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text 2019-12-08 18:48
24 Festive Task - Door 16: St. Lucia's Day (Task 2)
Over the River and Through the Woods - Amy Morley,Hilary Hauck,Kimberly Kurth Gray,Michele Savaunah Zirkle,Janet McClintock,Abigail Drake,Kathleen Shoop,Ramona DeFelice Long,Demi Stevens
Christmas in Apple Ridge: Three-in-One Collection: The Sound of Sleigh Bells, The Christmas Singing, NEW! The Dawn of Christmas - Cindy Woodsmall
The Perfect Christmas - Bell Renshaw

Task 2: Compile a list of five or more carols, poems, short stories, novels or other pieces of writing that feature sleigh rides.


My list of 



Jingle Bells

Over The River and Though the Woods


Short Stories:

Over the River and Though the Woods - It got a Sleigh and horse on the cover, Their may be some sleigh ride in some of the stories or poems (Could be mode of transportation)



Christmas At Apple Ridge - There a story called "The Sound of Sleigh Bells", There a sleigh ride offered by Jonah to Beth..

The Perfect Christmas - There a sleigh Ride in the story by the Ansley and Beau..


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review 2019-06-28 00:43
4 Star Limit
Beyond the Limit - Cindy Dees


He’s not happy with his team’s top-secret mission, training the first female SEALs and Griffin Caldwell is determined to prove that his former beauty queen trainee doesn’t have what it takes to join the world’s most elite warrior’s club. Navy media officer Sherri Tate has been given the opportunity to achieve her dream of becoming a SEAL and she won’t let anything stand in her way, not even her sexy, arrogant trainer.


The first book in the Valkyrie Ops series is a surprisingly powerful read. The characters are strong, bold and take no enemies in their quest to achieve their goals, exactly what you expect from a SEAL right… But the chemistry between these two is off the charts magnetic and has sparks flying in every direction. The relationship off course has a couple of major snags that just may prove to be impossible to overcome, the trainee and trainer relationship and the fact that Griffin doesn’t think females belong in the SEALs, so this keeps lots of emotional turbulence flowing from the pages even as the passion is building to volcanic proportions.


But this fast paced plot is more than a just a romance, this story is about something that the majority of the world feels is impossible… a female becoming a SEAL. The author builds the suspense of the achievement throughout the story and the story pulls readers in ensuring that readers become completely engaged in the lives of these characters as the author has portrayed it in an informative with lots of details to make it realistic and yet not so many to make it boring or overdone. The story also has several twist that adds danger and excitement to the story so, there is no way for a readers to lose interest in this powerfully explosive and emotionally gripping read.


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review 2019-01-21 18:57
Cookie's Week
Cookie's Week - Cindy Ward,Tomie dePaola

Cookie's Week is a story about a kitten who is not graceful. Each day something different happens to Cookie. Students could practice sequencing and sorting by what happens to Cookie each day of the week. This book is a level 1.3 on the accelerated reader leveling system.

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review 2018-12-08 00:34
Cards & Caravans
Cards & Caravans - Cindy Spencer Pape
Well paced, enjoyable. I could believe Belinda and Connor's interest and later love. I've enjoyed this alternate world.


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review 2018-09-02 16:50
good book and great characte
The Zeuorian Awakening - Cindy Zablockis

Lexi has a crush on jock Tyler. Lexi believes she will find the man for her at MIT.  who is a butt. Lexi has the power of telekinesis, she also has premonition abilities. Lexi is usually quiet and keeps to herself. Lexi lives with her Aunt Irene in Oregon and is seventeen. Lexi’s best friend is Angie. The only ones that know of Lexi’s powers are her Aunt Irene and Angie and the people hunting Lexi. . Lexi is getting more powers that involve weather control and she now attracts  lightning and other natural attractions when Lexi gets upset. and she’s trying to learn how to control them. Lexi’s first change was random physical transformation and changing into a different being and now a bunch of guys want Lexi including Tyler who believes Lexi is his soulmate,Dylon, ad Emmett. Lexi and Emmett have hot chemistry. Lexi doesn’t know who to turn to as her parents died in a car crush. Lexi tries to remember what happened surrounding her parents death, she can’t remember the whole summer the memories have disappeared. Tyler and his father seems to be protecting Lexi. The Community resides in Colorado and both Tyler and Emmett claim to have dated Lexi at the same time in Colorado. Lexi doesn’t know who to trust. Lexi had almost drowned and Lexi wakes up to see her appendages have slightly changed and she remembered glowing while in the water before she was knocked out. Then she learned she was almost kidnapped while she was unconcious. Lexi was scared for her life. Lexi gets a kind of warning when she is iib danger. Someone is talking to Lexi in her head,

I enjoyed this book. I liked the danger and intrigue in this book. I also enjoyed the twists and turns. I didn’t want to put this down as I wanted to see what was going to happen next. I liked the suspense and the alien aspect as you don’t see that many books on aliens and this had a different slant then i have ever read before as far as aliens  go. This grabbed in the beginning and didn’t let go until the ending. I would have liked more information on the Zeuorians. I liked the pace and plot. I liked the characters and the twists and turns and I recommend this book.

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