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url 2019-09-25 14:47
كلمات اغنية خطية اني صلاح البحر

كلمات اغنية خطية اني صلاح البحر 2017 كتابة كلام كليمات اغنيت خطيه انا خطيا انه مكتوبة كاملة ، Khatiya Any Ani Ana Sala7 El B7r Song Lyrics Words .



خطية اني خطية اني الي بقلبي على لساني


خطية اني خطية اني ماعندي وجه ثاني


اسأل على الينساني وابجي على الاذاني


وافكر باللي ما فد يوم دك بابي وتعناني

Source: www.lyricsongation.com/خطية-اني-صلاح-البحر
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url 2019-05-21 12:10
Jupiter Transit 2018-19, 2016-17, 2017-18

The transit of Jupiter in Virgo 2016 predicted that there would be change where hard work and determination was required. The Jupiter Transit 2016-17 was known to bring with it good fortune and an overall period of positivity for most star signs.

jupiter transit 2018 - 2019.jpg

This was the case with the Jupiter Transit 2017-18 as well. If you are wondering what the Jupiter Transit 2018-19 has in store for your star sign, get all your questions answered online with the help of an expert.


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url 2019-04-24 11:27
Shani Transit 2015, 2016 - Gemstone Universe

Interested in what your stars have in store for you? When the planet Saturn which is a very powerful planet transits it brings with it a change in things be it good or bad for individuals of different star signs every year. This is termed as the shani transit. Be it the shani transit 2016, shani transit 2015, shani transit 2017, shani transit 2018 or the shani transit 2019. Avail this information online with the tap of a button for your star sign. Till will help you take adequate measures and make the right decisions.




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url 2019-04-24 10:46
Rahu Ketu Transit 2017, 2018, 2019 | Rahu Ketu Peyarchi 2017, 2018, 2019

According to Ascendant for the Rahu Ketu Transit 2017, Rahu will now stay in the sign of Cancer and Ketu will stay in the sign of Capricorn till March 7, 2019. Rahu Transit 2019 tells that the position of Rahu may be a warning of an increase in the aggression of speech. The individuals born under Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 to 2018 may not take to the transit of the Nodes too well. The Rahu Kethu Peyarchi 2017 is quite an irony that "practicing restraint" becomes the year key mantra when Ketu's position in the eighth house inspires fearlessness. Until Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 ends people should be prepared for all matters especially those pending and related to taxation and finances with immediate attention.




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url 2019-04-19 07:45
Saturn Transit 2017, 2018, 2019


Saturn Symbolizes the Karma. It is the Only planet who can give you a lot or make you beggar, so be aware and Plan this Transit according to your Horoscope. Saturn is a planet whose mention can easily induce nervousness or some amount of edginess in all individuals. According to Astrological truths, The Saturn Transit 2017, 2018, 2019 is the period when you should not play blame-game and simply focus on self-improvement. Your desire should be to achieve success with self-efforts and that will bring discipline and seriousness in your life. The Shani Transit 2017 Predictions is that it causes several problems and the native will undergo a lot of physical troubles and diseases.

Visit: https://www.gemstoneuniverse.com/saturn-transit-2017-sagittarius-vedic-astrology.php

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