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Ponder This Scavenger Hunt Author Interview with Linda Widrick


About the Book



Title: To Complicate Matters


Author: Linda Widrick


Series: Ponder This




Angelica Dunn, baker extraordinaire, is weary of living from one pie season to another. When she slips on the floor under a bucket of custard crème, a handsome stranger comes to her rescue. Instantly, she’s smitten. 


CIA agent, Thaddeus Wright, is drawn to the dimple-cheeked beauty. He adores Angelica’s spunk and the fact that she isn’t pushy like other women. But, how can he tell her he’s not the computer repairman that she assumes he is?


To complicate matters, Angelica mistakenly leaves a message on Thadd’s home phone. To what lengths will she go to intercept the embarrassing evidence that’s certain to squelch all hope of a future with Mr. Wright?


A comedy of errors and ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time catapults Angelica into a battle between right and wrong.


Will Angelica choose to do what’s right, even when things get complicated?



About the Author



Linda Widrick is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed pantser who works well under pressure and excels when she binge writes.  A graduate of Long Ridge Writer’s Group, Linda’s first novel Through a Shattered Image [Pelican Book Group] was released in 2017.    


Linda pulls her inspiration for stories from snippets of everyday life.  She enjoys kayaking, traveling, treasure hunting, and connecting with family and friends over a good, strong cup of coffee.  Linda is an active director on a mission board that reaches out to the needy and lost in third world countries.  She and her husband, Keith, enjoy vacationing on their property in the Tug Hill region of upstate New York, the setting for much of her first novel.   Linda lives in southwest Florida where she is an executive assistant by day and a writer by night.  For more info, you may visit her at www.LindaWidrick.com.



Author Interview



Are you a full-time or part-time writer? How does that affect your writing?


I am a part time writer.  My full time job takes precedent over my schedule.  Binge writing on the weekend works best for me. When I have a deadline, everything gets shifted.



Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?


In To Complicate Matters, my heroine’s character is based on a living, breathing person who is very dear to me. But the storyline is purely fictional.



Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?


Absolutely.  I write by the seat of my pants. As I sit down to write, a scene will unfold and I just let it happen.




Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?


Great question, and yes, I do.  Who doesn’t like a good cameo?  In my first book, Through a Shattered Image, my mother-in-law showed up in a scene. In To Complicate Matters, there are several secrets that I imagine a handful of people will pick up on.



If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Start early and dive in all the way. What do you have to lose?   Think it’s too late? It’s not. Start now!






Grand prize: Two people will receive a framed print of Philippians 4:8 designed by CreativeSteph13 Art, and framed in an acrylic freestanding frame. Size 5x7.

1st place: Five winners will receive the entire series—all eight stories—in the e-format of their choice.



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Author Interview with Beatrice Ballentine
Taming the Captain by Beatrice Ballentine

Today’s interview is with certified truck driver and indie writer Beatrice Ballentine.

LQ: Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

BB: I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. Still, I  spent a fair amount of my adult years raising a very young family, while supporting my husband in our small family businesses. (Fun fact: I was a certified tow truck driver when our daughter and her twin brother and sister were all under the age of four). We live in a pretty rural area, so we always joke you better be willing to do whatever is legally possible to provide for your family.

While I wrote during these years, I never really grasped the possibility of self-publishing, and I was too impatient (and probably too controlling), to entertain the notion of going the traditional route. As the years passed, and we paid off our home, etc., I felt it was my turn to focus not only on my passion of writing but to figure out the beast of self-publishing and marketing. It has been an incredible journey, and now that our youngest children are in their teens, I have large chunks of time to devote to this endeavor consistently.

LQ: What does your writing process look like?

BB: I am a pantser. I have a vague notion of the beginning, middle, and end when I begin writing, and a grasp of who I want my protagonist and who or what I want the antagonist to be. Other than that, I love seeing the story and character depth unfold late at night, or the wee hours of the morning. This method does, at times, lead me down dead ends, …but not usually.  

LQ: What was your favorite book to write so far?

BB: I have a lot of unpublished works, mostly comedy, surprisingly. I do enjoy sharing a lot of that with family. Sometimes I will look back on material I wrote and, having forgotten I wrote it at all in the first place, get a little tickle from re-reading. I get a lot more enjoyment from writing romance. I would have to say my favorite, so far, is my WIP, which is book 2, behind Taming the Captain.

LQ: Who is your favorite character to write about? 

