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quote 2020-07-24 05:02
“Just because you type the end to one story doesn't mean you don't get to start another.”
Finding Him - Rachel Van Dyken
~~ Finding Him by Rachel Van Dyken
(Covet series, Book #2)
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review 2018-01-19 21:03
This is quickly becoming the most challenging review...EVAH!!!
Covet - Yolande Kleinn

Truthfully this is the third time I've tried to start this review and in my brain it's probably the twentieth. My goal here isn't to tell you what the stories about but to share with you why I was so gobsmacked by this one and truthfully to get you the reader to at least take a peek at it or maybe even decide to read the story. 


'Covet' at first glance appears to be a menage book that involves twincest...nope, sorry wrong. Truthfully I don't even think I would call it a 'menage' story in the true sense of the word and as for the twincest...not here. By definition 'twincest' is an incestuous sexual relationship  between twins or siblings who look very similar and that doesn't happen here. Peter and Jack are twins but there is 'no' sexual attraction between Jack and Peter. What there is...is a bit of a problem since both men are attracted to Colin. 


Colin is a professor at the local university where Jack also works.  While Peter is a lawyer. Peter and Jack have a close relationship and while Jack's attraction to Colin is there from the start, initially Peter's only interest is curiosity about the man who seems to be garnering more interest than his brother has given to anyone in the past and from there they become friends for Peter and Coliin the sexual interest is more of a slow burn. 


For Colin and Jack their progression to an intimate relationship while quicker still takes ore time since Colin has just gotten out of a 5 year relationship and he's not looking for anything new, but Jack's determined and he knows how to play the game. So with a little patience, determination and willingness to take things slower than he'd like Jack moves his relationship from friends to friends with benefits.


The relationship between Jack and Peter is definitely put to the test when Jack learns that Peter's interest in Colin has gone beyond the platonic. The relationship between these three men is...well...not to sound cliche but...yeah, it's complicated and then some. It's also handled incredibly well by the author.  This is my second book by Yolande Kleinn and while I enjoyed 'Running Hot' I'd be remiss if I didn't also say that 'Yolande Kleinn has impressed the hell out of me with the story that she's created this time around'. 


Aannnddd having said all that I did have one disappointment with this story which was the ending specifically the epilogue. Unfortunately that's about all I'm going to say about that because otherwise I'll be  sharing more in terms of details than I want to share...now, now don't get into a panic it's not that there wasn't any happy at the end you can breath comfortable about that the happy is there and admittedly it may well be that that I'm if not the only one, I'm one of a very few readers who are bothered by the epilogue, but I was so that's the reason there's not 5 stars here.


That this is one of the most challenging reviews I've ever had to write doesn't surprise me since this book contains some of the most challenging relationships I've encountered in a book in a very, very long time and yes, I do mean relationships because 'Covet' isn't just about the relationship between Jack, Peter and Colin...no it goes well beyond that. The author has given us time with Jack and Colin, Peter and Jack, Peter and Colin and we even got some time with Peter and Maureen...before things ended between them. I only mention this because while things didn't work out between Peter and Maureen, I really like the character of Maureen.


So, I'm just going to have a little babble about Maureen here. Maureen was initially Peter's girlfriend and what I really loved about this character was that she was a successful, confident professional (lawyer), she wasn't clingy or needy and when things ended with Peter she didn't turn into a raging bitch!!! Seriously I loved Maureen...please can we have more women like her in books. It was awesome to see a woman portrayed in such a positive light. Maureen didn't have a lot of page time but that's ok because what she had as appropriate to her role in the story. Maureen is one of a very few  female characters that I've encountered in a book in a long time that I truly enjoyed and thus ends my little babbling tribute to the character of Maureen.


'Covet' is a very relationship driven story and truthfully none of those relationships are easy or simple but in many ways they are very solid and real. Just like in real life relationships aren't always what they seem to be sometimes they are more or less than what the world sees but always they are unique to the people in them.



A copy of 'Covet' was graciously provide by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2018-01-16 16:36
REVIEW BY DEBBIE - The Banger Trilogy by Donya Lynne
Choose Me - Donya Lynne,Reese Dante,Laura LaTulipe
Covet Me - Donya Lynne,Reese Dante,Laura LaTulipe
Cherish Me - Donya Lynne,Reese Dante,Laura LaTulipe

She wants a sexy summer fling. He wants more. And he won’t stop until he gets it. 

