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review 2018-04-13 15:53
The Ashes of London
Ashes of London - Andrew Taylor

by Andrew Taylor


The Ashes of London is set against the Great London Fire of 1666. There are two stories intertwined. A first person narrative from James Marwood, son of a disgraced printer, who is tasked to track down the killer of a mummified corpse found in St Paul's after it has burned down, alternating with a third person account of Cat, an heiress whose father is in exile for treason who faces many of the hardships that women had to deal with in that era, rich or poor.


Cat is a strong character and intelligent. She has an aptitude for architecture that the role of women would usually squelch, but through a series of mostly unfortunate circumstances, she finds herself in a position to develop.


The changing perspectives actually work very well. There is a healthy dose of political intrigue and an element of mystery to be solved. The book held my attention and the last few chapters got into some tense action that had me glued to the pages. I'm glad I've got the sequel waiting for me because this was definitely one of my best reads this year!

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url 2018-04-09 19:49
New Releases Today in Series
Circle of Ashes - Elise Kova,Lynn Larsh
Peachy Flippin' Keen - Molly Harper
The Italian's Marriage Bargain - Annie West

Per FictFact.com's Book Release Calendar.

Circle of Ashes - Elise Kova, Lynn Larsh   #2 in Wish Quartet
Peachy Flippin' Keen - Molly Harper   #3 in Southern Eclectic
The Italian's Marriage Bargain - Annie West   #7 in Hot Italian Nights

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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review 2018-03-27 17:47
Ashes to Ashes - Tami Hoag

The newspapers call him the cremator, he kills women in violent ways and then burns the bodies, it has been getting marginal press because he has been killing prostitutes up to this but the third victim, that they know of, is the daughter of a powerful man and things start to get messy for the investigators. They also have a witness who is unreliable and dealing with her own demons. Advocate Kate Conlan is trying to deal with all this and the investigation, but the killer seems to have a strange interest in her.

It's an interesting read with characters that really came to life for me and I'm curious where things will go from here with the series.

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text 2018-03-20 15:25
This just got bumped up my reading list
Ashes of London - Andrew Taylor

Because Netgalley just gave me the sequel! So, thought I better read it first. 3 chapters in and I'm loving the author's voice. I was about due for something historical anyway. It's set against the great fire of London.

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review 2018-03-14 11:18
Cosy crime novel aimed at female readers - good if that’s your “bag”
Mud to Ashes - Gayle Wigglesworth



Karo, divorcee and acquirer of two dogs, moves to Belle Vista, California and gets involved with the local potters as well as crime-solving by accident!


Involving murder and fraud, this “light” novel also works as a romantic tale. Aimed at a female readership in my opinion with a fair amount of description of clothes and decor, it works on a variety of levels. Quite good and certainly an easy read.


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