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review 2017-11-02 03:34
Unnatural Death by Dorothy L Sayers
Unnatural Death - Dorothy L. Sayers

Series: Lord Peter Wimsey #3


A doctor overhears Wimsey chatting with Parker in a restaurant and decides to share his story of woe about how he lost his patients because he had some doubts about the death of one of his patients. Wimsey is intrigued and decides to investigate whether the death in question was natural or not.


This book was quite interesting for the most part, but that absurd bit near the end knock it down a bit for me. It was just a little too coincidental and over the top.


I have to say that I was really confused by the introduction though. I think it talked about events that took place a few years after the events in this book but I'm not entirely sure of the chronology and it just made things confusing.

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review 2017-10-28 20:03
Whose Body?
Whose Body? - Dorothy L. Sayers

This book is not what I was expecting and it doesn´t read like any other golden age crime novel I have read before.


Whose Body? is an odd CSI / Criminal Minds mix. Bunter taking fingerprints, the psychology behind the murder, the way Lord Peter Wimsey helps a witness to remember what happened on a particular day by using a special technique of questioning, I was constantly reminded of these TV shows. And Sayers has written her book in 1921. Colour me impressed. I really liked the mystery part of the book and I appreciated how gritty the crime in itself was.


Unfortunately the dark story and the jovial tone of the dialogue don´t go along very well. The way Lord Peter Whimsey talks (and he talks all ... the ... time) is exhausting and especially in the beginning of the book he is a terribly obnoxious character. It gets better toward the end of the book, but I didn´t particularly like Lord Peter. On the other hand his faithful servant Bunter is amazing. I´m going to read the second book in the series for him alone.


Whose Body? is not without flaws, but for me it has been an enjoyable read.  

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review 2017-10-15 16:44
Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers
Clouds of Witness - Dorothy L. Sayers

I have to say that I have very little sympathy for Cathcart. This was a very convoluted mystery. Peter Wimsey investigates the death of his sister's fiancé when the police blame his brother, aided by his friend Parker. Saying more than that would spoil things.


It started it off pretty slow. I have to say that Sayers inquest and courtroom scenes aren't very riveting. Things pick up when Peter's mother comes onto the scene, and the scenes with banter and so on are fun.


I read this for the "Country House Mystery" square for the Halloween Bingo, making this my last official Bingo read. It fits the square quite nicely since the death takes place in the country and there's a limited pool of suspects. It's interesting that most of the salient events take place on the 14th of October, the same day I started to read the book (well, yes, some stuff happens before midnight on the 13th, but still).


Previous updates:

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text 2017-10-15 00:43
Reading progress update: I've read 40%.
Clouds of Witness - Dorothy L. Sayers

Lord Peter, concerning his mother's "detective instinct":

I think my mother’s talents deserve a little acknowledgment. I said so to her, as a matter of fact, and she replied in these memorable words: ‘My dear child, you can give it a long name if you like, but I’m an old-fashioned woman and I call it mother-wit, and it’s so rare for a man to have it that if he does you write a book about him and call him Sherlock Holmes.’



I'm also glad that I recently read Northanger Abbey because otherwise I wouldn't have appreciated a reference to it made earlier.

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text 2017-10-14 23:36
Reading progress update: I've read 26%.
Clouds of Witness - Dorothy L. Sayers

My last official Halloween Bingo book, reading for "Country House Mystery" square. I'd say it's a good fit since we've had a murder committed out in the country in the middle of the night at shooting party. It looks like there may be an outside suspect but that doesn't negate the general situation.


So far I'm finding the laying out of the mystery to be a bit dull, but I'm sure it'll pick up.

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