BB: I like the strong leading man. I like testing him, watching him grow as a person, and I love writing in little details that remove him from the typical “alphahole.” Leading men are enjoyable to write if they have a bit of a soft side.

LQ: Who are your favorite authors? Have any of them influenced your work?

BB: My favorites as an adult are Jane Austen, The Bronte Sisters, Winsten Graham, James F. Cooper, to name a few.

During the early 80’s, when I was a teen/pre-teen,  a lot of what was available to me at home, came in the form of jacking my aunt and mother’s bodice rippers. Looking back on some of the titles as an adult, I shudder to think now, of my 13ish something daughter, (or any age) reading book after book of forced sex, slave sex, etc., wrapped in the packaging of romance. To be fair to my mother, she did not know I was stealing and reading her books.

Basically, all I recall from those editions was the “fight like hell and then have hot sex, or a young, beautiful virgin is forced to have sex by the “hero,” and then falls in love with him and vice versa and later they get married.

Regardless, I was young, and the seed for romance novels, the beautiful covers, etc. was planted. Taming the Captain is ironically being reviewed positively as a “modern-day bodice ripper,” (Melissa, Probably at the Library, 2020), The storyline is based on a strong female who is not into taking shit from the charismatic captain. Still, there is also a lot of tenderness, depth of character, adventure, and a good, passionate burn that leads to steamy, consensual sex. Nothing will turn me off faster to a romance novel than a storyline where all the hero and heroine do is bicker and fight, and then have hot sex. So perhaps, inadvertently, my writing is partially influenced by all these authors? You would have to ask my readers. ; ) 

LQ: How are you doing during the current pandemic? 

BB: I am an introvert by nature. I love being at home with my family, cooking, hiking, writing. I love people, but social situations can be a bit of a struggle for me, especially if there are a lot of people involved. I do have a few worries about some of our community members, family members, etc. who would struggle greatly if they caught COVID-19, but the social distancing aspect of the virus has not changed my life much.

LQ: What are you currently working on?

BB: I am putting the finishing touches on Even Captains Cry. It is the follow-up book to Taming the Captain which was released in February. “Even Captains Cry” has been a lot of fun to write. Without giving away any spoilers, we see the ever hot and ready Anthony completely out of his element and struggling in ways he never knew possible, but I promise a happy ending. ; ) The book is due for release mid to late June of this year.

LQ: Anything else you would like to share? 

BB: I love interacting with readers, writers, book bloggers, etc. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, @BeatriceBallen3.

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Author Interview with Mary Eggert
Escape from Ronwyn by Mary Eggert

Today’s interview is with physical therapist, mom, and writer, Mary Eggert

LQ: Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

ME: I work part-time as a physical therapist in a community hospital. I’m currently off in this time of pandemics to care for my 2 kids, but I dearly love my job. I typically meet people on one of their worst days – because no one ends up in the hospital on a good day – and I get to come in and make a plan with them for how we’re going to do better. How do we get them moving again? How do we work around whatever limitation they have? What’s the next step to best get them back to their baseline? I’m sure while most people think of PTs as “Physical Terrorists,” I still view my role as filled with so much joy and the possibility for what can still be ahead for them. It’s great.

I’m married to an astoundingly wonderful and patient man, and we have two kids and two dogs together. It’s alarmingly ideal. He has been one of my biggest supporters to go from writing as a hobby to being a writer who now prioritizes time to write or edit regularly and now I actually have a published book! I could not have done it without the confidence and support from him. I’m sure other moms can appreciate it, it’s really hard to carve that time out when there’s always more laundry, someone needs a snack, they’ve lost their best-stuffed friend, or there’s an emergency art project that must be completed immediately!

LQ: What does your writing process look like?

ME: I am in the process of working on a series. I have the first book recently published, and drafts on the next five in various stages.

I start out with notes for where the story arc is going broadly, then I break that up into the details of what that means for the next 4-6 chapters I’m writing specifically. I have two kids 5 and under at home, so I find if I don’t write down my good inspirational ideas when they hit… well, there’s no telling when the time to write and the right ideas might actually meet face to face.

Best case scenario, I get my notes down for the next section I’m writing, then block off 4 hours or so and bang out as much of that as I can. If I hit writer’s block, sometimes I’ll take a week off if it’s really bad and honestly, doing a puzzle is my best cure to clear my head and solve the problem, but mostly I’ll just try and bludgeon through the section I’m stuck on and come back to it in edits.

