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Discussion: 2019 Booklikes-opoly Q & A
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created by: Moonlight Reader
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You don't get a reroll for a square that is meh. If you have a novelty card, you can use it. Or you just take the next extra roll and hope for something better!
Just to be on the safe side: I did my second roll on Thursday and I'm still reading that book - can I still do the bonus rolls today?
So, regarding the extra rolls, if I'm currently trying to finish a book that has been adapted for a film square (The Maze Runner}, and I'm barely started on it because I had to listen to my library hold {Ruby Hotel} which didn't fit the adapted for film square, do I have to finish the Maze Runner and complete the square before I can take the extra rolls? OR can I take the rolls right now and just work on finishing Maze Runner as I go along and if I happen to land on a square that fits for Ruby Hotel can I count that one as finished? OR is the book Ruby Hotel just unusable for the game altogether?
If I am starting play either tonight or tomorrow, do I get 3 rolls right off the bat? One regular roll and the two bonus Memorial Day rolls?
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You don't have to finish them in order, but you do have to finish all of the books you are going to read before you can move on again.
Is landing on GO the same as passing GO? Do I get to collect $5 now or wait until I actually move on?
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Landing on GO is the same as passing GO, because you roll again immediately if you land on GO. It's not a book square. :)
I was just wondering if it's okay for me to start the game again? I started it a week ago and have been really busy and have forgotten where I was! Thanks.

Is this a beach-y enough cover for space #13?
13. Read a book with sunglasses, swimsuit or other beachy items on the cover, or that has a cover that is more than 50% yellow.
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Thank you. That means I have another roll to do
@Hol - yes, you can definitely start the game again.
@Linda - I don't see anything that I would really call "beachy" on that cover, except for the beach itself, and that card is really about beach "accessories". It would qualify for either 10 or 11, but I don't think it quite works for 13.
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@Moonlight - Well, here's the thing. ;-)

The copy of Sea Glass I have was purchased at the Fiends[sic] of the Library sale for 25 cents. Hard cover, no dust jacket, binding damaged. I posted my question above with the first cover I found online, which had the beach-y scene, but no accessories, no yellow.

However, here's a link to one of the many other editions, with a big floppy beach hat and more than 50% yellow???


After I found that, it occurred to me --DUH! -- to look here. It's on BL, too, though I think the description may be wrong.


Similarly, I have a copy of The Last Time They Met by Shreve, which has a cover with a kayak (beach accessory)


and another edition with a bright yellow dress (not 50% of the cover, but more than 50% eye-catching!)


My hardcover copy from the Fiends has no cover. :-(

Your call?
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I got distracted by the Fiends of the Library. hahahaha.

OK, back to your question (and sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I've worked about 30 hours so far this long weekend).

Kayak is definitely a beach accoutrement.
Floppy hat is a go.

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I may have a brief PM to you later this afternoon (Mon.) if that's okay?
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Yes, although I am not sure when I will get it. I am underwater with my trial schedule next week. I will try to check in this evening.
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