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text 2018-11-21 18:31
24 Festive Tasks - Door 8: Pennance Day (Task 2)


Task 2:  It’s “Pennants” day according to MbD’s husband:  post a picture of your favorite team’s logo / mascot and the last time they’ve won a championship (or not).



The Boston Red Sox! And the last time they won a championship was this year! They are the 2018 World Series Champs!


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text 2018-11-21 18:27
24 Festive Tasks - Door 8: Pennance Day (Task 1)


Task 1:  “Confess” your book habits.  Dog-earring?  Laying books face down?  Bending back the spines? Skimming?  OR: Confess your guilty reading pleasure, or comfort reads.


I've mentioned it here many times before, but my two favorite go-to authors for comfort reads are: Jayne Ann Krentz (aka Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle) and Nora Roberts (aka J.D. Robb) In fact, just yesterday I ordered four books from BetterWorldBooks (they're having a sale - 30% off 3 or more used books!), two Nora Roberts books, and two Jayne Castle.

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text 2018-11-21 16:32
Obsidian Blue's 24 Tasks of the Festive Season Card


Only going to put stars on dates where I have completed all tasks and the book too. 


Updated as of 11/21/18


Total points: 37


Dia de Los Muertos (November 1): points 5

Completed tasks 1 through 4, and book related task: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie.  


Guy Fawkes Night (November 5): points 5

Completed tasks 1 through 4 and book related task: The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry


Melbourne Cup Day (November 6): points 5

Completed tasks 1 through 4 and only got two points for task one. 

Planned read is The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough


Diwali (November 7): points 4

Completed tasks 1 through 4. 

Planned read is Summer Light by Luanne Rice


Veterans/Armistice Day (November 11): points 3

Completed tasks 1 through 3. 

Planned read is The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie 


International Day for Tolerance (November 16): points 3

Completed tasks 1 through 3. 

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway is my planned read.


Mawlid or Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif (November 17): points 4

Completed tasks 1 through 4.

Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America by John Lewis is my planned read. 


Day of Penance (November 21): points 4.

Completed tasks 1 through 4.

No planned read for this one. 


Winter Solstice / Yuletide (December 21): points 1

Book related task: The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell


Festivus (December 23): points 1

Book related task: How to be Successful Without Hurting Men's Feelings by Sarah Cooper


Christmas (December 25): Read any Christmas book.

Planning on reading Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (Friday Harbor #1) by Lisa Kleypas


Kwanzaa (December 26 - January 1): points 1

Book related task: The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory


New Year's Eve (December 31): points 1

Book related task: An Irish Country Cottage by Patrick Taylor 


Hogswatch (December 32)*: Read anything by Terry Pratchett. 

Planned read is The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett


Epiphany (January 6): Read a book with three main characters OR a book about traveling on a journey to a faraway place OR a book that’s part of a trilogy OR with a star on the cover OR with the word “twelve” or “night” in the title OR or concerning kings or spices.

Planned read is Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

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text 2018-11-21 16:28

Penance Day


Task 1:  “Confess” your book habits.  Dog-earring?  Laying books face down?  Bending back the spines? Skimming?  OR: Confess your guilty reading pleasure, or comfort reads.


My comfort reads are Agatha Christie and Maeve Binchy books. If I ever feel a book slump coming on, I just pick up a book by one of these authors and sit back and relax. 


Task 2:  It’s “Pennants” day according to MbD’s husband:  post a picture of your favorite team’s logo / mascot and the last time they’ve won a championship (or not).



 Image result for steelers 


The last time the Steelers won a championship was the 2009 Super Bowl.


Image result for steelers fans gif


Task 3: In centuries gone by, penance would often end up in what might be described as a very extended bad hair day (complete with sackcloth and ashes). Tell us: What’s a bad hair day to you – and what (if anything) do you do about it?

A bad hair day to me was last year working for a tyrant who never said one nice thing to me. Everyday I came into work I would be stressed out and try to just keep my head down. It's so disconcerting to work with someone who dislikes you because they see you as competition. I tended to just vent to one work friend, but went to the gym a lot during that time. I also went to yoga more than I ever have in my life. I also of course read a lot of books. 