I find if I get stuck in one spot too long, I’m more annoyed because I’m delayed from getting the really cool part that comes next. (The next part is ALWAYS really cool. It’s a writing fact.) so I just do what I can to get through, then enjoy what I’m writing again, and fix it in the edits. Usually moving on helps me to look back and see what’s missing.

LQ: What was your favorite book to write so far?

ME: Book 4 of the series is my favorite. That seems like a cruel thing to say when only book 1 is out, but you’ve had a chance to really see some character growth and get invested in the choices they’re making – a lot of really fun things happen in the plot, and a couple of the characters are pushed outside their comfort zone to great effect.

I feel like as an author, it’s a very proud mama moment, and as a reader, it’s very satisfying to see the character arcs. There’s a new character introduced in this book also who is just so fun and fascinating.  

LQ: Who is your favorite character to write about?

 ME: It’s like asking which child I prefer more!

That said, I do think I prefer to write about Cedric. He has a rough past, and his character is a lot of bravado and humor on the surface. There is no situation where he won’t be making a joke about the circumstances. He keeps things light when they’re not, and it’s fun to write that in. It’s also satisfying to see him grow and make peace with events from his past and learn to find forgiveness, whether that’s from another or from himself. He’s probably my favorite because he has so much depth, but he’s also such a force for levity.

LQ: Who are your favorite authors? Have any of them influenced your work?

ME: I love Madeleine L’Engle. I’ve read her books as a child, a teenager, and an adult and I find different pieces in them at different ages. It’s positively witchcraft the way she packs so much meaning and so many layers into what is happening in her works without reaching some war and peace type page count.

Anne Bishop is another favorite. The Black Jewels trilogy remains a favorite of mine. It’s unafraid to be dark, it is not hiding anything in the shadows – it really takes you in and gives identity to so many emotions and traumas and offers both permission for some aspects and redemption for others. Her worlds are rich and full-throated and completely draw me in that by the time I’m done, I feel as if I’ve lived there for a time.

I love authors that can pull me in so deeply, I’ve forgotten I’m reading, that I’ve forgotten I’m not one of these characters. I want to think back on their crucial moments as formative moments of my own because they are! I think that’s what stands out about both of these authors – while wildly different, their characters are so fully formed, with vulnerabilities and strengths – no one is purely good and infallible, and even the villains have sympathetic strains, and the worlds their novels exist within are fully built.

They’ve invested in figuring out the background. I don’t have to know every detail of the history, but they put enough in the novels that the author clearly does, which means there is a timeframe, a history, and a cohesive background to help support the world the characters are inhabiting.

How are you doing during the current pandemic? We are very fortunate that we’re all still healthy, we have access to any food or supplies we need, and all of my complaints are a complete privilege. That said – I miss school and daycare. I’ve had to take a sabbatical from work to be home with the kids. Having my 2 and 5-year-old at home 24/7 now has been an adjustment for us all. My daughter can tell you that I’m not quite as good a teacher as hers normally is. My writing time is significantly diminished, which makes me cranky. However, a cranky momma is far less bad than an unsupervised 2-year-old. (He’s tall. It’s a problem. His reach exceeds his wisdom in a very literal way.) 

Mary Eggert

LQ: What are you currently working on?

ME: I am doing a final edit on Book 2 of my series, the Queen Reborn. I just published my first novel at the end of March – Escape from Ronwyn, the first book in the series, and am hoping to have the second one, Hands Over Hearts, out shortly.

I will admit, my editing has been slower than I hoped [see children at home] but it’s coming along. Once that’s done, I’ve been percolating on some ideas for where I left off my book 6 draft. Then it’ll be a final edit on book 3. Jumping between them gives me the distance I need to have fresh eyes again when I look at one for an edit. 

LQ: Anything else you would like to share?

 ME: Writing has been such a gift to me. Each character gives me a new way to process the world. They each see the world in such a different way, so seeing how they all react to circumstances, and for better or for worse figure it out and move forward – it helps me to reflect on my own situation.

In this crazy time of pandemics when the self-isolation exacerbates our own internal doubts and fears, as well as some very real external ones at times, I think how lucky I am to have an outlet to work through my own emotions and escape into someone else’s adventure for a time.

Escape from Ronwyn – Book 1 of the Queen Rebown Series is available on Amazon now – please check it out, join me on this journey with these lovely characters. Book 2 won’t be far behind. And is now officially brought to you by Nap Time.

