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review 2017-09-19 16:21
Review: Battle Hill Bolero
Battle Hill Bolero - Daniel José Older

The conclusion of the Bone Street Rumba, a wonderful UF trilogy with some short fiction I still haven't gotten around to, was quite satisfying, but perhaps not as strong a read as the second book. Book three follows through on the plots opened in the previous two, but lacks the POV character that made book 2 so amazing, the dapper AF gun toting lesbian. She's still around, but rarely on screen.

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review 2017-09-18 19:03
Futuristic fantasy comic collection – violent and vengeful
Extremity Volume 1: Artist - Daniel Warr... Extremity Volume 1: Artist - Daniel Warren Johnson



This collection seems to take place in a future, possibly on Earth, where technology has mainly disappeared and the population are discovering it again. There is a massive conflict between two races and it's a tale of revenge with much bloody action, some monsters and flashbacks.


Although quite interesting, it's very colourful and reasonably well-illustrated but not all to my taste. It's quite good but nothing special. Interesting relationships are developed and, to some extent, these are the heart of the story.


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review 2017-09-18 13:10
War Brothers: The Graphic Novel - Sharon E. McKay,Daniel LaFrance
I picked this graphic novel up from a library’s display as I loved the cover and the title. I didn’t know until I got home what the novel was about and after I read the synopsis, I realized that I had picked up a gem. I loved everything about this novel.
The story is about the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) which is ran by Kony, a man who stops at nothing. Reading these words, I had to laugh as I just finished reading Soldier Boy by Keely Hutton and here I was reading about the same Army two weeks later, only now I was reading a graphic novel. Both novels were based on actual events. Even though both of their accounts were similar in what had transpired, each story was unique and it was fantastic reading another novel based on what is happening in Uganda. Just as I had imagined from reading Soldier Boy, this novel’s illustrations reaffirmed my notion of what these children went through after being captured.
In this novel, the boys were taken from their school, a place they thought was safe, and now the boys are part of the war. It is either kill the enemy and be given food to eat and survive or to refuse to fight and have to scrounge for your own food and hope you will survive. Don’t get hurt or you will be left behind to die, this regiment had a mission and they were not slowing down. Fighting the government’s army or overtaking villages, the LRA did it to please God, for those are the words of Kony. I had to shake my head as I read about their commitment to God. It was amazing how their twisted minds worked, believing that God choose them to fight for him, to kill innocent individuals and to torment others. They were violent and brutal in their ways to get what they needed, to do God’s will and to get their abductees to break down and fight with them.
I loved the illustrations in this novel. The colorful, bright artwork tells the whole picture. It pulls you in and my emotions harden as I read. To walk day-in and day-out in the bush, keeping your head up while your spirit was diminishing. I liked how the illustrator used a white border around the text boxes when life was safe for the boys and then changed to a black border when the boys were under the LRA rule. It really was a powerful message. Looking at the side of this novel, I saw white, black and then white again, there was hope for what had transpired. I can’t say enough about how powerful and effective this novel is, in portraying this event that is still occurring in Uganda.


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review 2017-09-15 00:49
Winter's Bone
Winter's Bone - Daniel Woodrell
I felt sorry for Ree throughout this whole novel. The responsibilities and her mannerisms reminded me a thirty-year old woman and here she was just sixteen. She was forced to be the head-of-the-household as the adults in her life have checked out. Her mother is sick and has been for quite some time, she can hardly make it out of bed each day. Her father has decided that his drugs become first, the consuming and the manufacturing of them, that he just does his own thing. Ree, she manages the household and keeps her younger brothers in line because there is no one else to take over. They live in the hills and as I read, I could picture the isolation where their house was located and the stress that Ree carried with her. Ree’s best friend lives close but they each have responsibilities that doesn’t allow them to be the children that they are. Gail, her best friend, got pregnant and married the father of her child. He’s not the best husband to have but the responsibilities that fall on his shoulders are minimum, for his parents take care of his family. The more I read about this community, I could see how tight they are, they knew what was happening around them and I saw how their last names and their ancestry carry a lot of weight.
Ree’s father has taken off again, his whereabouts are unknown but Ree has some notions on where he might be. Normally this doesn’t concern her much as he usually arrives home sometime, this disappearing act has become a habit with him. When a Deputy arrives, and inquiries about her father, what he tells Ree changes everything. Ree desperately needs to find her father. If she is unsuccessful, they could lose their home and Ree doesn’t need any more stress in her life. This search becomes more difficult than Ree had imaged but I pulled for her as she was one hard and determined individual, who I believed wouldn’t stop until she had an answer.
I liked this novel for its portrayal of individuals. I also enjoyed reading about their community, a community that seemed odd at times to me but this was their home and I liked the quest that Ree set out to solve. I feel that the author did a fantastic job creating this experience for me. Based on the cover, I see that there is a movie created from this novel, now this is something I’m going to have to get my hands on and watch.


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text 2017-09-14 02:01
Reading progress update: I've read 52 out of 512 pages.
The Organization of Information (Library and Information Science Text Series) - Daniel N. Joudrey,Arlene G. Taylor

Really digging this.   The text is... larger.   Like physically larger.  The text is small enough in my other text book that I was finding it frustrating as it was harder for me to read. 


With bigger text here, it's much, much easier to read.  Both books are fascinating, so far, though.

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