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review 2018-02-25 14:12
2.5 Out Of 5 STARS for Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land
Good Me Bad Me - Ali Land







Good Me Bad Me is dark, compelling, voice-driven psychological suspense by debut author Ali Land.


How far does the apple really fall from the tree? 


Milly's mother is a serial killer. Though Milly loves her mother, the only way to make her stop is to turn her into the police. Milly is given a fresh start: a new identity, a home with an affluent foster family, and a spot at an exclusive private school. 


But Milly has secrets, and life at her new home becomes complicated. As her mother's trial looms, with Milly as the star witness, Milly starts to wonder how much of her is nature, how much of her is nurture, and whether she is doomed to turn out like her mother after all. 


When tensions rise and Milly feels trapped by her shiny new life, she has to decide: Will she be good? Or is she bad? She is, after all, her mother's daughter.






Lately, I've been reading genres of books that are out of my comfort zone.  This may have been too far out, though. Because ultimately, I was disturbed and saddened by this story, and I wish I'd never listened to this one at all. 


If you like to be inside the head of someone who has been abused mentally and psychically and see all their dark twistiness that comes from that, then the inside of Annie/Millie's head might be a welcome place for you.  It's just not for me, though.




2.5/5 STARS - GRADE=D+







Plot~ 3/5

Main Characters~ 2.5/5

Secondary Characters~ 2.5/5

The Feels~ 3/5

Pacing~ 3/5

Addictiveness~ 2.5/5

Theme or Tone~ 2/5

Flow (Writing Style)~ 3.8/5

Backdrop (World Building)~ 3/5

Ending~ 2/5  Cliffhanger~  Not really.


Book Cover~ It's kind of compelling, I wished that it had warned me away, though…

Narration~ by Imogen Church was fairly well done.  She definitely had the creep factor going…

Setting~ London, England

Source~ Audiobook (Library)



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review 2018-02-23 18:51
Review: "Dampfnudelblues: Ein Provinzkrimi" (Franz Eberhofer, #2) by Rita Falk
Dampfnudelblues: Ein Provinzkrimi - Rita Falk


~ 4 stars ~


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review 2018-02-22 23:05
Goliath by Shawn Corridan
Goliath: A Thriller - Gary Waid,Shawn Corridan

Captain Nicholas Borodin and his crew embark upon their first voyage at the helm of the new, revolutionary and very massive oil tanker called the Bennkah, which means Goliath. The Russian tanker is a ship to end all ships, the largest one ever built. The Bennkah will hold so much oil that it’s predicted to influence the price of oil around the world. But early into its voyage on the Bering Sea a fire erupts onboard and Captain Borodin is forced to call for help.

Aboard his salvage boat, Captain Sonny Wade hears the Mayday and rallies his crew to head out and save what they can. Sonny is not the only one headed towards the ship. He has some stiff competition from his old boss, the very ambitious Dan Sharpe, who owns the largest and most successful salvage company around. Dan is also the one who fired Sonny after a disastrous incident that left his reputation and marriage in ruins. The race is on to see which salvage team can reach the Bennkah first, but both teams are heading into danger. For as the Bennkah begins to succumb to the fire, the tanker’s captain is the only person aware that there is much more at risk than the oil spilling into the sea.

The characters and storyline are a bit “cookie-cutter” here but if that sounds like a bad thing, it’s not! I like to read these kinds of adventure thrillers as fluff, meaning that I fly through them without a care in the world and I don’t have to think too much. That’s good right? I think so or I wouldn’t continue to read them. I am also rather fond of stories at sea. I can’t think of anything more horrifying than being out there with nowhere to go but down! Always a bit chilling! Kudos to the authors for what struck me as exceptional descriptions throughout the book. Clive Cussler and Lincoln & Child fans come to mind when recommending this book.

I want to thank the publisher (Oceanview Publishing) for providing me with the ARC through NetGalley for an honest review.

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review 2018-02-22 13:52
A page turner that keeps you guessing
FORGOTTEN CRIMES: a gripping psychological suspense thriller - Anna Willett

This is one of those books that you think you know what will happen but are landed with a jaw-dropping surprise at the end. At times very creepy, always full of nail-biting suspense, this is an example of what Willett does best: creating claustrophobic situations in which women have difficult choices to make.


Set in the South West of Australia this is Willett's fourth novel.

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review 2018-02-22 13:00
REVIEW BY MERISSA - The Bad Mother by Amanda Brooke
The Bad Mother - Amanda Brooke

It's hard... when you read a book that takes you in so completely. That takes you back to a time in your life you needed therapy to get past. That is so realistic you can remember similar instances happening in your own life as you follow what is happening to the character between the pages.

That book for me was The Bad Mother by Amanda Brooke. It has to be one of the hardest books I've ever read, and yet I'm glad I've done it. I'm also very glad I've finished it, and I'm sorry to say, it's not a book I will ever read again. It hit a bit too close to home for comfort. It has drained me, made me see things again I had wanted to forget.

Luckily for the main character, she has family and friends who are determined she won't go it alone, even when she doesn't believe them. You are with Lucy as she goes through her pregnancy and becomes more isolated. The author does an amazing job of keeping the reader off-balance, unsure of just what is going on or what will happen next. It will keep you on tenterhooks, needing to read more, to find out what happens next.

The Bad Mother is incredibly written, with no editing or grammatical errors that I noticed. Although, to be fair, I was that engrossed by the story, I wasn't actually looking for any either. The scenes flow from one to the next, and each scene will draw you in and keep your attention. For anyone who wants to know about gaslighting, and the effects it can have not only on the victim but on friends and family too, I would highly recommend this book.

Part of me wishes I couldn't give it 5 stars, simply because of what it reminded me of. However, that would be a disservice to the book and the author.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!


@AmandaBrookeAB, @fictionpubteam, #Psychological, #Thriller, 5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/merissa-reviews/thebadmotherbyamandabrooke
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