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Bitter Honey Author Interview and GIVEAWAY!

About the Book


Book:  Bitter Honey

Author: Caryl McAdoo

Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Release Date: March 23, 2020

With God, all things are possible.

But can lost love be found again or two wounded hearts knitted together?

Young love, sweeter than honey, is separated by a natural disaster and turns bitter. After five years, a miracle reunites Samantha Adams and Silas Mercier, but it seems it’s too late. Will love prevail?

Click HERE for your copy!

About the Author


Praying her story gives God glory, award-winning author Caryl McAdoo continues prolificity with her new Cross Timbers Romance Family Saga series. Readers around the world enjoy her best-selling novels and shower them with 5-Star ratings galore. With forty-eight titles—and counting—her love for writing is obvious; the lady loves singing the new songs the Lord gives her as well! (Check out YouTube). Caryl gave Ron four children and the couple shares eighteen grandsugars. The McAdoos live in the woods south of Clarksville, the seat of Red River County, in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door.


More from Caryl


Are you ready to revisit the Adams and Corbin families (from UNIQUELY COMMONE and REMI)? Five years have passed, so it’s 1853, and life has gone on.

Samantha, only fourteen back then, wrote faithfully to Silas back in New Orleans as she traveled west on the Oregon/California Trail. She expected a tall stack of letters waiting on her at the General Store in Napa, but alas there were none.

BITTER HONEY is a story of puppy love time tries to dissipate, but Samantha never forgot Silas—or forgave him either! Though she had no way of knowing what tragic events had kept him from mailing the return missives, he never quit thinking of the beautiful girl who’d written of her love for him.

However, each day that passed only made it harder for him to write. Until he decided only a face-to-face talk would suffice, he worked with the man who’d always loved his mother, Claude, to rebuild his family’s vineyard, catching gators on the side.

This story has a second love story, that of Claude and the prostitute he rescues Odette, so there’s plenty of action to keep readers flipping pages. A story of first love and late, second-chance love with a taste of the Cajun life in Louisiana, BITTER HONEY is about restoration and following God’s will.

I hope you enjoy BITTER HONEY and all the other Lockets and Lace stories!

Author Interview


Thank you so much, Sarah, for inviting me to visit your blog! I’m blessed for the opportunity to share my new release BITTER HONEY with your friends and readers!



Describe your book in five words.


Tragedy. Hope. Love. Mentors. Truth.



When/how did you decide to become a writer?


I often answer this question with a story about when I was in the seventh grade in 1962. The teacher assigned an essay on what we’d be in the year 2000. I wrote about being an intergalactically famous author jetting from planet to planet to sign books.

So writing was a dream that far back. But NASA let me down. What can I say?


But your question is aimed at the decision, and I believe I’d have to fast forward to the boom-and-bust 1980’s. My asphalt and concrete paving company boomed with over a million in sales our third year in business then busted the next year when we closed the doors.

The IRS came calling, wanting to audit us. I’d hired accountants but they were no longer employees, so I did my best coming up with all the information the agent wanted. He ascertained there’d been no fraud (good thing) but that we owed FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS (bad thing).


WHAT! The CPA had said we’d get money back . . . oh well, they couldn’t get blood out of a muppet. We’d already closed the doors on the company . . . To avoid garnishment of wages—that’d leave our family nothing to live on—my husband took a job that paid cash daily and started driving a taxi.


This gave him a lot of reading time, sitting in queues waiting for his next fare. He read a book called NOAH, and it was awful. He said it should’ve been named Joe and the Big Boat as the story had nothing to do with the Biblical super hero. He thought is that woman could get published, we could. He and I talked about it, and that’s when we decided to write.

We hand wrote (didn’t own a computer then) a 387-page novel we named IN THE BEGINNING with Enoch as our main character. New York publishers rejected it over and again. It’s never been published.  



What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?


Though only my name is on the cover per the advice of our NY agent and Simon & Schuster editor, it’s no secret Ron—my dearest husband of fifty-plus years—write together. He gets up at three or four o’clock every morning, prays an hour or so, then gets on the computer.

He checks Amazon (sales and pages read the previous day), plays spider solitaire (he’s like a grand master), and then writes on our work-in-progress. When I wake, after my first cup of coffee in bed, I go to his computer and catch up. From Chapter One to the end of the story, we write back and forth like that, always going over what the other one did then adding to the story.