Regular bad hair days to me are just dealing with traffic in DC. I just usually go to my road trip play list and roll down the windows, crank up the volume, and sing along. Makes the drive go faster. 


Task 4: Early Christian spiritualists would sometimes do penance by spending time in the desert. If you’ve ever visited a desert region (or even live there), post a picture and tell us about it. Alternatively, post a picture of sand dunes (NOT with water in the background!).


You all know that I was overseas for 13 months starting in 2008. I lived in Baghdad, Iraq and traveled back and forth through Kuwait, Jordan, and Egypt. One of my favorite places to visit was the city of Petra. Seeing that place up close made me feel like I was in some ancient time. 

Here is a picture that I had blown up of one of the walls.



I still have that photo, but of course everything else in this picture is gone due to the dishwasher flood that wrecked everything :-(


Book:  Read any book concerning a man / woman of the cloth, a book about a character hiding a guilty secret or searching for absolution.


I will have to think on this one more. 

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text 2018-11-21 16:03



Task 1:  Make two “prophesies” you think will come to fruition in 2019 in your personal or reading life.


1. I will read something that will make me rage and cause me to have updates with a lot of gifs. 


2. I will read On the Come Up by Angie Thomas and be moved to tears. 


Task 2: The Five Pillars of Islam include almsgiving and the pilgrimage to Mekka. Tell us: Have you ever donated books or rescued them from (horror of horrors) being trashed? Alternatively: Is there a book-related place that is a place of pilgrimage to you?


I just recently did a huge library donation due to my renovation. I ended up going through every book I had and realizing I had a lot of books that I would never re-read and also some that I had sitting there for years that I had not gotten around to. I dropped them off and tried not to laugh at some people trying to be nosy in the library donation drop off area. You are not allowed to take books out of there, but I could see some people thinking about it. Makes me happy that my books find another home at the library so other readers can enjoy them. 


Task 3: Prophets are messengers. Tell us: Which book characters are your favorite messengers (no matter whether humans, angels, (demi)gods, etc.)?


I am going to have to go with Mother Abigail in The Stand by Stephen King. I don't know why, I am just always moved to tears by imagining this scene. 


She states that God wants the four men left on the committee to go west "this very day, and in the clothes you stand up in." They are to carry neither food nor water, and are to travel on foot.

One of them will "fall by the way" though Abagail does not know which; the surviving three will be brought before Flagg.

She cannot guarantee their survival or their victory, only that it is God's will that these things be done. At sunrise, just as she predicted, Abagail dies.

 Image result for the stand miniseries gif


Task 4: Muhammad was a merchant before becoming a religious leader. List 5 books on your shelves in which a key character makes / undergoes a radical career change.


1. A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy-the main character (Chicky Starr) returns from working in America to renovate an old mansion and turn it into a hotel/B&B.


2. One Bad Apple by Sheila Connolly-the main character Meg is laid off as a financial planner. She goes to settle a house and apple orchard left to her mother. She instead decides to renovate the house and get the apple orchard up and running. Also while solving murders. I think that's two career changes :-)


3. Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink (There's Cake in My Future #2) by Kim Gruenenfelder-the main character is Mel. She is about to lose her teaching job and eventually makes her way to stay with one of her best friends in Hawaii. She ends up loving working at his bar as a bartender. 


4. Out to Lunch by Stacey Ballis. The main character Jenna used to run a business with her best friend who has recently died. She is now not working and is dealing with her grief. She also has a douchebag financial planner she's seeing, but that is neither here nor there. By the end of the book she ends up doing catering for special events such as for comic book festivals, movie openings, etc. I think this counts since she was pretty 


5. Evening Stars (Blackberry Island #3) by Susan Mallery. The main character Nina ended up staying in her small town and becoming a nurse. By the end she realizes her dream of getting into medical school to become a doctor. 


Book:  If you can find a copy, read Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.  Or read any book about a leader of a movement, nation, religion or large group, OR read a book with a green cover OR with a half moon on the cover.


Planned read is Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America by John Lewis. 

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