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text 2019-06-20 02:37
Wednesday Wandering

A rainy day, but we birded between the showers.


Eastern Kingbird


Savannah Sparrow


Wilson's Snipe


Wilson's Snipe


Prairie Falcon


Wilson's Phalarope


Eared Grebe


American Coot & chick


American Coot chick


It was a good day!

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review 2019-06-07 18:45
Madness of Split-Personalities...
The Bird's Nest - Shirley Jackson

Split-personality. How many authors managed to write a perfect plot about split-personality? This is my first and from what I can understand, its one of the weirdest I have ever read. Shirley Jackson's The Bird's Nest is not an easy read. Mostly because its very monotonous. Divided into different perspectives, I do enjoy parts of the book, especially the exchanged between the characters, which is very interesting and funny. Other times, parts of the book can be rather tedious.


As the blurb goes, Elizabeth Richmond works in a museum and one day, a part of her takes over. Not just one part of her but four and to each of the personalities, each wants to take over Elizabeth's body. Her aunt can't handle her. Her doctor just couldn't diagnose her well. In the end, what ensures is madness but with humor of course. The setting is not much but the exchange is brilliant between characters in this book. Its just the writing I had a problem with (and that is why it took so long for me to complete it; I almost gave up but in the end, I fought my way to finish) - many parts just seem unnecessary. I can't understand the point of being in such a situation and other times, the reasoning just didn't add up as to why, if one knows the other personality, didn't realize its actions. While to each of the perspective is unique, I can't help but did find this a challenge to continue reading it.


For the ending... it was a classic Shirley Jackson kind. I can say its pretty much surprising as to how it ends that not only puzzles me, but her kind of endings, much like her previous books I have read, is a norm for her style. Overall its one of those books, while better in writing the conflict of split-personalities that clashes of their needs and wants written well here, what suffers is the dullness of certain parts of the book that doesn't really pull me into it a lot. A 3.5 for me.

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review 2019-05-29 16:14
Dear Mrs. Bird
Dear Mrs. Bird - A.J. Pearce
Emmy was flying high when she read the ad in the paper, for she felt that this was the perfect job for her. She would be a part-time junior secretary at The Evening Chronicle. Emmy wanted to be a journalist and this being a part-time position, would fit perfectly as her nights were busy, volunteering at the local fire station answering calls for the Fire Brigade. It was only after she landed the job, that she realized, what she would actually be responsible for.
Emmy discovered that she would be working for Mrs. Bird. Mrs. Bird had a weekly advice column in a women’s magazine and now, Emmy would be responsible for writing up Mrs. Bird’s responses. Emmy would also have to read Mrs. Bird’s advice column mail and present to her only those which were “pleasant” and discard the rest. The “unpleasant” topics were at the discretion of Mrs. Bird and she had provided Emmy an alphabetized list of them.
As the letters began trickling in, Emmy separated the mail: pleasant and unpleasant. She couldn’t believe that Mrs. Bird could disregard all these “unpleasant” pleads for help. Emmy began to assess Mrs. Bird’s advice column to other popular publication columns. Emmy was having a hard time dealing with the tasks that she was assigned to do as her own opinions and feelings kept rising to the surface. Emmy first thought of this job as an opportunity for advancement within the company but I think now, Emmy heart is telling her differently. These “unpleasant” letters need someone and Emmy feels that she can help them.
As she writes some of them, I was laughing and yet some of them, she was sincere and sweet. There was this mix of emotions for me during this time as I was happy that Emmy had jumped on board yet comprehensive about what lied around the corner and nervous about Emmy and Mrs. Bird’s relationship. It’s that time where I found myself reading fast and then, it slowed down as my reading speed followed my emotions.
I liked how Emmy made the best of the situation she was put in. She didn’t care for Mrs. Bird’s attitude so she worked around it. Sometimes she didn’t know how to respond to certain letters that touched her and instead of just ignoring them or making something up, she tried to find some good advice for that person. Emmy is a fighter and she give of herself. You could see that before she got the job when she is volunteering at the fire station at night and how she was perceived. Her relationship with Bunty was fun and sweet and I could visually see the two girls talking and walking down the street. It was a novel that never let up. A fabulous story that I really enjoyed.


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review 2019-05-25 05:50
His Bird of Paradise (The May Flowers Series) by Angel Devlin
His Bird of Paradise (The May Flowers) - Flirt Club,Angel Devlin



For Dante and Riley, it was lust at first sight. Until fate and love stepped in. Devlin hits all the right notes for a burning hot romance. Hormones and heart collide, when two strangers get wild and naughty. One night of pleasure changes the course of two lives.

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text 2019-05-22 22:40
Reading progress update: I've read 40 out of 384 pages.
Summer Bird Blue - Akemi Dawn Bowman

I'm not feeling this. I get that the girl just lost her sister, but she just picked a fight with a total stranger that was on his lawn, watering his flowers. Wtf? And nobody thinks she needs therapy after such a horrible accident? No. Just send her off to the middle of the ocean. The cover and title of this book is beautiful but I am taking so many issues with the plot. Moving on. 



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