So, we usually write every morning first thing, then sometimes, go back to it of an afternoon or night, Whoever wrote last tells the other, “You’re behind.” 



Do you prefer traditional books, ebooks, or audiobooks?


If I ever got started, I believe audio would be my favorite because I could listen to the story while I did something else. I’m not one to sit down and curl up with a book. I’ve enjoyed doing that at times, but I’m a go-go-go doer. I like to get things done, and there’s always so much I want to do.

When we were rearing our grandsons, I had sitting time—at doctor or dentists appointments or sports practices (and games. Don’t tell them I said that!)—and I used that time to read. Paperbacks are favorite, but I do have a Kindle.



What are your hobbies?


Hobbies are activities you spend a lot of time doing because you get to, you can. For that reason, I’m listing a new “hobby”! I take a lot of pictures and enjoy editing them—usually with my iPhone, although my husband bought me a 35mm Nikon a few years back.

I also enjoy cooking—as a hobby, not a chore. Evidently, I’m really good at it, but I don’t do it often. Ron is the main provider of food in our household, day in, day out. But I’ll get to wanting a certain dish and cook it up. There’s always leftovers because I can’t make a little of anything, so I share it with neighbors or at bridge club! 

Thanks again for inviting me to come visit! I appreciate you choosing to participate in my BITTER HONEY Blog Tour with Celebrate Lit! Blessings to you and your readers!



Blog Stops


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For the Love of Literature, May 2 (Author Interview)

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Connect in Fiction, May 5

Lukewarm Tea, May 6 (Author Interview)




To celebrate her tour, Caryl is giving away the grand prize of a $25 Amazon gift card!!
Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.


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Hope Lies Ahead Author Interview and GIVEAWAY!

About the Book


Book:  Hope Lies Ahead

Author: James & Geoffrey Banks

Genre:  Christian non-fiction, Christian living, family and relationships

Release Date: April, 2020

No prodigal is beyond the reach of God
 Every inch of my body was in pain and my skin was crawling. I couldn’t think straight or even form coherent sentences . . . How did I end up like this? –Geoffrey Banks
Geoff’s situation seemed hopeless: a heroin addict going through a nightmarish detox on the floor of an overpopulated jail cell. He had made a mess of his life.

His parents felt their son slipping away. They loved him so much and felt so powerless. And so they prayed—through the hurt, the questions, the frustrations. And through it all, God walked with them.
Hope Lies Ahead shares Geoff’s prodigal journey and James’s perspective as his father. Each man writes his own story and candidly addresses the spiritual and practical challenges families with prodigals face. As someone who loves a prodigal, you’ll know you are not alone and that there is hope!

Click HERE to get your copy

About the Authors


Dr. James Banks is the author of Prayers for Prodigals, Prayers for Your Children, Praying the Prayers of the Bible, Praying Together, and Praying with Jesus. Through books, blog posts, and magazine articles, he regularly encourages people to pray. Dr. Banks has been a pastor and church planter for more than twenty-five years and lives with his wife, Cari, in Durham, North Carolina. They have two adult children.
Geoffrey Banks serves as the high school coordinator at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. He loves reaching students where they are and helping them walk with God. He is an avid surfer and skater. Geoffrey struggled with heroin addiction throughout his teens and early twenties before coming to know Jesus and having his life radically change. Now he is host of the podcast Too Many Christians, which explores beliefs in the pursuit of ultimate truth.


More from Geoffrey and Dr. Banks


From James

My son, Geoff, and I chose to tell our story in Hope Lies Ahead because we believe it’s what God would have us do. So many families suffer in silence when their loved ones go down prodigal paths, and we want them to know they are not alone. God truly offers hope when it seems like none can be found.

Geoff and I could only write this book because of God’s kindness to us. Like the father in the parable of the prodigal, “My son was lost and now is found,” and I’m still celebrating. Geoff is so much more than his past sins and mistakes. He is a new creation, made stronger in the broken places by God’s amazing love. Today God uses him to reach people in ways that would not have been possible had he not been down such difficult roads. God wastes nothing—redemption is a precious, priceless thing.

God never gives up on us. He goes to lengths that defy reason to save us and love us back to Himself. Even when our children make choices that break our hearts, God doesn’t abandon them. He loves our prodigals even more than we do.

