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review 2017-03-01 19:31
Four Crows ~ Lily White
Four Crows - Lily White

Women were meant to be respected. They were meant to be treated with care and protected against the injustices of the world, but I guessed that meant nothing to the thieves in the night- the monsters that fed on the fragilities and vulnerabilities of those who they considered weaker than themselves.

A young mother and child torn from the man who swore to protect them.
A soldier devastated not only after the atrocities of war.
A young girl with her innocence in precarious balance.
And a family of 3 men who would one day pay for their sins.

W.O.W. I’ve read Lily White in the past but that couldn’t prepare me for just how amazing this story was. I’m almost at a loss of words writing this review. Four Crows had every element a dark romance/thriller reader could dream of. Mystery, passion, violence, and a few major twists to keep the action at a steady pace throughout the book.

I'm a rabid dog off his leash, a hungry tiger uncaged, a feral wolf that's been injured and abused, only to be set free.

Elliott spent the last 14 years chasing the people responsible for stealing his wife and child away from him. After the police declaring the disappearances a cold case and many, many long nights, Elliott finally believes he may have found the individuals responsible. He sees an easy in- seduce the young daughter of the male ringleader of the trio of terror. Little does he know Maggie, the daughter, has a hidden strength she may tap into at any time. After all, blood IS thicker than water.

The sings of the father don't lie on the shoulders of his daughter. It's the sons that bear the weight.

Maggie has spent her life sheltered yet witnessed the atrocities committed by the men in her family. She dreams of freedom and to have a choice in her life. A choice to run, a choice to stay, just a choice period. When a stranger comes into her orbit she believes for once she may have a choice for her future, but any decision comes with consequences.

The dynamic between Maggie and Elliott was palpable and could be felt throughout reading. They were perfect prisms of light and darkness to each other. At about 40% I already had such a book hangover and a lot of the action was just starting to get good. The two characters were so dimensional and “real” my emotions were at an all-time high reading this.

I also enjoyed the author’s writing style where the atrocities surrounding Elliott’s family were left somewhat ambiguous yet also discovered throughout the course of the novel. There were no flashbacks in time to EXACTLY what happened to them but Elliott did finally learn the truth in a way an outsider can learn. It made the book all more real and even unsettling as well.

Overall, this book was gold. I can’t recommend it enough to readers across various genres- romance, thriller, mystery, horror- there is something in this story for everyone. xx

*Received an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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review 2017-02-02 23:17
Pretty Lost Dolls ~ Ker Dukey & K. Webster
Pretty Lost Dolls - K. Webster,Ker Dukey
Pretty Lost Dolls picks up right where Pretty Stolen Dolls left off; with the help of Macy, Jade finds herself back in her cell. But this time Jade isn’t the scared little girl she once was… She is a detective, trained, ruthless, and she was getting out alive once and for all.

Benny doesn't have little Jade.
He has Detective Jade Phillips.
The department's most ruthless cop.
A b*tch.
A rumored dike.
A f*cking nightmare.

I still feel aghast at myself for rating a book with Ker Dukey 4 stars (Pretty Stolen Dolls) but the first installment lost my interest because I didn’t quite connect with Jade. This installment still kind of went that way- BUT Benny’s backstory and Macy’s unraveling took the plot and action through the roof! This is what I’m talking about! Whoa! *this was intense*

Jade, as a character, I still find wishy-washy- and it was hard for me to empathize with her point of view. She is not a compassionate person in my opinion. With Benny showing vulnerability I would have expected her to feel some sort of Stockholm syndrome towards him but nope- she was almost robotic. I must escape. I hate him.

Okay, now onto the plot- did I say it was intense? OMG I could not put this down. This was darker, grittier, and more captivating than the first book. There wasn’t a dull moment- just nonstop twists, revelations, and action. We finally learn more about Benny and how he came to be- which is dark and f’ed up in itself. And Macy- she takes creepy doll to a new level. Wanna play a game?

Dirty Little Doll,
You are invited to a tea party.
Dress pretty and don't be late!
Broken Little Doll

Now. I know this can’t be the end. With the Empathy series we got some novellas. To make this convenient I have provided the authors with a list of novellas I would like:
• Macy’s point of view
• The future novella with a character introduced at the end
• Benny’s full story
• A Bethany’s point of view

Please. Please. Don’t make me beg!

5 stars hands down xx


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review 2017-01-25 22:02
Black Water Creek ~ Robert Brumm
Black Water Creek - Robert Brumm

"Only the truly gifted like myself have seen the glory that beings with death, the transformation into gods far greater than the priests and reverends and ministers pretend to know and love."

After the final straw, Kelly flees with her young son Keegan. Kelly plans to show up at a distant Aunt’s house miles from her hometown. However, her small Toyota breaks down right outside a small town named Black Water Creek. Luckily for Kelly the citizens of this town are more than accommodating and Kelly soon finds herself living a quaint new life, Lifetime-movie-esque style.

After settling into a small cabin Kelly soon begins to have vivid nightmares and starts experiencing sensations of paranoia. As the dreams increase, Kelly begins to frantically put the pieces together to solve the mystery hidden within the walls of her new home. Is it a presence or is it her mind playing tricks on her? Add a scorned, abusive ex-boyfriend and Kelly has her hands full trying to right her life.

