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text 2018-01-22 00:12
Irwin Consulting Services Review: How to drive safely during winter

During this holiday season, a lot of people are getting busier in preparing for the upcoming Christmas and New Year, and some are even running errands going to one location to another using their cars. But during this winter, there are a few more concerns added to the list of dangers that you can encounter while you’re on the road.


On its previous posts, Irwin Consulting Services provided guidelines for every reader to remain safe inside their house and even outside while doing extreme physical activities, and now, the group will give helpful ways on how to stay safe even on the road during this winter and holiday seasons.


Firstly, put snow tires on your car. This kind of tire can give better traction than other tires when temperatures are at or below 7 degrees Celsius. With this, expect greater control and shorter stopping distances during the cold weather on road surfaces. Encourage your friends and other family members who do not own winter tires to buy some already. Indeed, it can be quite costly but winter tires are really recommended and even mandatory in some areas in the United States.


Secondly, be careful of drifts. Dangerous car spins could happen in a blink of an eye, so remain cautious all the time and look out for snow drifts because winds can push it on clear roads while you’re driving smoothly on a faster speed.


Thirdly, lids are important. Covering the tire valves can avoid moisture from freezing. Remember that the air can escape if the caps were not covered which can result in a flat tire.


Fourthly, provide sufficient pressure in your tires. Before facing the challenges of a wintery road, you need to consider a few important things first and one is checking your tire pressure regularly. As part of your good tire maintenance, this is crucial especially during low temperatures and high air pressure. 


During the ancient times, no one enters a battlefield without armors and a tactic. However, wintery roads are not a battlefield but your life also depends on it and how prepared you are in facing different accidents or emergencies especially during the winter season. So fifthly, always come prepared. Carry hats and mitts and a shovel all the time in your car as part of your winter driving kit. Don’t forget about kitty litter as well, yes you’ve read it right because such can give your car traction on snowy and icy roads. If you’ll be having a long trip, you need to have an extra jug of winter windshield washer fluid to guarantee visibility for a long period of time. 


Lastly, teach the teens in your family about essential information about winter driving. Irwin Consulting Services would like you to pass all your knowledge about safe driving during the cold weather to them to keep them safe as well.


You should be aware when to retire your tires. It is often advised to change snow tires every two to three seasons. You can give your old tires a brand new meaning and purpose as well with the care and expertise of a tire collector, so find one within your area today.


Irwin Consulting Services wishes for your safe winter driving during this winter and holiday seasons.

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review 2018-01-18 14:52
Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward - Carl Abrahamsson,Gary Valentine Lachman

by Carl Abrahamsson




One of the first things I noticed with this book is that the chapter headings have notes below the titles that say each of them was first given at a lecture or printed as an article someplace, so it soon became clear that this is a collection of several years' writings collected by the author into book form for presentation to a new audience. The subject matter is sufficiently different in each to create a nicely balanced volume on occult influence in society and particularly in art.


This is not a book for learning to do magic(k), but is more about modern cultural influences and symbols that enter mainstream consciousness through various mediums of artistic expression. In the Forword written by Gary Lachman, he explains the term 'occulture', occult + culture, coined by Genesis-P-Orridge, a cult figure in certain circles of modern day magicians, then goes on to point out connections between art and the occult and the significance of interpreting one through the other.


The lectures and articles cover a fascinating variety of loosely related topics. They include commentaries on alternative lifestyles and the rise of occult culture through significant periods like the 1960s and 1980s and the British and German groups and personalities who shaped much of modern occult culture.


The reader gets the benefit of a perspective by someone who 'was there' and understands the significance of a variety of cultural influences that still affect the culture today. He speaks of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth as well as about Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey and what he feels were the relevant contributions by controversial groups and personalities.


The perspective is very much about the intellectual side of the occult. No new age or airy-fairy crystal hugging comes into it. As occult history goes, this is an excellent reflection of the later twentieth century developments that built on the legacy of earlier magical Orders and traditions and the effects of an expanding cultural awareness that would shake the foundations of pre-twentieth century European occult study.


