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review 2018-03-24 02:53
Blight - Alexandra Duncan

It was a great book that had an interesting plot and kept me up late reading but if someone I knew where to read it I would not feel the need to spoil it. There where many twists but about half of them I could predict. This was not my favorite book but I really enjoyed it and overall it ranks high on the list of all books I have read. I recommend it to anyone who likes to read subtly distopian si-fi.  

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review 2015-10-01 07:48
Salvage has diamonds in the rough
Salvage - Alexandra Duncan

While "Salvage" is elegantly written and thoughtful, the slow pacing over 500 pages makes it a novel hard to recommend for most teens. Those that are into speculative fiction heavy on world-building and social critique will glean worthwhile meaning from it, but they have to overcome a slow winding plot that lets its most interesting aspects give it sparks of color instead of making it the propelling cause. it's almost like reading a YA novel from Margaret Atwood crossed with China Miéville, thick with intent yet not easily approached.

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review 2014-05-09 13:26
Fast & Furious Friday Audiobook Reviews
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review 2014-04-25 00:00
Salvage - Alexandra Duncan Feminist FRIDAY en Afterellen.com me puso al tanto sobre esta autora y su Slutshelf Giveaway y , aunque el YA no es mi estilo en lo mas minimo , creo que solo por ese post y esa defensa , le voy a comprar el libro .


Tomense unos minutos para leer lo que tiene que decir (y si pueden , entren al concurso que hay libros imperdibles)

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review 2014-04-21 15:58
MICHELLE'S REVIEW: Salvage by Alexandra Duncan
Salvage - Alexandra Duncan

While Ava thinks that she is forced to decide either between life and death after being caught with someone who was not after all her intended, it seems that the fates are in favor of Ava choosing life, but not without sacrifices. Born as the daughter of the ship's captain, Ava knows nothing of life outside the ship, and ergo, definitely nothing of life in another planet. Ava must learn to navigate the intricacies of daily life and understand the nuances of all that she's missing, if she wants to prove to others, but most especially to herself, her inner strength and worth.

Suffice to say, I really enjoyed Duncan's Salvage. It has ships, interplanetary galaxies, a heroine who despite being backhanded by life, struggles to find herself and her place in the world. Ava initially can't care much for others because life on the ship didn't exactly train her to know what to do, but she gradually learns and heals, and I just wanted to give her a hug for getting through all that.

I found myself surprised at a lot of points in the book, because I really didn't quite know what to expect. Last that I read the advance reader's copy summary of Salvage, it was just a paragraph with a lot of blanks and spaces to fill up. I really thought that there would be some revolutions here and there (It's the cover, you see) but you won't find any of that in here, which makes it kind of cleansing to the palate of the reader who's already way in over his/her head with government vs the people scenarios typically found in recent YA books. Salvage is just about a girl, who even if she appears to be in the most fortunate circumstances, is unfortunate enough to be treated as a pawn in a game of money and power. World-building is pretty great, and I had no problem reading this one as it did provide a lot of surmising and surprising. 


If you're in the mood for intergalactic revolutions and stuff, Salvage is not it. It's like a contemporary novel, except that it takes place in a very sci-fi environment, which is pretty cool like that. If you've had too much dystopian novels with conspiracies going on and fancy taking a break but still want to linger in the sci-fi environment (or if you want to check out Mumbai after the apocalypse and everything), pick this one and cheer on Ava who proves that we all learn and grow from our mistakes.

Source: thetwinsread.blogspot.com/2014/04/michelles-review-salvage-by-alexandra.html
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