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video 2022-09-08 10:44

In a gasketed heat exchanger for plates, the plates are equipped with elastomeric gaskets, which close the channels and channel the fluids to alternative channels. This plate is assembles between frames and a pressure plate and then compressed using bolts for tightening placed between the plates. The channel plates and pressure plate hang by an upper bar for carrying and connected through a lower guiding rod and are connected onto the supporting column. The design of the heat exchanger of the gasketed plate allows for easy cleaning, and modification of the capacity via the adding or removing plates.


More info: https://www.pheaccessories.com

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review 2021-10-24 00:11
Instant Heat - A.K. MacBride

Rae is talked into hooking up with the new local hottie.  Little does she know, when they finally exchange names there are several surprises!  What happens when she wants more?


Griffin was thrilled to find a welcoming woman, but he timing could have been better.  Once he finds out her brother works with him there is possible repercussions.  Should they take a chance on what they may have found?


While I found the pace quick, and the story rather fascinating, I was generally annoyed by the accent from Griffin being overly much.  I know the author was trying to set a tone, but it really turned me off.  The characters, however, are a joy to read and the fireworks were poppin'!  I give this book a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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text 2020-10-27 06:31
The heating temperature cannot meet the requirements

After the plate heat exchanger has operated for a period of time, the pressure drop is too large due to fouling on the plate surface..  ③ The flow distribution of multiple plate heat exchangers operating in parallel is uneven.  ② It is best to use softened water for the secondary circulating water.    Reasons:   ① Insufficient medium flow on the primary side, resulting in a large temperature difference on the hot side and a small pressure drop.   Hope that the introduction of plate heat exchangers can be helpful to you, follow us for more news! If you don’t understand those aspects, you can consult us and we will have professionals to answer you.8 nitric acid solution containing 0.3 urotopin, 0.2-0.  3.


The pipeline of the operating system is not normally purged, especially when many dirt (such as welding slag, etc.   Example: In 2000, our factory provided a BR10 plate heat exchanger for users in Xinjiang, which is used in a water-to-water heat exchange central heating system.  ②


The cold side temperature is low, and the cold and hot ends have low temperatures. Finally, circulate the clean water several times to control the Cl mass concentration in the clean water below 25 mg/I. The Heat Exchangers FHC060B cycle cleaning time is 10-15 min.3 MPa, making the secondary network hydraulic balance serious Imbalance. When disassembling and cleaning, soak the plate in the cleaning solution for 30 minutes, then use a soft brush to gently brush the scale, and finally clean it with water.


The heating temperature cannot meet the requirements.3 sulfamic acid solution or 0. The design temperature of the primary water supply is 130℃. If the mechanical backwashing method without disassembly is adopted, a nozzle should be connected to the medium inlet and outlet pipes in advance, the equipment is connected to the mechanical cleaning vehicle, and the cleaning fluid is injected into the equipment in the opposite direction of the medium flow.15 m/s. When the water temperature is not more than 95℃, the concentration of Ca and Mg should not be more than 2 mmol/L; when the water temperature is more than 95℃, the concentration of Ca and Mg should not be more than 0.  ④The internal scale of the heat exchanger is serious

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text 2020-10-15 07:16
Try to make the convective heat transfer coefficients

Try to make the convective heat transfer coefficients in the cold and hot water channels equal or close to each other to get a good heat transfer effect.The plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger made up of a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. According to the fluid pressure and temperature, determine whether to choose a detachable type or a brazed type. Because the 'U'-shaped single-flow pipes are fixed on the compression plate, it is easy to disassemble and assemble. As long as you pay attention to the above points, I believe that everyone will choose the right product..  


The plate type or corrugated type should be determined according to the actual needs of the heat exchange occasion. Under normal circumstances, several flow channels are connected in parallel or in series to form different combinations of cold and hot medium channels.  


The process combination form should be calculated based on heat exchange and fluid resistance, and determined under the requirements of process conditions. It is also a headache when we buy it, so when choosing a plate heat exchanger Several issues should be paid attention to when modeling? Let’s follow the plate heat exchanger to Copper Plate Heat Exchangers FHC110G learn about it~    process refers to a group of parallel runners in the same flow direction of a medium in the plate heat exchanger, and the runner refers to the medium composed of two adjacent plates in the plate heat exchanger Flow channel.


This problem should be paid attention to for large heat exchangers. When determining the plate type, it is not advisable to choose a plate with a single plate area that is too small, lest there are too many plates, the flow velocity between the plates is too small, and the heat transfer coefficient is too low. If the flow rate is large and the pressure drop is small, the plate type with low resistance should be selected, otherwise, the plate type with large resistance should be selected.  

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