The significance of art and creativity is emphasised as is the freedom of social mores from the staid, limiting celibacy of groups like the early Golden Dawn and the cautions required by Medieval magicians to avoid any sniff of scandal that might lead to charges of heresy.


The history of Nazi involvement in the occult is detailed in one of the lectures and makes for interesting reading from a historical perspective as well. That lecture somehow moves from this to beatniks in California, which gives the reader an idea of the broad scope of some of the topics discussed.


This book would be of interest to anyone interested in occult history or in cultural development and the influence of art. It fills in the recent gaps in documented history for those of us who are too young to have been there for the changes in the 1980s and before as these periods are often not addressed in earlier books on the subject.


It also goes into everything from philosophy to conspiracy theories in recent decades and even Pokemon Go! I found all of the articles interesting for different reasons. A real treasure for anyone with interest in magick or the occult.

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review 2017-12-13 00:00
Drive - Kate Stewart Drive - Kate Stewart "Sam you must read Drive," says my friend. I side-eye her, because I know her in real life. Are you sure? I say. We don't really match up, see. She loves manufactured angst and I...don't. She likes my books too, but I have less patience with the trauma pile-ons she tends to gravitate to.

I don't blame anyone for loving this story and feeling it was different. And I don't necessarily want to spoil up the plot so those who feel so compelled will be surprised.

So one criticism is going above the spoiler tag and the rest below. I've had issues with a Kate Stewart book before, I believe I called [b:The Brave Line|33023650|The Brave Line|Kate Stewart|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1484746067s/33023650.jpg|53678035] a little "too Blue Lives Matter," (it's fine, unfriend me). This book is a Latina heroine. I'm afraid I have to say it's mentioned just about every page and in every fiery/fiesty/assertive/bold/saucy interaction of the said heroine. Very little else is mentioned about it. I don't know Kate Stewart's background by any stretch, nor do I feel she needs to be Latina to pull this off, but in this book it's not only stereotypically annoying, it's lacking authenticity. Thus, this is to say, making a point of her ethnicity but failure to back it up with anything but stereotypes felt like a big ol' fail.

So, read on for spoilers because I'm not going to be delicate about the plot in the rest-after this, it was absolutely readable. There.:

The book opens with Stella getting a call in present day that he was getting married. Stella's thrown for a loop and very good day quickly turns into day of feeling off center. Another him calls and is clearly the man in her life....Now what's happening here? He's getting married while he is proud of her and worried and waiting for her to come home.
Commence with the flashbacks. To 12 years ago.
The heroine felt young and dumb. She was 20. So maybe she was young and dumb. She was badly burned by a prior rock romance and had sworn off men. Enter: the antagonistic relationship with the resident bad boy of rock. He looks like Dave Grohl, plays the drums (apparently like Dave Grohl), and has a whole lotta baggage. But he chose a bright green cast. Which actually is a nice touch of detail. Stella has moved in with her sister to become a rock journalist in Austin. Her best friend is aforementioned Dave Grohl lookalike and all around high schooler's wet dream, Reid. He's hot, he's broody, he's tattooed. I'm swooning.

So our bold heroine goes out in search of a gig with a local music rag. There she meets the most handsome editor-in-chief aged 24 who loves her cons and her pulp fiction shirt. He finds her later (sometimes, I admit I was confused by how often people wound up where they were) to hit her up, after they've struck her "test" deal for her articles and because Stella is damned irresistible, he would like to take her out. She refused; says give me 6 months-aka after the articles are finished (cause that's definitely better). Ugh, editor-in-chief (Nate) and 20 year old definitely skeeved me out.

No matter, Reid and Stella are clearly a powder keg waiting for a match. And boy, did it get lit. (I'm feeling loopy). I won't bore you with the plot details, but long story short, Reid is tortured, he's in a bad way, and he can't give Stella what she needs. Her sister disowns both of them, they live together, and then despite her unfailing belief in them, he leaves-and that's when thought, hey there's a hero.

