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review 2020-06-30 18:00
Review: American Demon(Return to the Hollows #1) by Kim Harrison
American Demon - Kim Harrison



A thrilling return to the #1 New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series, continuing Rachel Morgan’s story.


What happens after you’ve saved the world? Well, if you’re Rachel Mariana Morgan, witch-born demon, you quickly discover that something might have gone just a little bit wrong. That the very same acts you and your friends took to forge new powers may have released something bound by the old. With a rash of zombies, some strange new murders, and an exceedingly mysterious new demon in town, it will take everything Rachel has to counter this new threat to the world–and it may demand the sacrifice of what she holds most dear.

My Thoughts

The hollows series always has a spot in my heart. It was the series that got my passion for reading back. That being said, I was super excited to go back to the hollows and see Rachel, Jenks, Trent, Al and hell even Ivy again.  I was curious to see how she would start it up again after the epilogue we got in The Witch With No Name, It was okay …. Even a bit of a cop out in my opinion, but I can overlook it.

The books start shortly where The Witch With No Name ended and it was so nice to see them all again. Though the first few chapters it felt like she made a point to mention everyone who was someone in the series. I still enjoyed it, for the most part, revisiting the people, places and see how and what everyone is doing. Mostly the demons, what are they up to now topside and how are they handling it.

Some things were kind of funny,  soon though we get thrown into the plot and it still okay even if a bit strange and odd … even for the hollows.

So one of the main parts I was looking forward to was seeing Rachel and Trent, them working together, being together and all the couple things, I was a bit disappointed when once again Rachel STILL doubted her relationship with Trent and why he loved her and so on. There was a reason for it ( of sorts) but still we worked so many books to get them together and he more than showed that he is with her all the way, we should be over this by now. Whatever the reason.

In other ways it also felt like typical Rachel, taking one step forward and three back.

I soon became a bit bored with her and stuff. I started to skim the book except the parts with AL, Trent or Jenks.

Overall I thought it was okay, I LOVED that we got to go back to the hollows, Rachel ugh … Oh and the Elisabeth being a fan of Rachel was just weird even for me.

Something just felt of and I’m not even sure what but maybe I just outgrew the series. I don’t know or maybe we just need a new voice, I think this could have been from Trent’s POV .

It would have been the same great people, world and series, just a fresh voice to it that we already know and love.

Speaking of Trent I think he was the best and I just like him more and more and I think out of all of them him and Al both grew the most in the series,

I also loved AL of course, while he had some issues, he is still the same ole Ale we know and love.

Overall, I think it was okay, bit boring but like I said maybe I just outgrew the series or I just can’t handle Rachel’s self-manipulation anymore, she always has some issues and if not she creates them.

I rate 3★ I might continue the series at some point but I’m not sure yet when even if I miss the world and characters.



Available NOW 

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review 2020-06-13 18:23
The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox
The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox
Lizzie's adoptive parents were decent enough but never very loving, so she's thrilled when her biological grandmother contacts her out of the blue and wants to meet. Her dreams of warm hugs are ruined when her grandmother locks her in her own bathroom, just in time for a demon to appear and try to kill her. Once that's been dealt with, her grandmother explains that she's a witch and Lizzie is a demon slayer, and they have to get moving before more demons arrive. Lizzie is a preschool teacher who carefully plans everything, so this is very much outside her comfort zone, but she eventually grabs her dog Pirate (who can now talk) and reluctantly gets on her grandmother's motorcycle.
Lizzie's grandmother takes her to the Red Skulls coven, where she's supposed to gain the coven's protection and begin learning to use her powers. These plans are complicated by imps, more demons, a sexy shape-shifting griffin named Dimitri, werewolves, and no one being willing to tell Lizzie anything about what's going on.
If I hadn't been reading this for my Booklikesopoly game, I might have DNFed it early on and added it to my offload pile. I wouldn't have missed out on much. This was an incredibly frustrating read. Pretty much the only things I liked were Lizzie's talking dog, who was a bit much at first but eventually grew on me, and maybe Lizzie, although I did think she was way too forgiving.
Lizzie barely got a chance to speak to her grandmother for the first time before she was dragged into a world of magic and supernatural creatures. With no time to get her bearings, she was taken to her grandmother's coven, where she was told nothing important and immediately made to take part in a protection spell that wasn't fully explained to her. She was rightfully worried about drinking something that might have bits of roadkill in it, and that potion turned out to be the most important part of the spell. She then blamed herself for screwing up, even though it was due to the coven not explaining anything to her, and the coven had the gall to get mad at her when they found out.
And it kept happening - everyone either lied to Lizzie, expected her to do as she was told without even a basic explanation, or deliberately withheld information from her. Most of the characters in this book sucked, and I wouldn't have blamed Lizzie for leaving them behind to deal with their problems on their own. Dimitri, Ant Eater (a member of the coven), and Lizzie's grandmother were the biggest offenders.
There was no magical system as far as I could see. If the author wanted a spell to exist, it probably did (there were giggle, dance, and transportation spells), and Lizzie eventually learned how to use these things called switch stars that were basically magical ninja stars. The ending was a mess - Lizzie and her grandmother did things more because the story called for it than because it fit anything that had previously been established about how magic and demons worked.
The "paranormal romance" label on the book's spine wasn't very accurate. Lizzie thought Dimitri was hot, and they eventually had sex, but there wasn't much of what I'd call romance and the story was more focused on the whole demon thing than on Lizzie and Dimitri's relationship. "Urban fantasy with romantic aspects" might be a more accurate label.
Anyway, I don't intend to read any more of this series. The dog was sweet, but the magical aspects were very weak, and Lizzie deciding to stay with people who'd spent the whole book lying to her or refusing to tell her anything she needed to know honestly made me think less of her.
(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)
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review 2020-06-13 16:48
Review ~ Awesome!
Demon Walk - Melissa Bowersock

Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited


The Director of Mission San Juan Capistrano has a serious problem, one he hopes medium Sam Firecloud and his partner, private investigator Lacey Fitzpatrick can solve. There’s an evil presence at the mission and it’s growing worse. Sam confirms it’s a Big Bad and he and Lacey set about finding a way to get rid of it. But this is no simple ghost, stuck on the Earthly plane. This is something else. And Sam and Lacey are going to need help unsticking this one.


I enjoy these stories so much. Sam and Lacey are great characters and their process is wonderful to watch. The read is quick and yet the story doesn’t lack because of the brevity. Crisp writing lays it all out and the evil in this one is…ugh! Not just a ghost this time around. This is something that has the ability to reach out and kill. Holy shit! I like how the story unfolded and how it was resolved. I look forward to the next Sam and Lacey case.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2020/06/demon-walk.html
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text 2020-06-13 16:05
Reading progress update: I've read 292 out of 292 pages.
The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox

I finished! That nets me $3 in BLopoly, and now I get to roll again.


This book gets a big No from me. I liked the dog, and Lizzie was okay although way too forgiving. All the other characters suck. It would have served them all right if Lizzie had just ditched them.

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text 2020-06-11 13:54
Reading progress update: I've read 202 out of 292 pages.
The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox

Less than a hundred pages to go, I'm so happy. This is definitely ending up on my offload pile.


Lizzie only started getting more info and knowing what to do with her demon slaying powers in the the past 20 or so pages. Way too much of this book has been spent with her not knowing what's going on, surrounded by people who could tell her but won't.

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