Katherine Clayton, divorcée and single mother of two, just sent her kids to California to spend the summer with their father. During the ten months of the year when they’re in her custody, she gives all of herself to her children. She doesn’t even date. But the summers are hers, and she’s going to make the most of their absence with her annual summer fling. 

Unfortunately, her past four summer romances have fallen flat. If she can’t find a man this summer who can fulfill her needs, this year’s fling will be her last. Katherine needs a man who won’t leave her unsatisfied. For her, bigger truly is better, and anything less than huge won’t do. 

Greyson James is more man below the waist than most women can handle, and he’s beyond frustrated that he’s unable to enjoy the great sex other men take for granted. Since he finds no pleasure in causing women pain, traditional sex has become a novelty . . . until he meets Katherine. She’s exactly what he needs and vice versa. And the chemistry between them is undeniable. 

But after one night of intense passion, neither is prepared for the wicked ride fate has in store for them. Katherine just inherited her retiring father’s company, and the last thing on her mind is selling. But that’s exactly what Greyson wants her to do, which she finds out in a shocking turn of events when she shows up to a meeting in her father’s place to find that the person she’s meeting with is none other than the captivating man she spent one gloriously erotic night with just days before. 

Now Katherine must decide if she can trust Greyson with not only her heart, but her company. 

As the Banger Trilogy unfolds, Greyson and Katherine will wrestle with their feelings for each other, long-held family secrets will be revealed, and scandals neither could have imagined will rock them to the core. 

Will what they’ve found in each other be enough for happily ever after? Or will one passionate summer be all they share?

Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/debbie/thebangertrilogybydonyalynne
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review 2018-01-10 15:45
awesome second instalment!
Covet Me - Donya Lynne,Reese Dante,Laura LaTulipe
I reiterate my point that I made at the beginning of book 1, Choose Me: You NEED all three before you start!! Seriosuly, DO NOT attempt these books til you have all three (book one is currently free Jan 6th 2018) Because book two picks up right where book one left off, it follows IMMEDIATELY after Greyson gave Katherine her choice. To come to dinner or not, he'll be there. Katherine makes her choice, it's obvious which way she will go, these two are totally MADE for each other, but it's great fun watching her get there. It is again, down and dirty and again makes no apologies for that. It's right and proper for these books to be so, it really is. But there is more emotion here. Not quite the bawling eyes out ( I know that's coming cos upon writing this, I've already read book three!) but it still tugs at your heart stings when Greyson finally discovers he can make LOVE to Katherine, not just bang her against the wall. That he can do sweet and slow just as much as hard and fast. And then, just as Katharine and Greyson have decided that, really, this ain't just a summer fling, it's way much more that that, Ms Lynne throws a MAHOOSIVE spanner in the works, and my kindle, my brand new paperwhite, had it's first introduction to the wall!! To be honest, I almost saw it coming, I just did not expect it to be THAT bad!! Not quite managed in one sitting, cos the dayjob got in the way, but still. 5 full and shiny stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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text 2017-12-17 19:58
Winter Chills Box Swap Revealed
Covet - J.R. Ward
Crave - J.R. Ward
Envy - J.R. Ward
Rapture - J.R. Ward
Possession - J.R. Ward

All pictures linked to my IG account.


So I received my Winter Chills Box Swap from Bookish Blerd on Thursday. There were two packages, a big box and a small envelope. The big box contained two bags of Herr's potato chips - I can not tell you how long it has been since I had some of Herr's potato chips (probably 10 years or more) since the military stores don't carry the brand and its a regional thing (PA). Yeah, the bag of Crisp N' Tasty chips is already done, because I eat my feelings.


Next up out of the box were three TastyKakes, all with Justice League logos; in particular my favorites, Krumpets, had the very tasty Henry Cavill as Superman which took the box up a notch. TKs are another PA/regional thing that again the military does not carry, so it's been a while. There were also two pairs of socks, a Yankee Candle, a card (beautiful handwriting btw), two bars of peanut chew, a tea diffuser in the shape of a book (with a booklet about literary teas), and books (attached above). I have never read anything by JR Ward before, but hell yes to reading about fallen angels in a paranormal romance.


What a wonderful treat to receive!

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