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text 2018-12-04 04:18
Contact Clearwater Alaska Outfitters for Your Alaska Moose Hunting Trip

At Clearwater Alaska Outfitters, we aim to offer our customers the best-personalized service when they choose us for their Alaska moose hunting trip. We usually take 6 – 8 Moose hunters into our camp each year. With this small number of hunters, it ensures a top quality hunt for each person who hunts with us. It is our belief that hunters should get what they pay for and a success-filled hunt. Contact Clearwater Alaska Outfitters for your next big Alaska moose hunt. For more information, call us at- 9078033552 or visit our website now.

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review 2018-11-18 19:33
Absolutely LOVED It!!
Gone Hunting - Cecy Robson

The rest of the werewolf pack might consider Aric Connor to be omniscient and destined to save the world when evil returns to claim it. But for the most part, fifteen-year-old Aric ignores the confirmations of his powers, taking everything in stride until he meets her. Celia Wird wasn’t supposed to awaken naked in the mountains of Colorado, not when she was just stalking her prey in a filthy alley several states away. She especially wasn’t supposed to meet Aric, the handsome werewolf who comes to her aid.

When I saw the premise of this story by one of my favorite authors, I was a little sketchy. I’ve devoured the Weird Girl novels as soon as each of them came out and I couldn’t see how there could possibly be a pre-story between these two characters when they didn’t meet until they were a bit older in the first book of the series. I’m glad I trusted the author because she didn’t let me down at all. The book was as wonderful as all of her books and helped me to like Alric so much more (not exactly my favorite person in the books). I can’t wait to read her next book.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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review 2018-11-13 23:57
Pucked Love (Pucked #6) by Helena Hunting
Pucked Love - Helena Hunting Pucked Love - Helena Hunting

Helena Hunting lights the lamp with PUCKED LOVE.  It is the sixth book in the Pucked series.  I’ve been looking forward to reading Charlene Hoar’s and Darren Westinghouse’s book for a long time.  Their relationship has been so mysterious throughout this series.  I loved finding out what their story is.  PUCKED LOVE was full of surprises and interesting twists.


Helena Hunting did an amazing job with her plot and character development.  Charlene and Darren are both complicated characters with difficult pasts.  They are both broken and the perfect people to fix each other.  Their need for privacy was understandable. I love Darren’s nickname for Charlene.  It is very appropriate.


There were so many interesting things that happened throughout the novel.  It had a little of everything. It was funny, serious, and heartwarming. Darren and Charlene both have unique parents.  Their pasts were distressing. I loved PUCKED LOVE. I enjoyed that the crew from the previous books played a crucial role in this story.  The team really is a family.  PUCKED LOVE was skillfully written and believable.  It had the perfect ending. I would love to see a spin off series with the kids.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2018-11-06 15:05
Thriller with a Unique Perspective
Hunting Annabelle - Wendy Heard

In Hunting Annabelle, , a debut novel of suspense, Wendy Heard introduces readers to a narrator with a unique perspective. Sean Suh is a Korean American who has recently moved to Texas from San Francisco with his mother, a noted neurosurgeon.  The story takes place in 1986 and Heard immerses the reader into that time period by peppering the narrative with many references and cultural allusions. She captures the alienation of her main character as a person of color in Texas, but Sean is a true outsider for other reasons as well.  He is an artist who sees people’s auras, dresses in “alternative” punk/goth clothes, and happens to be a diagnosed violent schizophrenic recently released from inpatient care.  Sean spends his days at a nearby amusement park, drawing people in the crowds that engulf, but do not incorporate, him. One fateful day, Sean spots a girl whose aura strikes him as particularly unusual and he is captivated enough to follow her into the park’s wax museum.  Unlike his other subjects, Annabelle confronts Sean and their interaction leads to an immediate attraction and plans for meeting again.  Sean’s mother is overbearing and controlling, and her overprotectiveness means that Sean needs to keep his new friendship hidden.  When Annabelle is kidnapped right before his eyes, Sean knows that he will not be believed by anyone because of his past instability and police record. He becomes obsessed with finding Annabelle on his own-both because he is convinced that he loves her and to prove his innocence.  Sean must battle his own disturbing impulses and disorienting medication effects while also facing suspicion and discrimination.  Diving into Annabelle’s past, he discovers an abundance of potential suspects and some revealing information about this girl that he barely knows.  Wendy Heard deserves credit for creating a fast-paced and gripping thriller with diverse characters and some unpredictable plot devices.  Some readers might object to her somewhat simplistic portrayal of mental illness, depending on their own experiences and knowledge.  Younger readers might also feel a bit alienated by all the 1980s trivia, but these tidbits would be enjoyable for anyone familiar with them.  The relationship between Sean and his mother was very interesting, and the story might have benefitted from including more details about their shared history.  Hunting Annabelle is a solid page turner with good pacing and entertainment value, worth a look for fans of thrillers with an innovative approach.

Thanks to Edelweiss and Harlequin for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an impartial review.

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review 2018-10-29 13:32
Gone Hunting (Weird Girls 0.3) by Cecy Robson
Gone Hunting - Cecy Robson

I was excited when I found out that Cecy Robson was releasing a prequel to the Weird Girl series. I have to say this has become one of my favorite books in the series. I loved it. The story was unique and clever. I enjoyed seeing a younger Celia, Aric, Koda, Gemini, and Liam. I also, appreciated witnessing a fifteen-year-old Aric interact with his parents. Knowing what happens in the future books, it was thought-provoking to learn Aric’s father’s opinion of Celia.

Since this is a prequel, if you haven’t read the Weird Girl series, you can read this book and easily follow it. If you do follow the series, I think you will find this story to be an interesting insight into the series. GONE HUNTING held me captivated from start to finish. My heart went out to the characters. I love how the story starts and ends similarly. GONE HUNTING is a brilliant addition to the Weird Girls series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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