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The Best Australian Poems 2014 - Geoff Page, Mike Ladd, Jennifer Maiden, Joanne Burns, Bruce Dawe, Richard Tipping, Anthony Lawrence, Judith Beveridge, Peter Rose, Felicity Plunkett, BN Oakman, Jennifer Harrison, Rod Moran, Paul Hetherington, Kathryn Lomer, Lisa Jacobson, Jakob Ziguras, Russell Erwin, Bro
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The Best Australian Poems 2014
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‘From London, some ten years ago, Clive James opined that we are living in “a golden age of Australian poetry”. The quality of work between these covers suggests that Clive might still be right.’ —Geoff PageIn The Best Australian Poems 2014, award-winning poet Geoff Page compiles an anthology... show more
‘From London, some ten years ago, Clive James opined that we are living in “a golden age of Australian poetry”. The quality of work between these covers suggests that Clive might still be right.’ —Geoff PageIn The Best Australian Poems 2014, award-winning poet Geoff Page compiles an anthology that celebrates both the established and the emerging, the classical and the pioneering in contemporary Australian poetry collection for readers and writers alike.Poets include … Kevin Hart • Lisa Gorton • Chris Wallace-Crabbe • Maria Takolander • Jakob Ziguras • Peter Goldsworthy • Clive James • John Tranter • Peter Rose • John Kinsella • Kevin Brophy • Les Murray • Judith Beveridge • Robert Gray • Joanne Burns • Jill Jones • Kevin Pearson • David Malouf • Vivian Smith • Richard Tipping • S.K. Kelen • Patricia Sykes • Fiona Wright • Robert Adamson • B.N. Oakman and many more …‘Geoff Page’s collection of the best poems of 2014 serves only to underscore how essential to a properly reflexive and self-aware culture the writing and reading of poetry is.’ —Weekend Australian‘There is eloquence aplenty in this fine collection.’ —Australian Book Review‘The breadth of work, combined with the accessibility of many of the poems, make it a perfect introduction to Australian poetry.’ —Good Reading Magazine‘The list of contributors tends to read like a Who’s Who of Australian poetry – Robert Adamson, Judith Beveridge, Peter Goldsworthy, Les Murray, David Malouf, Bruce Dawe, John Tranter, Clive James … is this the editor being lazy or is it testament to the longevity of Australian poets. I think it’s the latter. And it’s wonderfully familiar to see these names again.’ —Courier Mail‘[A] glorious anthology’ —Launceston ExaminerGeoff Page has published nineteen collections of poetry as well as two novels, five verse novels and several other works, including anthologies, translations and a biography of the jazz musician Bernie McGann. He has won several awards, including the ACT Poetry Award, the Grace Leven Prize, the Christopher Brennan Award, the Queensland Premier’s Prize for Poetry and the 2001 Patrick White Literary Award.
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Format: Kindle Edition
ISBN: 9781922231888
Publisher: Black Inc.
Pages no: 222
Edition language: English
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