Her heart is broken, in the meantime his awesome band, because of her awesome article, get a record deal with Sony (!). They are both hitting it big time. Nate is waiting on the sidelines, Stella has the job, then they boom get together....And their relationship is very sweet
** And we interrupt to go back to present tense...hints are dropped (I caught a detail here or there very early during these present tense sections --whether intentional or not ---that made it pretty clear who she's suddenly in present tense driving home to see and who is getting married ***
Anyway it's clear Stella isn't quite Stella-living-out-loud we expected when she's with Nate. It's 3 or 4 years later, Nate is working on the magazine, and guess whose old band that has hit the big time wants to give Stella the exclusive? Well, of course! Nate pushes her to it, not realizing that ruh-roh, Stella and the badass drummer have a history (in fact randomly Reid showed up years ago to make clear she's the only thing that he's ever believed in)

Do you all feel like you are lost in a high school fantasy? Yes me too. Because after 4 years, rock star Reid confesses his love (first time saying so!) and tells him he deserves her too. (Which I actually sort of adored. He put the work in to feel that way, worked on himself and meanwhile she just comes off as a serial monogamist.) She says no. "I love Nate!" He says he's fighting for her.

Ultimately, a few months later Reid plays a super sentimental set that is basically all about Stella (covers!) at their local club (and he sings like an angel (Dave Grohl!) and drums like the devil!), and she becomes entranced and there's a big moment in front of Nate and everyone---then Reid spots her ring. Oh, no she is engaged.
...Obviously she loses them both for a time there.

And then she drives up the driveway, and because they have a supernatural bond, he's there. Waiting.

So this is HEAVILY love-triangled. Obviously, I lost patience with my review because it's so long. And all it was about was that damn love triangle. I thought Stella was a little pathetic, because she doesn't really take a break from all this LURVE stuff till she's what? 27? And is forced to?

What a mess of a review. Well in summary, it was readable, but not edible. I didn't particularly like the characters, but I think this was more meant as a 17 year old's daydream anyway. There's some really nice writing and sentiments. That's why it's getting a 2.5. I'm rounding down though, because it's got plenty of reviews that are more than 3!
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review 2017-12-09 05:16
It's the last of the short & sweet...
Test Drive - Riley Hart,Sean Crisden

'Test Drive' is the last audiobook currently available in the 'Crossroads' series and once again this one was narrated by Sean Crisden who once again did a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life, giving them depth, emotion and their own unique voices.


We met both Drew and Justin briefly in 'Shifting Gears' and in 'Test Drive' we are given the full story as well as a glimpse at 'Bryce & Nick' as well as 'Landon & Rod' and more than a few secondary characters from the the first two books as well.


Of the three stories 'Test Drive' definitely had a sadder undertone due to a secondary plotline that carried through the first two books and finally wrapped up in 'Test Drive'. While it was a secondary thread it was also extremely critical to Drew and Justin story and now they were initially brought together. So sad but necessary.


Admittedly, this series got off to a bit of a disappointing start for me but while the first book wasn't a success for me...'Shifting Gears' and 'Test Drive' have more than made the listening experience worthwhile.



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review 2017-12-01 01:13
Sweet and sexy
DRIVE - Jacob Chance

This friends to lovers romance is as sweet as it is sexy. The book is well-written and the story is so charming that I was completely drawn in. Nick and Carter have great chemistry, both in and out of the bedroom. With Carter being a little older than Nick, I would've expected her to be the more mature of this pair, but after being burned by romance and playing the part of the good girl for so long, she's unsure of who she really is and there's an endearing vulnerability about her. Nick's patience as the friendship slowly becomes something more and the way he just seems to know how to pull Carter out of her shell makes him an absolutely lovable character. His quick wit added in at just the right times was an extra bonus to this entertaining tale of friendship, love, and finding that special someone who lets you be your true self. 

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