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review 2018-05-22 21:20
Tiger Striped (Shifters Unbound #11.5) by Jennifer Ashley
Tiger Striped - Jennifer Ashley

Tiger Striped - Jennifer Ashley 


I love coming back to this world! Tiger and Carly had their own full-length novel in Tiger Magic and this is just a snippet of what life has been like for Tiger. When Tiger receives a distress call from heaven-knows-where, he and Carly (and the always fun Connor Morrisey) rush to help. 
In just a few pages we get to enjoy Carly and Tiger’s strong love bond at work, a high-speed chase, human-shifter interaction, and of course the promise of more to come. And that twist at the end was just perfect! I totally recommend it whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan.

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review 2018-05-20 21:45
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2: Love Bites - Ann Aguirre,Devon Monk, Jennifer Ashley,Nancy Holder,Jaye Wells,Angie Fox,Dina James,Stacia Kane,Jamie Leigh Hansen,Caitlin Kittredge,Tiffany Trent,Larissa Ione,Deborah Cooke,Trisha Telep,Patti O'Shea,Camille Bacon-Smith,Karen MacInerney,Jennifer St. Gile

Anthology. I'm kind of (90%) over vampire books but there are a few authors that I love so I'm going to pick and choose what I want to read. I don't usually do this and try to give every story a try but like I said, I'm kind of done with vampires.

I only read a few of the stories and I think overall they were mediocre. I own this book so I may come back some day and finish the rest of the short stories - or maybe not.

15. Stacia Kane - "Trust Me" I love this author - I did not love this story though. Was this a try at vampire romance set in old England? For an average author this would be okay but Stacia Kane can do a whole lot better. 2 stars. 

19. Dawn Cook (aka Kim Harrison) - "With Friends Like These". A story about two seemingly young men and when they meet one of the guy's big bad brother. Pretty good story. 3 stars.

21. Larissa Ione - "Eternity Embraced" - Lovers are forced not only to declare their feelings but whether or not they should kill each other. Good story. 3-1/2 stars

24. Ann Aguirre - "Circle Unbroken" I like her sci-fi but this story - yuck. I didn't like it at all. 1-1/2 stars

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review 2018-05-18 19:30
Tale of Two Lives
Lies You Never Told Me - Jennifer Donaldson

Elyse and Gabe have never met but are tied by destiny. They tell the story of their lives in parallel narratives, sharing their secrets little by little. Elyse is entering a forbidden relationship and may be repeating her mother's footsteps. Gabe finally realizes that the relationship he is in may be more dangerous than he thought.  Each will have to decide if the path they are on is the right one or beginning a new one is work their lives.




  • Gabe and Elyse are enduring characters and it was a pleasurable experience to get to know them. I did like hat Gabe was not the Hispanic kid from the wrong side of the tracks who is dating the popular girl. Yet, he comes from a wealthy and educated family who loves him, with a sister who has a developmental disability adds to the dimensions of his story.. This is a character that does not get told as a protagonist much in contemporary literature. Elyse as well does not come from a  typical family background. Her mother is an addict and must be an adult faster than she should. It was interesting to see how stories unfold.
  • The tempo of the story is a steady unfolding. At the start, it is a little hard to move along with because of the missing connection between both characters. I was constantly guessing who the had done what and how the stories were connected.




  • The character development is a little shallow throughout the whole book. I had wanted a little more depth into the characters, the story would have been more well rounded. Elyse and the strained relationship with her mother’s addiction could have been explained more. As well as Gabe's family life and heritage compared to his girlfriends. The plot twist was interesting at the end but it took away from what the book could have expanded on and explored. Throughout the whole time, I just had a why these two question and it frustrated me a bit that it took so long to connect. More could have been done to make the plot twist not so predictable or give another twist that could have enhanced the plot.
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text 2018-05-14 07:16
REVIEW BY AMY - Fire in Ice (The Generators #1) by Jennifer DiGiovanni
Fire in Ice (The Generators #1) - Jennifer DiGiovanni

After suffering a rare illness, straight-A student Cara Scotto struggles to deal with lingering side effects. Refusing to admit she can’t handle the disruptions in her otherwise normal life, she tries to move on and heal. 

Alexander DeMarsh is unhappy about returning to his small hometown for three weeks. He prefers living in the city, where he attends an elite boarding school far away from his overprotective parents. Sure, they have reason to worry about him. As a Generator, Alex’s body constantly manufactures supernatural energy that’s often difficult to control. 

