally, I loved McCann's Letters to a Young Writer. It's a slim volume and McCann surely will not teach you “everything you need to know about writing” or even come close to doing so, but it features a great mix of topics that are 100% inspiring (though many of those ideas were probably inspired by Goldberg's book).

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text 2018-01-18 09:57
Personal Development For Becoming An Academic Achiever

Constantly improving and enhancing your set of skills is imperative, as it results in attainment of refined future prospects. Students tend to become complacent with their abilities, due to fear of failure or fear of change, however, beyond these apprehensions lies academic prosperity which can enable and open up many closed doors in an academic and professional context. Students who on a regular basis contest with their academic demons must never let their guard down, rather they should defy the odds and take advantage of assignment writer.


In order to persistently achieve greater heights, students must inculcate a system of evolving and mending themselves. Thus, with the aim of developing themselves, these are the following emulations they should instil in themselves in order to outshine their academic and professional spheres.




One of the most enlightening and constructive habits that a student can take on is reading. Incorporating reading into your routine aids in elevating your language fluency, increases your vocabulary store and improves your comprehension. Reading a diverse range and magnitude of literature exposes students to dissimilarly eccentric languages, religions and cultures. Which as a result, opens and makes students aware of the different communities and societies which coexist, which allows them to become more liberal, convergent with their thinking and reasoning process. If you search around on the web, you shall find most intellectuals and scholars are avid readers, thus proving how reading as a habit is correlated with intelligence and intellectual aptitude. On a whole, when pursuing the ambition of growing personally, the foremost act to adopt is reading as it exercises, invigorates and boosts your brain.




Pupils who tend to be introverts, struggle or refrain from conversing their thoughts across, this results in them losing out on an opportunity which they are eligible for. However, students who lack communication skills must try to adapt and modify themselves in order to avail the most of what is accessible to them. As both verbal and written communication is a vital aspect of parlance in both academic institutes and office environments. Lacking these skills will cripple the student of their confidence and self-esteem, as being deficient in these abilities tends to make the person feel inferior and incompetent. In addition, written communication is essential, as students exchange emails frequently with their professors or in an office setting the whole office communicates through emails, office memos or noticeboards. Hence, it is paramount to hold adequate writing skills, as you would want to convey your emotions in the most articulate and eloquent manner possible, allowing no scope for imperfections or flaws.

Nevertheless, with time and patience the habit of communicating well can be acquired and learnt, thus making it easier for the student to attend conferences, seminars or speak up in an office meeting, which they will have to do eventually in the future.




Indoctrinating a habit and custom of socialising and associating yourself with people around your campus can hugely help in improving your social and public abilities. These engagements and encounters through taking help of counsellors and mentors can help students find guidance and advice, which can better their academic tasks and responsibilities. Moreover, incorporating socialising in your daily routine helps students stay up to the beat, informed and it also provides a sense of belonging and being, which further motivates the student to push through all hardships and adversities.




Consuming rich, didactic culture through movies is a marvellous option, as they are a fantastic tool to help groom your personality. Movies are a medium which can stir emotions in people, helping them bring that sense of change in themselves. Due to being an interactive medium students tend to latch onto the characteristics of the character swiftly, or by watching a documentary a student can help educate themselves about relevant and pressing social issues. These banks of knowledge help neaten and enrich the development of an individual.


Diet & Exercise


The first and last step should always be towards your health and wellbeing, as health is wealth. In order to develop mentally and physically, students should consume a mix of nutritious and balanced diet coupled with cardio each day for 20 minutes. Owing to the fact that physical activity boosts your brain and improves its ability to work and function, making it easier for the person to develop and evolve.

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review 2018-01-14 00:58
Lois Murphy’s SOON defies genre categorisation


An utterly gripping debut novel. Just like the work of Transit Lounge stable mates Jane Rawsonand A S Patric, Lois Murphy’s Soon defies genre categorisation.


Despite containing fantastical story elements, Soon feels uncommonly gritty and grounded. Murphy’s character development and evocation of both the natural environment and small town setting is first class — a reader cannot help but become invested in their plight. The sense of foreboding is at times gut wrenching. 


Read our full review of SOON at bookloverbookreviews.com >>

Source: bookloverbookreviews.com/2017/11/soon-by-lois-murphy-book-review.html
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text 2018-01-13 13:05
What made me become a writer.

One question I believe author's get asked a lot is what made you want to become a writer.

Well I don't know why other people write but I can tell you why I decided I would finally do it.

From an early age there were three things that I loved:



and the Paranormal.

I learnt to read when I was small, in fact I do believe I was able to read before I could walk.

From that day on I've loved to sit down with a book and lose myself in it completely for a little while.

To me it is one of the greatest pleasures anyone can have, and it helps me to relax at the end of a busy day.

As for the writing that came a little while later.

I take after my late father as I am left handed. My late mother was right handed.

This did cause my poor mum some problems because of the way I held a pencil or pen but eventually I got there.

I remember my big clumsy block letters, that I finally was able to turn into words and sentences. And then of course I had to learn how to do joined up writing which I don't believe caused me too many difficulties.

While all this was going on I began writing short stories which by all accounts weren't to bad.

As for the paranormal that was something that has always interested me and something I have read about over the years. Borley is one place in particular that I would still love to visit, and the day spent in Pluckley was very interesting to say the least.

But more about my personal paranormal experiences another time.

Eventually I did some freelance journalism, but like everyone else, life changes happened and I was unable to carry on.

Then last year I knew I had a story I wanted to tell and I just had to get it out there.

Actually I have more than one, but I'll talk about that another time as well.

I looked around at my self-publishing options, and found one I was pleased with, and then I started work on The Haunting of Dove Cote House.

Now a lot of people would think I'm starting my writing career late as I turned 50 last year, but I don't.

I have three passions as I said, and now I am able to combine my love for writing and the paranormal. Hopefully this will result in a book I would love to read myself and appeals to others too.

Who could ask for anything more?





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review 2018-01-03 05:15
Musings of a Gossip Queen: A Chick-Lit Comedy - Victoria Bright

Blake starts a new job after thinking life is over as she knows it.  I sometimes think it is this anger that has her pushing through to pay her bills as she begins her new adventure.  She meets a girl at the office who is so jealous of her, it is kind of pathetic.


Silas is hot and gives her something to look at.  Man candy if you will.  It just does not seem to help the sheen that is all over this new job.  It is not a good gloss, and it is taking its toll on Blake.  What should she do?


I found this book to be funny at times.  I know that many will think it is too funny and just die of laughter.  I stopped laughing about two chapters in, since I found this character kind of pathetic.  I had a hard time pushing myself to finish the story.  Word to the wise - this book has language meant only for adult ears.  I personally think the humor would have come across better without the extra vulgarity, but maybe that is just me.  I give this one a 2/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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