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review 2018-04-29 02:08
Vision in White by Nora Roberts - My Thoughts
Vision in White - Nora Roberts

I almost forgot to write this up! 

So, a Nora romance does what a Nora romance does for me.  Makes me smile, makes me chuckle, makes me tear up and makes me sigh a little, a happy sigh, at the end.  La Nora is a comfort read for me.

And Vision in White doesn't lack in that category. 

It's not the best Nora I've read, nor is it the worst.  4 gals run a wedding business.  One stop shopping for the big day.  Now this is really all lost on me because I think the money spent on these spectacles would be far better spent on a vacation or a house or a car or... well, you get my drift.

Anyway, book one is about the photographer, Mackensie and Carter, the high school English teacher.  I have to say, for the first few chapters I wondered if we were going to find out that Carter was on the spectrum, but no, he was just being an iffily written safe, stable and a little befuddled guy.  I liked him a lot in the second half of the book.

Anyway, sweet romance, fun dialogue and far too much details about wedding planning.  *LOL*  I have the other three in the Kobo for the next time I need a comfort read. 

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review 2017-12-28 15:35
Eh Whatever
Happy ever after - Nora Roberts

The last book in the Bride Quartet was a dud for me. Probably because this book could be the last book in the Dream Trilogy except in name only. This book focuses on Parker and of course so called bad boy Malcolm otherwise known as "Mal. Just call them Laura and Michael. Seriously. Parker comes from a rich background, Mal does not. Mal and Parker have been circling around each other for four books and it's very obvious they are going to get together. But honestly, the big drama just deals with Mal not thinking he's good enough for Parker. That shit got old after a few chapters. I did die laughing at all of the men (heroes) working a wedding with the women. I maybe laughed a few times (not out of delight).


The book ended with a whimper. We get to see Mac get married, but why Roberts did not include the weddings for all of the heroines will forever astound me. I did like how the weddings were spaced apart and not together, and Mac and Carter have been planning their day through three books now. But we could have done an epilogue that jumped forward in time to each of the four heroines wedding day and still caught up with the characters, such as for Emma's wedding to Jack maybe Mac is pregnant, or something new has changed with the business, etc.

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review 2017-12-28 15:29
Bed of Roses Or When I Actively Wanted a Heroine to be Hit by A Bus
Bed of Roses - Nora Roberts

Wow, I totally forgot how much I disliked the heroine in book #2 until my re-read. Oh Emma, so perfect but a total jerk (I thought) Emma. Who even though she keeps telling her love interest (Jack) things are fine, throws a fit when he doesn't treat her like his girlfriend. And I ended up loathing the other characters in this book who decided that well they couldn't be friends with Jack anymore since Emma was so hurt. What are you? Teenagers? Who does mess like this? I actually booed when the HEA comes our way since I didn't think it was deserved at all.

Emma is the wedding florist for her and her friend's wedding business. Emma is looking for Mr. Right. She wants to be in a relationship, get married, and have kids. Of course she has a crush on Jack who wants none of those things.

Jack has a thing for Emma, but also has a thing for not committing to anyone. So of course this will totally be okay with Emma even though she knows before she gets involved with Jack, he is not looking for anyone to settle down with.

Honestly the chemistry between these two was meh. I actually think that Mac and Carter had better chemistry. And the whole book just felt off to me. I just hated that I was reading about a woman who was doing everything she could to make a guy catch feelings for her. And I hated how everyone was encouraging Emma in her nonsense.

The four friends were all kind of annoying in this one. I was just done with the whole group and their chosen freaking dudes in this one.

The wedding details (still boring). The endless discussion about the flower arranging that Emma was doing (good Lord make it stop). I just found myself bored for most of the book and did end up skimming a fair bit. I honestly thought that Roberts "In the Garden" series did a better job of discussing flowers/plants/etc. and making it organic to the overall story. This book just made everything about wedding planning sound tedious as hell.

But I really did get ticked towards the end when all of the so-called friends freeze Jack out after Emma seriously acted like a freaking child. Team Jack all the way.

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review 2017-12-28 15:27
Savor the Moment
Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts

This ended up being my highest rated book out of the Bride Quartet series. Probably cause of the mess that Emma and the crew did in book #2 ended up annoying the crap out of me. This one was a really great slow burning romance that thank God had none of the drama of the second book.


Book #3 is about Laurel. Laurel is the baker for the wedding planning business. She ends up getting involved with Del (Parker's brother) and feels out of sorts about how their "relationship" came about and what it even means. Laurel is stubborn about things, but I liked her a lot. She was snarly and combative with her love interest, but it was a nice change of pace.


Del has been a long time fan of all of the "girls". Del at times you got to see was overly protective of all of the women in the series, and though it was a little much at times, it wasn't offputting. He honestly reminded me of Josh Templeton from the "Daring to Dream" series. I liked that he didn't let Laurel push him away and listened to her and made sure she listened to him.


Reading about people working out is boring. Seriously. I could not believe that Roberts included scenes of that. I didn't care about Mac working out to look nice in her wedding dress. I just rolled my eyes. The wedding scenes at this point are here to stay along with the acronyms galore. I honestly just rolled my eyes at how all of the heroes in this series who have full time jobs by the way, happen to always be around to help out the women. It's like how Roarke is always running after Eve like he doesn't have a full time job dealing with a million things.

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review 2017-12-28 14:59
Vision in White
Vision In White: Book One in the Bride Quartet - Nora Roberts

So I decided to re-read the Bride Quartet books over Christmas. I needed something to do and just figured I could bring the four books home along with finishing other books on my Kindle. I kind of forgot how downhill these books get from books #1 through #4. First of, I have read some really funny and sexy wedding planning books. This one ends up missing the mark, though the first part turned out to be pretty good.


Book #1 is about Mackensie "Mac" Elliot. She is a photographer getting to work alongside her three other best friends, Emma (does flower arrangements) Laurel (does the cooking/baking) and Parker (organizer galore and typical Type A). The four friends end up starting their own wedding business when Parker realizes she needs to do something to pay for the family home/estate after her parents are killed. Parker is an updated version of Laura Templeton from Finding the Dream (Dream Trilogy) series. I ended up realizing that Mac is a mixture of Margo and Kate from the Dream Trilogy.

Though Margo and Kate's parents loved them, and Mac's mother is a pain in the butt.


Mac's love interest is Carter. They went to school together and Mac didn't notice him much. But now of course there are feelings and sex and all that. Honestly I was just bored by Carter. I swear Roberts writes these archetype heroes all the time. Carter is an academic (he's a teacher) which of course means that Mac is all well we totally have nothing in common. Of course Carter surprises her by being passionate. I just wish that I cared about either of them. I remember first reading this years ago, and Mac was my favorite out of the best friends. But now I ended up just feeling meh about her. There is nothing really going on besides Mac trying to ruin her relationship with Carter cause she's scared of it turning into something more cause of what happened with her parents messed up marriage.


I also really think this first book ended up drowning way too much in wedding details. I almost fell asleep. Plus the acronyms drove me up the wall. I didn't care about the MOB (Mother of the Bride) or anyone else that they kept short hand talking about. It made the text hard to read. I recall the first time I read this book I was totally in the dark about who they were all talking about.


I did have the nice paperback version of this book with the fancy paper and all, so I did get a kick out of it (the book) being made special for readers.


The best thing about these books is the four friends. I wish we had gotten more time with them as a group later in the series, but honestly, book #4 could seriously just be "Finding the Dream" with different names for people which was a disappointment.


The ending of course is a HEA, but that is to be expected and appreciated in romances.

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