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review 2018-02-13 00:07
Ok, I admit it sometimes...I have no control over my inner 12 year old...
The Fireman's Pole - Sue Brown,Finn Sterling

I mean let's talk about the elephant in the room...or in this case 'The Fireman's Pole' best book title. I admit it any book with a title that makes me blush and giggle like a twelve year old is totally ok with me. 


'The Fireman's Pole' really is a fun and fluffy story about Dale Maloney the newest addition to the Calminster Fire Department and Benedict 'Ben' Raleigh, the Baron Calminster.  Shortly after they meet Ben ends his relationship with his 'girlfriend' and the sparks between Ben and Dale ignite into a full scale fire. Unfortunately it's not the only fire in town as someone's been setting fires around town and there's also the whole incident of a certain fire truck hitting a maypole.


As if this isn't enough Ben's has an unscrupulous business partner trying to take control of his company and he's not going to stop just because he failed to get Ben to marry his daughter. A daughter that quite honestly everyone seems to have underestimated...this one's feisty and business savvy...oh hell, let's not lie here when it came to business this lady was a barracuda and even though he didn't want to marry her, Ben was pretty sure that when it came to business he wanted her in his corner.


From start to finish there's a lot about this story that's both unlikely and improbable but it's also just a lot of light fluffy fun. Filled with awkward moments, humorous disagreements and one of the busiest small town fire departments I ever remember coming across, 'The Fireman's Pole' is a cute modern day fairy tale. It's what happens when Cinderella (Dale only instead of the evils steps, he's got an evil ex)  gets mashed up with Beauty and the Beast (Ben until Dale broke the spell he was under... complacency)  and someone throws in a bit of dash of Sleeping Beauty for good measure (there's a fairy godmother in here masquerading as a sweet elderly housekeeper/cook) and of course there's a villain or two because really what's a good fairy tale without a villain or two? 


This is the second book narrated by Finn Sterling that I've listened to and while the first one was just ok, not all of the voices worked for me, things definitely went better with this audio book and I enjoyed the voices that were given to these characters and the fact that they were unique, consistent and expressive...ticking off that basic check list of what I look for in an audio book quite nicely.


I was looking for a story that was just a bit of cute filled with fun  and fluff when I listened to this book and it was. I smiled and chuckled my way through this adorable British romance and I have to admit this is one that for me was definitely more enjoyable as an audio book than it would have been to read.



An audio book of 'The Fireman's Pole' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-12-12 11:08
Starting now
On Duty (Smoke & Bullets) - A.R. Barley

Troy has one thing happen after another.  When a really bad situation turns good thanks to a new roommate, he tries to settle into a new routine.  If he finds his friend attractive, does that make him a bad person?


Alex was interested in Troy from the moment he saw him.  Getting him moved in was just a bonus.  He is hoping they can both overcome the past, and make a bright future together.


This book was really such a bright spot.  I was pleased the characters had such a banter, that they came across as a couple right away.  The main hero was just fun to read.  I loved the humor and the real pieces to the story that made it fit just right.  This author is always a go to purchase, and this was this author's best work yet!  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publisher in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2017-10-16 00:47
Release Day ARC review: The Fireman's Pole by Sue Brown
The Fireman's Pole - Sue Brown

This book is pure fluff. Which, let's be honest, fits perfectly within the Dreamspun Desires titles. And the cheeky title - hahahaha!

Here we have Dale, a firefighter who recently moved into the little village of Calminster, still smarting from a bad break-up with his closeted, cheating ex, hoping to lick his wounds and put his hopes and dreams for that relationship behind him. Unwilling to be in the closet himself, he's open about his sexuality, but has no aspirations to find himself another boyfriend.

Called out for a fire on his first shift, he manages to rescue the homeowner, a sweet elderly woman, and draw the ire of his Lordship at the same time. Shortly thereafter, he backs the big fire engine into the maypole, which was originally erected by his Lordship's great-great-grandfather. So, having blown his opportunity for making a good first impression, Dale offers to fix the pole in hopes to calm down Ben, Lord Calminster, who is behaving like an ass both during the fire and after Dale's unfortunate mishap with the big fire truck and the maypole. 

Don't expect any kind of realistic or believable relationship development - there's none. 

Ben, the lord of the manor, has kept his own sexuality hidden to the point where he's got a girlfriend/beard. Of course, he takes one look at our hunky firefighter, feels the stirring in his loins and finds the backbone to break things off with the woman he's been dating. 

Dale was a nice guy, and I liked him. Ben, once he removed the stick from his ass, was a nice guy too. I liked him fine as well. 

It's just that nothing here between Ben and Dale felt anything close to realistic. Dale states that he's still hurting from the break-up and doesn't want to fall in bed with yet another closeted man, but then shortly thereafter dismisses that notion and jumps right in with Ben. 

Ben apparently, after meeting and tongue-lashing Dale twice, is willing to risk a whole lot for the possibility of being with Dale. Perhaps exchanging angry words with the firefighter turns him on. 

There's a bit of mystery here with someone unknown setting fires all over the village, a subplot that culminates in an edge of your seat sequence of events that not only casts Dale as a hero again but also firmly pulls Ben right out of that closet for good. 

