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review 2018-05-05 22:03
Audiobook Review: Secrets & Charades by: Cindy Ervin Huff and Meghan Kelly
Secrets & Charades - Meghan Kelly,Cindy Ervin Huff


Secrets & Charades is a sweet, clean historical romance.  Huff blends moments of courage with heartfelt fears and finds gold.  What  started with letters becomes an adventure of the heart. Jake and Evie find themselves dupped into a mail order arrangement. Evie is a woman who prides herself on following her dreams.  Jake is a man in need of some emotional healing.  Apart they exist, together they learn to live.  Their romance is littered with a hint of suspense and moments of enlightment.  The edition of Meghan Kelly is an added bonus. Her ability to give each character a personality  that is separate from the story and more about the connection is a welcome asset.  A pleasant surprise.

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review 2018-04-28 13:55
Between Midnight and Morning - Cindy Gerard

Heroine is older than hero by 8 years. She's a widow, and still hung up on her husband. She buys a vet practice in bumblefart nowhere both to get away from the identity of being someone's widow and because her late husband had wanted to move to the country.


Hero is a veteran and I'm somewhat baffled about his past... a Marine shrink told him he had PTSD, he had Navy buddies...but supposedly he was army. Ok, he was a medic so maybe a field hospital would put him in a position to be around all branches. Still... he wouldn't need to hide his issues from fellow medics, but he'd never told his Navy buddies what he'd seen. Seems more like a slip up there. In any case, his way of dealing with life now is not let anyone close. So he's apparently the local playboy. In a small town. Wouldn't that get awkward after a bit?


He starts hitting on the h practically the minute he sees her. The book starts a month after she moves. I wouldn't think she'd been around long enough to really establish herself. He has the somewhat belated thought that he needed to be careful not to screw up her reputation. In a small town? That would mean keeping your hands to yourself and your zipper zipped - which seems to be beyond him. He pursues her until she caves, and well, in a small town, someone is going to notice who is parked in front of whose house. Townsfolk seem more curious than anything.


Eventually, he finds out she's widowed, and runs. Sulks really. She finally goes and confronts him about it, then suggests he get another vet.


My issues - she said no, let it go man. Small town + reformed player = she's going to be meeting a lot of women who know him biblically. Sooner or later, she's going to run into someone who didn't like being cast aside.

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review 2018-03-28 19:34
Fraying At the Edge - Cindy Woodsmall
Fraying at the Edge (The Amish of Summer Grove) - Cindy Woodsmall

This was a pretty good book. Wanted to shake Skylar a few times at the beginning and Nicholas throughout the entire book, but it was pretty good. 

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review 2018-01-28 01:40
Action, suspense, and mystery
Live by the Team - Cindy Skaggs

This was in the script and had elements of Elite Ops - Lora Leigh (sexy times take over a lot), Hard Ink - Laura Kaye (military men having to band together to fight corruption), and Sin Brothers - Rebecca Zanetti (enhanced soldiers). 

The enhanced soldiers aspect wasn't explained the best, not a lot of detail about how the hero's elite group was given a medical cocktail to not feel fear, just needed to be flushed out more to be grasped and willing to follow along. One of the hero's friends is featured a lot and the hero of the next book but the others in his group are introduced towards the end and that's all we basically get. 

The hero and heroine's romance begins before the book begins (they are already married), so I definitely missed the falling in love aspect. The romance leans heavily on sexy times and "I can't live without you! But it's too dangerous to be together! But wait, I can't live without you!" that the hero ping pongs back and forth.

There's the main storyline of the hero possibly being in danger from the shady black ops company that medically enhanced him and his group and some foreclosure and meth lab criminal group that is endangering his wife. Yeah, the foreclosure/meth storyline felt a bit unneeded and as it was the most focused on plot, I can't help but feel what was really the point since we already have a pretty interesting super soldiers and shady government company being nefarious. Obviously, we'll get more about the shady government/super soldiers storyline in the next in the series but I still feel like I didn't get enough here. 

This was interesting but the other series I mentioned that this had elements from kind of did it better and since those went for many books, I have a bit of fatigue about this plot. This was well written, lacked a bit in the romance department but was entertaining, a win for a Kindle Freebie download but not really anything that was new or makes me want to rush out to buy the next in the series. 

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review 2018-01-25 03:18
When the Morning Comes - Review for 2014
When the Morning Comes - Cindy Woodsmall

When the Morning Comes is about a young girl in her Amish community. I can't remember the details of the story. I will give you what i can remember about it. I know it about Hannah Lapp. Does get what she wants or does she not.


She stays with her aunt for  bit and ponders about going to live the englisher. It the Amish term for outsiders. Will she goes back with her fiance and her family she left behind. Doe her fiance love her or not? You would need to read the book to find out. I know it a sweet story.


You learn about how the Amish live and her why of life. I am fascinated by it myself, so that is why I enjoy reading book about the Amish and Amish fiction. Cindy Woodsmall does wonders for her books. She also does a good job with this one as well. It just been years since i read the book that I honestly can't remember much.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/01/when-morning-comes.html
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