Jesus is still “a friend of sinners.” No one is beyond God’s reach. When answers to prayer are long in coming, He Himself is the best answer. In the rough and raw places where we feel numb or even nothing at all, God is able to meet us with help and healing as we cast our cares on Him.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, keep loving, keep praying, and keep the lines of communication open. God can empower us in love beyond what we think is possible, and give us the wisdom and direction we need to face each day.

From Geoff

Substance abuse is so prevalent in our world right now. There is no specific socioeconomic class, community, or age that struggles with it, it is everywhere. With that being the reality, there is a lot of negative stories out there. All over the news you hear of overdoses, arrests, and other things related to this topic going on. My heart behind writing Hope Lies Ahead is that people will find some hope in the midst of an incredibly difficult time.

It is an up close and personal book for both my father and I, and that is on purpose. We looked at both of our failings, our strengths, and where we could have done things differently. For us it was an honest dialogue about what our journey through substance abuse as a family was like and how we came out on the other side. I hope that it can be the start of an honest dialogue for a lot of other families as well that will point everyone involved toward our one hope—Jesus.

As you read through Hope Lies Ahead, you will see a little bit of yourself in both of us. At times I am pretty hard on my father for some of the things that he did. The thing that I want to remind the reader of is that even when he made mistakes, it was done out of love. He wasn’t the religious Bible thumper I sometimes make him out to be but rather was driven by a deep love for his kids that sometimes got expressed in the wrong way. I think that his perspective is so unique because now he recognizes those moments for what they are and is able to help other people not fall in those same traps. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my parents, and this experience ended up sharpening both of us.

Based on what we learned going through this experience, I would say to a parent of a prodigal  above all else, maintain relationship. Let them know you love them even when they make huge mistakes. Let them know that if they ever want help you are right there waiting. Make sure they are aware of their options as far as treatment goes and when the opportunity arises to get them there, jump on it. Do it immediately. Don’t wait.

I think we often find ourselves wanting to preach. Addiction can be an infuriating disease to experience, whether you are the one who is addicted or a family member is. In the midst of that anger and frustration, we need to be reminded that our battle is not against flesh and blood. Your war isn’t with that person, it is with the sin that is dominating their life. Don’t exchange your relationship with them for an off handed comment or a sermon about their behavior. It isn’t worth it.

My prayer is that people reading this book will be encouraged in their situation and that they turn first to Jesus. I believe that ultimate redemption looks like Jesus on the cross. It is when something meant for evil gets turned around and used for good. There are many stories of people going through addiction and then using their experience to help others out of it. There is nothing more beautiful than a giant struggle becoming an incredible strength.

Author Interview



When/how did you decide to become a writer?


I have been fascinated with stories since a very young age. Whether it was video games, movies, or books, I always had my mind wrapped up in some sort of story. In school I flourished in creative writing and literature classes. I am not sure it was ever a conscious decision, it was just something I’ve always been drawn to, so when the opportunity arose to put my own story on paper it was an easy choice. I am fortunate to have a father who is an accomplished author that helped pave the way for me.

Which author has most influenced your own writing?


I am a huge Flannery O’Connor fan. The depth of her characters is incredible and she does an amazing job of keeping everything morally grey. Just when you think one person is the “good guy” she flips it around and you are left unsure. That is so similar to the real word, so when I was writing this book, I kept that in mind and tried to show the good sides and the bad sides of everyone. There are no heros or villians. Just people.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?


I have a full time job outside of my writing so most of my writing takes place at strange times. I am a night owl and often don’t sleep well so I found that my best writing was done at 2:00 am when my mind was racing with thoughts and ideas. Outside of that, I try to squeeze it in the mornings on the weekend. I am not much for scheduling and just try to get it when I can.


Do you have a favorite or special place to write?


My front porch. I live in Wilmington, NC and we have a pretty mild climate 75% of the time. I love sitting in a chair on my front porch on a sunny day and writing there. Something about being able to hear the birds, cars, and general sounds of life just seems to keep me focused. The tan I get is just a bonus.


What are your hobbies?


I am a total hobby guy! I have so many it is hard to list. I am totally a jack of all trades and an ace of none. My main things that I do most consistently are surfing, skateboarding, and mountain biking. Honorable mentions would be hiking and spearfishing. I love getting outside in nature and taking advantage of what the world has to offer. There is something about it that is just so freeing.


Blog Stops


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Simple Harvest Reads, May 4 (Author Interview)

Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy, May 5

Through the Fire Blogs, May 6

Artistic Nobody, May 7 (Guest Review from Joni Truex)




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