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review 2020-02-18 15:15
Another #5StarReview from Jaye Frances for The Kure by @jayefrancesnews
The Kure - Jaye Frances

Jaye Frances can write some fabulous stories that go places I never thought I would be…and I love it!


The Kure

Amazon / Goodreads


Due to mature content, this book is best suited for a Mature YA/New-Adult or Adult reader.


John looked at the sign, Lucius D Harwell.


He approached the doctor’s door and knew he had to go in…now. Before anyone saw him, “So”, the doctor said, “Are you ready?”


When he saw the bucket full of the slithering slime he remembered the woman he had brought in a while back. It hadn’t ended so well for her.


What would become of him? There had to be another way. He couldn’t bring himself to let the doctor begin. He had heard stories whispers, quickly hushed when someone approached. The doctor tried to talk him into beginning but he thought it couldn’t hurt to hypothetically discuss other options. The doctor tried to explain that it wasn’t like an elixir or ointment, couldn’t be found in a battle or jar – more like a potion, it was witchcraft. It went against church and state, but John couldn’t help himself.


Three conditions would let the doctor begin his recommended treatment, after he told him he would have to “cast away his good name and denounce all things holey and pure”. He would never speak of the books or what was contained in the pages. He agreed. The doctor retrieved the book and John watched him place it on the desk.


He saw only one word, KURE. The doctor gave him one more chance to change his mind, but he placed his hand on the cover of the book and felt an evil. As the book turned its pages on its own volition the doctor began reading.


How did Jaye Frances go there? It makes me wonder how her mind works.


Jaye France’s books have taken me on some wild journeys I never could have imagined, and I always breathe a sigh of relief, for leaving with my sanity, when the story is told.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos5 Stars





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Source: www.fundinmental.com/kure-by-jaye-frances
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review 2017-02-15 18:20
All Too Real – Giveaway – Redemption by Jaye Frances @jayefrancesnews
Redemption - Jaye Frances

Redemption is the finale of the World Without Love trilogy by Jaye Frances


The sensitive and adult nature of Jewel’s story may not be for everyone, but I must say, I am glad that I walk on the wild side and stretch my horizons, so I don’t miss fabulous books like Redemption!


I was reading along and I saw…Sherry. The character is the house shrink for Jewel’s new boss. Cool…I’m in a book. And I must say, I am very good at my job. LOL


Redemption (World Without Love, # 3)



Amazon  /  B&N  /  Goodreads




Because Redemption is Book III in the World Without Love series, even the blurb may contain more information than you want to know.


Redemption is the finale for the World Without Love trilogy and I must say Jaye Frances did not let me down. I have come to expect excellent writing and a storyline that makes the book unputdownable and she has done that from beginning to end.


Jewel’s story began in Book I, Betrayed, when she was forcibly kidnapped…beaten, raped, tortured and sold. Human trafficking is an ugly business and she lives the horror that human slavery entails.


This has been a terrifyingly realistic novel of one woman’s journey through a nightmare you cannot imagine if you don’t walk in her shoes. It has been an all too real glimpse into man’s inhumanity and debasement of other human beings.


I cringed, shivered, screamed and raged. I am disgusted, ready to pick up a gun and take care of them myself…but that would be too good for them.


She made a friend or two along the way, sometimes the most unlikely person was the one to come to her aid. She is a woman driven to survive and save the woman left behind.


I love the direction Jaye took for the next stage of Jewel’s life. It caught me by surprise and that doesn’t happen often enough.


I love trying to figure out a character’s motivation for their actions. Whenever Jewel felt doubt or needed a nudge to do what’s necessary, she would think of Annie and the torture and fear that are her life. Her desire to save Annie, drove her.


Jaye Frances’ excellent writing and the depth of Jewel’s character shows a strength and determination that makes me think, somehow, she will be okay. I have been eagerly anticipating how Jaye Frances will wrap up this series. 


The ending…amazing! Fabulous! Not what I thought it would be, but then none of this story was and the twists and turns, the good and bad, kept me mesmerized and believing…this could be a true story.


