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review 2018-04-17 15:03
On The Line (Milwaukee Dragons #1) - Liz Lincoln

Carrie is a recently unemployed middle school, science teacher. Seth is a defensive lineman for the Milwaukee Dragons football team and a single dad of a teenage daughter, Madison. Seth was just recently traded and had to move away from his family who usually helped him out with Madison.

The initial meeting between Carrie Heron and Seth Chamberlain was priceless. Such a funny, laugh out loud meeting. While in the grocery store, the chemistry between these two is just off the charts.
They exchange phone numbers in case Seth has more questions regarding his daughter and this starts their fun texting back and forth. Having been a single dad most of his daughter's life, Seth generally doesn't bring woman around, but something about Carrie has Seth wanted to have an actual relationship.

Carrie's brother, Jason works for the Milwaukee Dragons and he knows of a nanny job that is looking for someone to live at the football player's house and take care of his teenage daughter. Unable to find a teaching job, Carrie decides to apply for the nanny job. Imagine her surprise when the football player is Seth! Knowing they both need the help of the other, Carrie and Seth decide they cannot pursue any type of relationship except an employer/employee one. That is when the fun begins! These two have a very hard time keeping things platonic between them. It was fun watching the build up between these two.

I loved how Carrie got along so well with Madison. They had so many fun things in common together and it was a great addition to the overall story. I really enjoyed the road Carrie and Seth went on to get to their happy ending. This was a fun, sexy story that I would highly recommend.

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review 2018-04-06 17:11
How the North reacted to secession
Lincoln and the Decision for War: The Northern Response to Secession - Russell A. McClintock

The period between the election of Abraham Lincoln in November 1860 and the bombardment of Fort Sumter in April 1861 is one of the most heavily covered in American history.  Those five months represent a decisive turning point that led to the bloodiest war that the nation ever fought, followed by the abolition of slavery and Reconstruction.  Yet as Russell McClintock notes in the introduction to this book, most of the attention on this period has focused on the attitudes and developments in the South.  By contrast, the events and decisions made in the North have received little attention, with Kenneth M. Stampp’s dated And The War Came dominating the short list of works focused on the secession crisis as it developed there.  McClintock’s book is an effort to redress this by showing how the North reacted to the secession movement and how the decisions they made ultimately led to war.


To do this McClintock focuses on politicians and public opinion in four geographic areas: Washington, D.C., and the states of Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts.  These areas open up a range of reactions to Southern declarations, as well as proposals for how to respond.  He finds that while determination to maintain the Union was widespread, opinions as to how to do this varied widely, with many people supporting some sort of compromise.  These attitudes were strongest in the nation’s capital, where Northern politicians had to address the concerns of Southern unionists working to maintain as many Southern states in the Union as they could.  Yet there was a real vacuum of leadership in these months, with James Buchanan hobbled by a narrow view of his range of action as president and Abraham Lincoln endeavoring to keep his fragile political party together on the cusp of taking power.  In the end, the range of options steadily narrowed, to the point that by April Lincoln faced the choice of resupplying the remaining outposts in federal hands or abandoning them in a further effort at conciliation.  His decision to resupply the forts, and the Southern attack on them, helped to erase temporarily the divisions over secession, uniting the North against Southern disunion and bringing about war.


McClintock’s book is a fine study of how the North reacted to secession.  It is primarily a study of the political response, which is understandable given the extent to which secession in those months was predominantly a political issue.  His depiction of the major political actors is often surprising, with the moderate Lincoln steadfastly opposed to key concessions and the supposedly hardline William H. Seward at the forefront of compromise.  Yet the book suffers somewhat from the author’s focus on the controversy over Fort Sumter, which predominates here to the extent of overshadowing events elsewhere in the South that were contributing to the crisis.  This is a minor issue, though, and one that does not detract from McClintock’s overall achievement in providing readers with an examination of an often overlooked aspect of the secession crisis.

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review 2018-03-31 17:06
On The Line (Milwaukee Dragons #1) - Liz Lincoln

Seth has a lot on his plate.  Moved to a new town (well, traded anyway,) has a daughter who is miserable, trying to get to know his new team, and needs a nanny.  All of this can make a man miserable.


Carrie needs a job.  If she doesn't find one soon it's going to get ugly.  Little does she know, the man who swoops in and makes everything better, is the man she needs space from.  How can she flirt with the sexy man when she finds out he's her new boss?


Heat right from the very start, and gets hotter as you read more.  This series just takes off in flames as the hot MC's spark and sizzle every time they are within touching distance of one another.  Despite very real conflict, and an original plot, this story is exciting and hot!  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review, by Netgalley and its publishers.

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review 2018-03-28 16:12
An enjoyable time-travel adventure
The Lincoln Hunters - Wilson Tucker

The power of time travel to open up the past provides the starting point of Wilson Tucker’s novel.  In the 26th century, a business specializing in time travel is hired to record a speech made by Abraham Lincoln in 1856.  What seems like an ordinary assignment, though, is soon complicated by an error that sends the team leader, Benjamin Steward, to the morning after speech.  Now risking a fatal paradox that may lead to his death, he travels back with his team to the day of the speech itself, where he faces complications that threaten to undermine his mission and may lead even to his death.


Tucker’s novel is a short and engaging venture about the perils and complications of time travel.  His premise of a history only half-remembered is an entertaining one and his characters, while somewhat dated, are interesting and sympathetic.  While not as good as his later time-travel novel, , Wilson provides one of the better efforts at a time travel novel and an enjoyable adventure that entertains the reader.

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review 2018-02-19 00:00
City of Endless Night
City of Endless Night - Douglas Preston,... City of Endless Night - Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child Well I enjoyed it but not as much as some of the earlier stories. Some parts of the book just couldn't quite hold my attention and I found myself doing other things. The last quarter of the book, the hunter vs the hunted, had the most action and was my favorite part of the book.
I was really looking forward to seeing Constance and Aloysius's relationship play out but alas that storyline was only alotted about one page so that was kind of a let down. Now I have to "patiently" wait for the next book....

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