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text 2018-06-08 08:23
5 Best Authors in English Literature’s History after Shakespeare

There’s no exaggeration in saying that William Shakespeare was the greatest of all times as far as being gifted in the genre of English literature is concerned. He was the one who set the table for the later authors and poets to eat their food on. He popularized literature beyond the concept of being used simply as a mode of communication and means of keeping records – he introduced the entertainment and philosophical parts of the literature to the common.

There are no second thoughts to this – Shakespeare was the greatest of all times. But who are the next best names in English literature? I have compiled a list of 5 authors that according to me are the best in the field of English literature. I decided to do this after I had to do my essay on literature during my papers last semester. And if you need any help in literature, you can seek it from the best essay writing service. Let’s see if you agree or not:

  1. Geoffrey Chaucer: Considered as the father of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer still is considered one of the best after Shakespeare. He used to write in a style that was very close to a derivative of Anglo-Saxon language. The language he used was not very different from that used in Beowulf, the epic. He was one of the most influential writers (read poets) in the history of English literature. Some of the most notable works of Chaucer are – The Book of the Duchess, The Canterbury Tales, The House of fame, and many others.

  1. Charles Dickens: Widely regarded as the most descriptive author in the history of English literature, Charles Dickens had a gift. He could make the reader glide with him throughout the prose. His writings were as good as a film going on in front of your eyes – he was that magical. The characters from his novel have become immortal. Such was the pull that he created towards the characters and towards the English culture. He weaved the words to create imageries in the minds of the readers. Some of the most celebrated of his works are – Great Expectations, Hard Times, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, and The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.

  1. John Donne: Considered as the pioneer of the metaphysical writing style, John Donne was one of the most influential poets in the history. He is most popular in the history for the use of metaphors in his poems. The way he framed and portrayed incidents in his works is what made him famous. There are very less poets who could achieve that level of flexibility in the use of literary tools in their writings. Some of the most notable works of John Donne are – Holy Sonnets, The Flea, The Good Morrow, Death be Not Proud, and The Dream.

  1. Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Coleridge can be counted as one of the flag bearers of the romantic era of English literature. He is famous for his beautiful wreaths of lyrics that he weaved, and painted a larger than life picture of something as trivial and mundane as a bird. He was the master of personification, simile, and metaphors. Some of his immortally famous works are – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Lyrical Ballads, and Kubla Khan.

  1. John Milton: One of the most celebrated poets in the history of English Literature is John Milton. The very flavour of contrast that his works bring to the Bible is the source of food for thought for some very famous philosophers. ‘Paradise Lost’ was, is, and will be the greatest poem in English literature.
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text 2018-06-05 07:03
How You Can Manage To Do The Best Essay Writing You Have Ever Done

Essay writing has usually struck college students as one of the toughest elements in their lives. Regardless of what subject the student research or what stage the pupil is at, the student needs to be an expert at essay writing if you want to acquire remarkable grades and continue to exist the harshness of the instructional global. All direction teachers make college students write essays each week or so for the following motives:

•    To beautify the student’s studying and make the challenge depend on extra clean. Most instances the student or even at times the academics are not able to understand or educate a certain subject matter. Most teachers believe that essay writing on the equal subject matter could make the content material clearer.

•    They need to test the students. Students regularly do now not take note of the lecturers at some point of lectures and later are not able to cope with the relaxation of the elegance. Testing the students with every day essays is easier for the trainer because the teacher doesn’t should go through the hassle of making a whole pop quiz each other day and normally gets college students to be critical in elegance.

•    The instructor has to fill in some formative marks and assigning the scholars with marked essays is a clean way to get it over with.


Where The Problem Arises

Normally writing essays doesn’t surely appear to be a totally worrying job or even one that would be the motive to lots of problems, however, this is not the case on the subject of essay writing. Each and each single essay demands the student to be at their first-rate, with an open and clean mind throughout the essay and coherence inside the thoughts that the student has.

The problem then arises with the fact that every scholar has to submit a completely big quantity of essays every week for every magnificence. This means that each single day the scholar has to follow the identical tiring procedure of learning over the given subject matter, making plans out the essay and in reality getting to write it down. If you observed this is difficult, believe doing this each other day or so for every unmarried class that you attend. The simple fact of the problem then becomes that there are manner too many essays for students to jot down nearly every day regardless of what publications or fields the student is part of.

What A Good Essay Demands

Most students normally have hassle with information what essays in UK without a doubt demand and how exactly they can make their essays brilliant. Here’s how:

•    Essays want to be shaped on nicely researched statistics that have been well analyses and evaluated.

•    The essay then ought to majorly be comprising of unique paintings and not simply be a list of facts and statements or some thing that was entirely written by way of someone else, copied and pasted on a paper.

•    This is plagiarism and it is strictly forbidden for college kids.

If you continue to have difficulties with completing your essay or truly do no longer have time, then just contact Law Essays Help for Essay Writing Writing Service UK assistance through experts.

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