Since I usually suspend disbelief whenever I read one of the Dreamspun Desires titles and don't expect anything realistic, I didn't mind the rapid development of the romantic relationship. What I did mind however is that we're merely told these two men have the hots for each other - we're not actually shown that they do - so this book ended up in three star territory. Sure, there are sexy times within, but I didn't really feel their passion - I was only told about it.

Still an enjoyable read that fits perfectly within this harlequin-esque series. 

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **

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review 2017-10-03 09:57
Infectious disease turn human into torch
The Fireman: A Novel - Joe Hill

Harper is a nurse and has helped patients who got this mysterious disease called dragon-scale.


It is a black coloring on the skin. The human who got it might got hot and then burn up, literally. 


Now Harper got it herself. And she is on the run to a refugee camp for those who are infected. Because out of fear, people who are not infected are killing those who had it. 


Worst, she is pregnant. By the jerk of a boyfriend of hers. 


Halfway through the book and we finally found out how this disease is being transmitted. 


The scary part is how religious the refugee camp is, creepy. 


IS there a cure? 


John is a man in a fireman suit. He also got the disease. But he could burn up without hurting himself. 


So there is a way to control this. It would turn humans into human torch, Johnny. 


I hope. As not much is happening except the killing. 


The writing is good. It is just not enough tension or action, at least not yet. 


The second half of the book went much faster. 


Harper is pregnant and is in a camp with religious persons of the Christianity brand. They go nuts and bullied Harper, and threatened to kick her out take her baby from her.


Christians are sheep who follow the nastiest persons as leaders. Carol in this case is a total bitch and threatened to kill a pregnant woman just so she could feel powerful. 


Religious persons are scarier than the Dragonscale that infected these people. 


So she run. With a deaf kid, a teenager and the wounded fireman John.


There are a lot of tension even for such a long book. 



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review 2017-09-11 14:56
Rezension | Joe Hill: Fireman
Fireman: Roman - Ronald Gutberlet,Joe Hill
Wer den Klappentext verfasst hat las den Titel und nicht das Buch. 
Was habe ich erwartet: 
Eine Geschichte über eine apokalyptische Krankheit und einen mysteriösen Fireman. Irgendwas mit einem coolen Endzeithelden, gespickt mit feinen Mystery- und Horror - Elementen. (Entschuldige, Joe Hill, aber ja, ich messe dich an Daddy.) 
Was habe ich bekommen:
Ja, was habe ich bekommen? Ein Endzeit-Dschungelcamp? Eine Gesellschaftsstudie am Rande einer Apokalypse? 
Man hätte es genau so gut „Marlborough -Mann“ nennen können und behaupten, eben jener wäre die größte Gefahr der Menschheit.  Ja, ein „Marlborough- Mann“ kommt vor und ja, er ist eine Gefahr. Zumindest für einen Teil der Menschheit. Damit wären wenigstens zwei Aussagen des Klappentextes als wahr erfüllt, denn es gibt tatsächlich einen „Fireman“ in diesem Roman, aber er ist nicht die letzte Rettung der Menschheit. 
Die Krankheit ist cool. „Dragonscale“, feine Muster, die auf deiner Haut erscheinen und dazu führen, dass du in Flammen aufgehst. Mit dem Menschen nach und nach die ganze Welt. Gut, dieKrankheit zu haben ist nicht so cool, aber die Idee ist gut.  Verschwendet, aber gut. 
Harper, die Protagonistin folgte ich sehr gern durch den Verlauf der Geschichte. Sie ist erfrischend normal, nicht perfekt, aber auch keine Damsel-in-Distress. 
Der Firmen war am Anfang als mystischer Retter interessant, wurde aber sehr schnell de-mystifiziert. Er ist nett. Also nicht im Sinne von „nett ist die kleine Schwester von…“, sondern nett. Mehr aber auch nicht. Er kommt nicht so oft vor und er macht auch nicht sonderlich viel. Aber er ist … nett. 
Die Romanze fand ich zu erzwungen und fehl am Platz. Sie tut nichts für die Geschichte und macht wenig Sinn. Lass die beiden sich mal verlieben, weil … Keks. Das ist eine „Thor“ - Romantik. Kennen sich ein paar Stunden und verlieben sich unsterblich weil es der Plot so will. Nein, nicht der Plot, der Autor. 
Joe Hill arbeitet mir epischer Vorausdeutung. Das erfüllt seinen Zweck, man möchte weiter lesen, aber es verrät auch viel. Zu viel Info zu früh nimmt Überraschung weg. Ich mag es lieber, wenn ich nach und nach herausfinde, wer die Antagonisten sind, als wenn ich vorweg mit der Nase darauf gestoßen werden. Ein oder zwei Wendepunkte der Geschichte lässt er offen, die größten, aber weniger vorweg greifender Erklärung hätte dem Buch gut getan. 
Längen gibt es. Der Mittelteil im Camp zieht sich hin, während das aktionsreichere Ende im Vergleich recht kurz ausfällt. Ich wünschte mir mehr und früher Aktion und weniger Aufbau. Die Etablierung des großen Personals braucht Zeit, ja, aber Joe Hill sollte auf sein Talent vertrauen viele Figuren differenziert darzustellen. Das kann er nämlich. Hat gut von Daddy gelernt.
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