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video 2017-01-18 20:54

Originally posted on MissKatiEllen.


Welcome to 2017 everybody, and to my first post of the year all about last year!! In todays post we’ll be looking at what I read in the last two months, my favourite and recommendations of the year and what’s on my reading list for the year.


In no particular order here are my favourite reads of 2016, all of which I would highly recommend. Not pictured is here is the fairy tale retelling series by Jackson Pearce as a friend is currently borrowing them.



  • The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford Smith, although not a long book it’s a cute story of filled with stunning illustrations.
  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, I have never enjoyed a series so much!! A wonderful fairytale retelling, definitely a winner. Would also recommend the novellas too.
  • Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, this was probably one of the first ‘chosen one’ series I’ve read since Harry Potter. What I loved, aside from the great story, was the fact the romantic aspect wasn’t the driving force of this. Yes it was the but had to take a backseat to more important things.
  • The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, this was a nice little read about a girls journey through her forbidden home where myth and reality become one.
  • Fairest by Serena Valentino, I didn’t realise how long this book had been sat on my list and om glad I’ve finally read it. This was such a great portrayal of the Evil Queen, everything her past to her present. The second book is based Beauty and the Beast, and the third to be released is about Ursula.
  • Harry Potter by J.K Rowling, I’ve loved rediscovering this series, so much went over my head as a child. I’ve discovered a whole new love for this wizarding world.


So that was last year, since November I’ve been thinking about what I want to read in 2017. I want a balance between books I haven’t read in forever, books that have been on my list since the dawn of time and have forgotten about and books that are new and I’m itching to read. To see what’s made it onto my list check out shelf on either Goodreads or Booklikes.

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review 2016-03-15 01:53
ED 411-House of Many Ways
House of Many Ways - Diana Wynne Jones

This story takes place in the world of Howl's Moving Castle. Charmain goes to help take care of her sick great uncle who also happens to be a wizard. What she thought was going to be a simple job turns into a wacky adventure full of wizards and sorceresses, a door that leads to more than one place, missing royals, and plenty of crazy antics. I would implement this book in then classroom as a writing exercise. As the class was reading the book, I would have them write a story of their own adventures if they were in Charmain's shoes. This book is intended for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. 

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review 2015-06-01 16:18
House of Many Ways - Diana Wynne Jones

I do like this one, although I almost wish it weren’t connected to HMC at all, since I think I would enjoy it more on its own merits. But Howl as a toddler is pretty hilarious.

Source: bysinginglight.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/may-2015-round-up
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review 2015-03-26 23:18
Wonderful Series!
House of Many Ways - Diana Wynne Jones

Title: House of Many Ways

Series Title: Howl's Moving Castle (#3)

Author: Diana Wynne Jones

Original Published Date: 2008

Pages: 404

Edition Language: English

Format: Paperback

Category: Fantasy, Children, 


Summary: (from Goodreads:) When Charmain Baker agreed to look after her great-uncle's house, she thought she was getting blissful, parent-free time to read. She didn't realize that the house bent space and time, and she did not expect to become responsible for an extremely magical stray dog and a muddled young apprentice wizard.

Now, somehow, she's been targeted by a terrifying creature called a lubbock, too, and become central to the king's urgent search for the fabled Elfgift that will save the country. the king is so desperate to find the Elfgift, he's called in an intimidating sorceress named Sophie to help. And where Sophie is, the great Wizard Howl and fire demon Calcifer won't be far behind.

How did respectable Charmain end up in such a mess, and how will she get herself out of it?


Review: I love this series so very much! I have been taken a very long time to finish it, because now I am sad: I WANT MORE HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE!!!!!! *many, many tears and lying on the floor, hitting it with fists and feet* And I know I will never get it, because dear Mrs Jones can no longer be brilliant - God rest her soul!

I enjoyed the book. Like Castle in the Air Howl, Calcifer and Sophie are not the main characters in this book, but is minor characters. I wish so much Jones had wrote another book about them!!


House of Many Ways is not Howl's Moving Castle and it is probably impossible to write another book as brilliant as the first one. House of Many Ways is, although, very joyfully. There is more normal days (as normal as it can get in a wizard's house) described in this book, rather than in Castle in the Air (the second book), which was more out-on-an-adventure-book. Of course there is adventure in it, but because of this - and other reasons - it reminded me a bit more of the first book, than the second book had - and that pleased me a great deal. 


Charmain, the heroine, is a character I really enjoyed. She is useless in a household, she is a bit rude, she is a bookworm (always a good sign) and she is ginger(!!!!). Waif (the dog) is a good and sweet helper, but Peter (I guess he is the male main character) is a bit... Nah. He kind of disappointed me. I have always thought Diana Wynne Jones was good at creating creative, different and original characters, but Peter was really just... plain. I mean - compared to the gallery of the characters in Howl's Moving Castle ... I can tell with those characters what kind of person they are and in a lot of details, too. Peter... I actually can't say much, other than his magic skills is terrible. It disappoints me. Not good enough!

No big plot twists this time, which surprised me. Once again, not as good as the first book.


My big problem with House of Many Ways and for that sake also Castle in the Air is actually that I would love them, if I didn't every single time expected Howl to come any time and steal all the spotlight, and be let off disappointed. But... Howl was rather hilarious in this book, once again! He and Sophie is really the perfect match! Fortunately, even though they only are minor characters in the book, they are very less minor here than in Castle in the Air. 


Looking at the book alone I enjoy many of the things I also enjoyed with the others - the language, the writing style, setting etc. etc. AND! not to forget: Diana Wynne Jones' wittiness! Which is the biggest reason I absolutely adore her and this series. 

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video 2015-03-16 12:18
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