All the chips are on the table…


“…Life can be like a poker game and you just never know who’s holding the winning hand.”


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Redemption by Jaye Frances.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 5 Stars


Read more and enter the giveaway HERE.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/all-too-real-giveaway-redemption-by-jaye-frances-jayefrancesnews
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review 2017-01-12 14:46
Enter Her World…If You Dare – Reunion by Jaye Frances @jayefrancesnews
Reunion (World Without Love) (Volume 2) - Jaye Frances

Jaye Frances can spin a tale and she continues Jewlel’s dark story in Reunion.


Adult Only.


This series will not be for everyone and it is rare for me to step into the genre, but Jaye Frances hooked me with her writing and not all of her books are erotica, so check them out below. You may be pleasantly surprised and find one that is for you.


Amazon  /  Goodreads




Such a beautiful cover for Reunion by Jaye Frances, but I can guarantee you that the story inside is VERY far from simple. Violence, torture, rape and abuse beyond my imagination keep me riveted as I eagerly anticipate Jewel getting her revenge.


“Even in hell, there are rules…”


Reunion is Book II in the World Without Love series and it does need to be read in order.


We pick up where we left off and I was eager to read more of Jewel’s tragic story. Reunion did not start the way I thought it would and I love it when an author can surprise me.


I still concentrated more on the story than the sex, but it seems at this point, she is so lost that she’ll fuck anything that walks. I love figuring out why characters do what they do, so I am trying to figure out Jewel’s motivation. Is it her horrendous experiences making her reach out for human contact that is not about force or torture? Is it about control?


How evil must a person be to take someone to the edge of death for their own pleasure, smiling and enjoying the experience?


I can’t help but blush at the sex…but I do read it all. To me, it is pivotal to the story.


I must give this 5 Stars for scaring the crap out of me! It shows just how easy it is to get into something over our heads because it is hard to believe how EVIL, sadistic and savage people can be. BUT, I believe. Sooooo…be careful of who you trust.


I didn’t see the twist at the end coming and…OH NO…I am left with a huge cliffhanger. No worries, Book III, Redemption is out, so I will not have to wait for the conclusion of Jewel’s story.


To sum it up, I am surprised at how much I LOVE this twisted story. I can hardly wait to find out how she gets her revenge!


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Reunion by Jaye Frances.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 5 Stars

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Source: www.fundinmental.com/enter-her-world-if-you-dare-reunion-by-jaye-frances-jayefrancesnews
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text 2016-04-08 11:48
I’m a 1%er…on Goodreads

goodreads 1%


I’m a 1%er of reviewers on Goodreads!

I have written 477 reviews since joining Goodreads on May 1st, 2012.

One of my first reviews was 9 Lives by George Moser. See it HERE. Buy it HERE.


Nine Lives by George M. Moser


Out of all the reviews I’ve written, this is the review that got the most attention:

The Beach by Jaye Frances. See it HERE. Buy it HERE.


The Beach by Jaye Frances


I eat and breathe books and love to get lost in the words authors write. I love sharing all the wonderful books and authors I have found since being a member and I hope you do too.


Goodreads shares so many fantastic books and authors you may never hear of if you are not a member, so you are missing out. You may want to consider joining. I look forward to seeing you there!


If you would like to see what I have read and reviewed this year on Goodreads, go HERE.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/im-1er-goodreads
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review 2016-04-01 00:00
Reunion - Jaye Frances Reunion - Jaye Frances This is book two in the "World Without Love" series by Jaye Frances. 'Reunion' does have a cliffhanger at the end to set you up for the next book in the series.
'Reunion' starts off with finding out what happened to Jewel after going a drift in the water. Jewel is still having a hard time of it and it's not looking to good for her. Jewel had thought she might be in the clear but things aren't always what they seem. Now Jewel is back to trying to save herself and getting out of this nightmare adventure.
This book hoods you back in! It has you fighting for Jewel to get out of this mess that her husband has put her in.
I can't wait to see what comes next!!!
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