Over winter break, Alex runs into Cara and picks up on the powers they share. Soon, he realizes Cara is the only person in the world who has any chance of understanding him. But first, he needs to find a way to draw out her supernatural abilities without revealing too many secrets of his own.



@jendwrites, @Mommy_Amers, @XpressoReads, #Young_Adult, #Paranormal, 5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2018/04/20/Fire-in-Ice-The-Generators-1-by-Jennifer-DiGiovanni
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review 2018-05-12 09:16
good book and characters
Return to Huckleberry Hill - Jennifer Be... Return to Huckleberry Hill - Jennifer Beckstrand

Reuben had a sinking feeling the minute Delores Johnson answered her door. Delores was one of the Englishes who lived in the mostly Amish community. She had never possessed a pleasant disposition but tonight she looked downright hostile. She scowled directly at Reuben as if she blamed him for being alone on Christmas Eve. Or maybe she didn’t like the way he sang or the fact she had to look up at him. Delores’s bad mood wasn’t the reason Reuben felt unsettled. As it was reuben felt vulnerable and exposed as if everyone behind him was laughing at a joke he wasn’t in on. But when Reuben turned around everyone was smiling and singing as if they weren’t paying much attention at all. But where was LInda Sue, he could have sworn she had been right beside him not five minutes ago but she wasn’t there now, yet right before they made the trek to Mrs. Johnson’s driveway Linda Sue had been by his side. Their youth group was traveling from door to door on foot, singing carols and delivering goodies to the shut ins. Tomorrow was Christmas and Reuben was going to propose to Linda Sue . They would be married in September. Reuben and Linda Sue were perfect for each other, she was the daughter of their bishop and reuben was a minister's son. Both families were respected and loved in the community.Reuben asked about Linda Sue and ruth said her and John had fallen behind at the bridge that crosses the creek. Then Benji said if they aren’t with you they are with each other. That was what had been nagging Reuben in his gut. Something had been different between Linda Sue and John- who was Reuben’s best friend- for weeks. John would never do anything to hurt the friendship so reuben believed. Then John told Linda Sue they had to tell Reuben. Linda Sue told Reuben it had just happened and she said reuben wouldn’t listen and she also said  she didn’t know how many times she had tried to tell Reuben about her growing feelings for John. Then John said They loved each other and had for several weeks.y planned on getting married God willing. Anna was thinking about her single grandchildren. If Anna and her husband Felty didn’t help them their prosperity would very likely wither and die. The thought of unwed grandchildren put Anna in a dither, something had to be done. Then reuben went to his grandmother Anna’s house and asked if he could stay for a couple of days. Reuben had been at his grandmother's for three months now doing back breaking work and his aching muscles distracted him from his dark thoughts. They had weighed heavy on Reuben for three months, he had only intended to stay at his grandmother’s for a week but but it had already turned into three months. His parents had written him ten letters urging to come home but Reuben couldn’t do it. It felt an anvil around his his neck and Reuben couldn’t turn to God. He had been humiliated when Linda Sue picked a poor pig farmer over him and and he had also been betrayed by his best friend. He couldn’t go back to Sugar Creek knowing the people would be laughing at him behind his back. Then his grandfather told him it was time he went back to church and Reuben agreed. More than anything else Reuben wanted to be liked again. He wanted people to admire and respect him not laugh at him. Then John’s sister fern showed up at the church his grandparents went to, she even winked at Reuben. Fern has come to get Reuben to forgive John and then bring him home. Reuben decided to start socializing and he did nice things for several of the girls and they think he is thinking of courting them because of his help. Then he finds he is in a mess with all those girls. Reuben also finds he is attracted to fern the last girl he thought would be on his mind for courting. Fern has loved Reuben since childhood but Reuben has known Fern all his life and thinks of her like a little sister. Fern always called Reuben out on all his faults and could make him feel humble. Fern plans on finding Reuben a new girlfriend so he will be in a better mood. Reuben ends up insulting a group of single women and goes to Fern for help to make amends to the women. Reuben finds he wants more than friendship from Fern.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the pace and the plot. This was a very good Amish read. I really liked Fern and Reuben together. Somebody needed to tell him about himself and that somebody was Fern. I didn’t think Reuben acted like a devout Amish man especially being a minister’s son as he was prideful, egotistical, had vanity, had an attitude, was judgmental and conceited for a starter. This choked me up at times and others made me chuckle. I suggest you read the books in this series in order  I didn’t really care for how Reuben treated Fern for the most part. I loved how the author described things in this book. I felt this was good Amish fiction and showed the Amish are far from perfect and are very human. I loved Felty and Anna's matchmaking. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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