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text 2018-11-28 23:45
Slump... or not?

Is it really a slump when you stop reading because you want to focus on something else for a while? I mean, I already read over 50 books this year and I think that is pretty good for someone who has trouble focusing.


(I have years of 200+ books, but I don't want that kind of pressure anymore. Reading = fun, not a job or chore! More power to people who can read that much all the time, but I can't keep that up year after year!)


Right now, I am technically in the middle of 3 books (4 if you count the one I haven't recorded online. Oops. Does it count if I haven't recorded it online...so is the era we live in! :/ )


Paperbacks From Hell:

(I want to savor it!)



Paperback Crush:




Ordinary Souls:

(Short story collection, so I can take my time if I want to.)




The Hobbit:

(Shifty eyes... for some reason my brain thought it was a good idea to try and read The Hobbit and LOTR again. Curse my brain!!)






Anyways, hi. I haven't updated in a while  because I've not been reading much. How is everyone doing?

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review 2018-11-14 03:02
Crush, Berrybrook #3 by Svetlana Chmakova
Crush - Svetlana Chmakova

Jorge Ruiz is bigger than most of his classmates, but he uses his powers for good and helps keep the peace in the halls of Berrybrook Middle School, which, despite its utopian-esque levels of diversity and vibrant club-driven atmosphere, still has a bullying problem. Of course it does, because middle school. Anyway, Jorge is a decent guy and loves hanging out with his two best friends, but one day as he's musing about how complicated life is getting with everyone else pairing off and breaking up, he can't get his mind off of Jazmin.


This is a deceptively simple story about crushing, love, and friendship. I have zero criticism. Chmakova has a way of balancing her characters and making a tight story out of the swirling, hormonal chaos that is middle school. She focuses  on a few characters and realistic problems and captures something special. I mean, I hated middle school and yet this made me remember some of those fleeting moments of dizzy happiness. 'Crush' is sweet. I also appreciated how the crisis aspects of the storyline were resolved this time around. In 'Brave' Jensen's problems were solved, but in a way that left a bad taste in my mouth. This felt like a more responsible and realistic way to deal with behavior problems.


Berrybrook Middle School


Next: '?'


Previous: 'Brave'

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review 2018-11-07 12:45
First Crush, Last Love by Elizabeth McKenna
First Crush, Last Love - Elizabeth McKenna

First Crush, Last Love will take you back to the 80/90’s high school drama of loving the cool guy only to have your feelings rebuffed but still you remember them as clear as day for the rest of your life. This is a second chance love story that is full of gritty real live drama that covers topics of domestic violence, attempted suicide, stalking as well as drinking and abuse. There is a warning at the beginning stating these topics are in the story,


For Jessie and Lee their story is split into three parts, the first being all about their high school years, then their separate lives after, and then their 10-year reunion.  All though their high school years Jessie has crushed on Lee but Lee just sees her as a really good friend, and he is also dating Tina who is basically the school biatch. They have a turbulent relationship at the best of time and Jessie for the life of her cant understand why Lee stays with her. But as we learn more of Lee’s home life and past we can see that he thinks Jessie is too good for him.


When they leave school and go their separate ways, Jessie ends up marrying and staying in town whilst Lee heads to Chicago and becomes a police officer. For Jessie her life becomes one of control at the hands of her husband and whilst the domestic violence is there it doesn’t go into too great a detail, but enough to see what is bubbling under the surface of their relationship. As the years go by and Lee starts to date and want to settle down he knows within his heart that something is missing but its not until he gives up his life and moves back to his hometown now as a detective that he realises that Jessie is what was missing.


From the beginning you know this story is about them finally getting together, but you just don’t anticipate what they have to endure – especially Jessie, in their years apart to get to the point where they become each other Last Love. This was a great story that I read in a few hours and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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text 2018-11-07 01:23
24 Festive Tasks - Guy Fawkes Night Book
Royal Crush: From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess - Meg Cabot

Book:  Set in the UK, political thrillers, involving any monarchy or revolution; books about arson or related to burning.


The main character of Royal Crush is a princess of Genovia whose father is the current ruler (although he'll be passing the crown on to his eldest daughter soon). There are quite a few of the characters who are members of different monarchies. There's also an off-screen revolution that occurred in one character's country. I'm using it to claim this day.



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review 2018-10-28 06:55
Cowboy Christmas Jubilee (Holiday, Texas) by Dylann Crush
Cowboy Christmas Jubilee - Dylann Crush



It's the most wonderful time of the year. Crush wraps readers up in the spirit of the season. Holiday, Texas is about to feel the burn of another heart lost. Jinx is in need of a little holiday cheer and the citizens of this Christmas themed town are happy to help. Cowboy Christmas Jubilee has all the feels of a holiday movie and the heat of a wood burning fireplace. Tis the season to open up to all the possibilities. A sentimental classic.

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