I picked this book from the blurb and was pleasantly surprised at what a good story it is! The author is completely new to me and I may look into his other works. The writing style flowed and was perfectly paced- there was enough action between the daily scenes of the characters to keep me hooked. Also, this story truly reads like a movie- you’ll be guessing from the beginning and hungering to learn the secrets.

I did expect a bit “more” based on the blurb and the tag of “horror” genre. In my opinion, this is light-moderate romantic suspense. I truly don’t see it as a horror book. I wanted more gore, desolation, and destruction in the pages. There was an INTENSE back story that I thought got a little overshadowed by Kelly’s present story-line.

Overall a solid mystery & one I’d recommend to others! xx

"...these women should be celebrated as goddesses and heroines."

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review 2017-01-17 15:43
Chaos in the Suburbs – Dead in the Water by Britney King @britneyking_
Dead In The Water - Britney King

I read the first book, Water Under The Bridge by Britney King, in this awesome romantic suspense series and fell in love with these characters.


If you want to be enthralled for hours, unable to quite reading, Jude and Kate can do that for you!



Amazon  /  Goodreads


Title: Dead in the Water
Series: Water Trilogy #2
Author: Britney King
Release Date: Jan 17, 2017



Dead in the Water by Britney King is Book II of the series and seeing I was blown away by Water Under The Bridge, Book I, I was very excited to get my hands on this one. I love romantic suspense. Throw in some psychotic assassins trying to be ‘normal’ and I cannot resist. Britney did not let my down. In fact, she kept the surprises coming and I couldn’t stop reading.


Faking normality in suburbia.


Two assassins do their best to blend in with the ‘normal’ people.

“If we don’t play the game, we’re Dead in the Water. All animals have the ability to sniff out that which is not like them, and these people…they’re dying to find the rat.”

Jude keeps his secrets close to the vest, trying to fit in.


Kate has always been the one in control…


Twisted, psychotic and to know they…


It’s hard to share anything because I don’t want to do anything to spoil the story. I love the damaged, psychotic characters, Jude and Kate. They are two assassins but they murder in different ways and for different reasons. Which is worse? All the details makes it even creepier and disturbing, but I start to feel empathy for Jude and even Kate…at times.


I struggle to find words that describe my thoughts and feelings for this outrageous take on two psychopathic serial killers. Their perverted sense of normal makes me think they might just fit in. LOL


I keep wondering who will kill who. Will they get caught?


Monique was a situation I didn’t foresee and what a fabulous twist. I didn’t think about it much before hand, but what a wonderful surprise and it takes a master storyteller to keep the suspense at a high level throughout.


The continuous surprises from these incredibly complex characters make Dead in the Water impossible to put down.


I like the illustrations at the chapter breaks.


I have never read anything quite like this series and can hardly wait to read more!


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 5 Stars

Read more HERE.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/chaos-in-the-suburbs-dead-in-the-water-by-britney-king-britneyking_
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review 2017-01-10 16:46
The Yard / Alex Grecian
The Yard - Alex Grecian

Victorian London is a cesspool of crime, and Scotland Yard has only twelve detectives—known as “The Murder Squad”—to investigate countless murders every month. Created after the Metropolitan Police’s spectacular failure to capture Jack the Ripper, The Murder Squad suffers rampant public contempt. They have failed their citizens. But no one can anticipate the brutal murder of one of their own . . . one of the twelve . . .When Walter Day, the squad’s newest hire, is assigned the case of the murdered detective, he finds a strange ally in the Yard’s first forensic pathologist, Dr. Bernard Kingsley. Together they track the killer, who clearly is not finished with The Murder Squad . . . but why?


I liked The Yard. I really wanted to love it, but a couple of things stood in my way. I really felt like it was a modern forensic mystery being forced into a Victorian corset—and details were frequently straining to escape.

A little research has helped me like it more. This really was the time period during which fingerprinting became a thing that police forces did and autopsies were practiced. I found the resistance of some members of the police force to these procedures to be believable—perhaps more believable than the easy acceptance of them by the main characters.

I probably would have been more enamoured by this novel had I not been reading some of Ben Aaronovitch’s excellent Rivers of London series recently. Aaronovitch, as a Londoner, has such an advantage with the dialog—his sounds authentic, he uses slang expertly, his dialog sounds natural. This is a difficult task for a North American author to duplicate. Grecian’s characters inevitably end up sounding somewhat American. A couple of references to the modern myth of families needing "closure" especially rubbed me the wrong way, particularly since I really don't believe that there's any such thing! Having lost family traumatically in a car accident, I can tell you that there is never closure, just the careful construction of a new reality.

I didn’t get a strong sense of place in The Yard either. London is such a wonderful, rich location for a story--Rivers of London or the Slough House series by Mick Herron make the city an integral part of the action.

Still, this was an interesting first book in the series and I wouldn’t be surprised if I read at least the second book at some point to see if the author finds his footing. There are a number of interesting people who seem poised to become regulars and the possibilities are intriguing. If you enjoyed this book, I would also recommend Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson by Lyndsay Faye, a book which I feel captures the flavor of the period a little better.

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