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review 2016-02-05 00:00
Revolution - Jessica Frances Revolution - Jessica Frances I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Many, many, many years ago humans created a new species that was more intelligent, stronger, and faster and could heal quickly. Humans wanted to create the perfect human that could fight theirs wars for them. But they were in for a big surprise they ended up fighting the new species they created and guess what they lost. So now humans are slaves to the Superiors. Humans are now pets to the Superiors and are abused physically and mentally. They are not allowed to read and write or even talk. They are lucky they are given anything to eat but when they are given food it is usually only enough just to keep them alive.

Joseph Knight buys his family a human pet and his daughter Charlotte makes a connection or a bond with the human baby when she lays eyes on her for the first time and immediately agrees to take care of her. She is named Tilly and is allowed to sleep in Charlotte's room on a mattress at the foot of her bed on the floor. Charlotte teaches Tilly how to read and write and lets her be her own person. Charlotte knows this is against the law and there could be dire consequences if she is caught.

Charlotte's brother Johnny learns to love and care for Tilly just as much if not more than Charlotte but in a different way. He knows that this is also against the law but how can anyone help the way they feel in their hearts. But of course most superiors don't think that humans have any feelings much less a heart. Tilly has it somewhat better than most humans because of Charlotte and Johnny helping her out with their father when they can which is not often.

Most humans are treated way worse than Tilly. But Tilly is almost at that age where she is getting to old to be a pet and will probably be sent away to be used in other ways and for other things for someone her age. When Charlotte and Johnny both get their own lives and move out of their father's house to live their own lives then Tilly will no longer be needed at the Knight household so will then be sent away to live a darker life than she has now.

Charlotte and Johnny don't like the way humans are treated and plan on finding a way to help Tilly and other humans to escape bondage and to live a better life. But will it cost them more than they are willing to give? How much or what are they willing to give up to help the humans have a better life?

Revolution will take you on emotional roller coaster that will have you laughing one minute and then crying your eyes out the next. It will take you down some very dark roads with no light at the end of the journey. But it is one journey that you will be glad you took. Revolution will have you wanting to take some people and beat them until they can't stand any longer. It will also have you wanting to take a hold of some people and give them the biggest, longest hug ever. It will break your heart wondering how anyone can treat another human like this. How can they be so cruel? How can they be so much hate in someone's heart?

Revolution is one book that I would recommend to anyone that loves a good book. This is one book that everyone should read. So grab your copy today and get started on reading a wonderful story.
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review 2015-07-29 12:49
Book Review ~ Happily Ever Single by Jessica Frances
Happily Ever Single - Jessica Frances

Happily Ever Single

by Jessica Frances
Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 7/9/15
Still in my twenties, I have it all. I am young, happy, and healthy, despite my wine and pizza addictions. I am a successful business owner who lives a life I love, free from any romantic commitments. To me, my life is perfect right now, except for just one small problem…
My mother.
She will tell you I am missing something in my life, that I should be married with kids and have a house with a white picket fence, even though I cannot think of anything worse.
Ignoring my constant protests, she manages to set me up on a series of horrendous blind dates. To pacify my mother and avoid being set up with another friend’s son, I am driven to do something I never thought I would.
I begin arranging dates through an agency.
This idea seems to work well, until my arranged date falls sick right before a family event. With no other options, I am forced to attend with the agency owner’s brother-in-law as my stand-in date. At this point, my perfect life suddenly becomes … complicated.
Ollie is sexy, fun, and intense. There is an instant connection between us, but is it strong enough to risk my perfect life plan?
I am single, free, and content. I don’t need a man.
However, Ollie is persistent, despite my reluctance, and now I am left wondering if it is possible that he may be the perfect match for me.
Can Ollie be the one man to finally accept me for me, or does he think he can change who I am and my opinions?
Does my story end with me happily-ever-single or with a happily-ever-after?


Or can there be room for both?
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Lucy is single and happy.  She has set very high standards for herself and she is not going to settle for a man who can't make her happier than she already is.  Unfortunately, her mother does not feel the same way and is constantly setting up blind dates that are total fails.  It’s not until her brother is going to get married that she needs to find her own date for all the functions that go along with getting married, just so her mom won’t set her up with another loser. When Lucy’s best friend, Jules, casually mentions maybe utilizing an escort service might be an option is when the fun begins. The games she and her ‘dates’ play as payback to make her family uncomfortable were hilarious and I found myself cracking up with each and every one of them.  So much fun!
For two years Lucy uses the escort service for her dates involving family and everything always went off without a hitch – until the night of her father’s retirement dinner.  The man that was supposed to take her got sick and there were no other men to take his place – except one – Ollie.  Ollie is a friend of the owner of the agency and Ollie is quite the fish out of water when it comes to the whole escort business.  But one thing he is quite sure of is that Lucy is one lady he would like to continue getting to know better.  Too bad Lucy is so hard-headed and bound and determined to stick to her no relationship, no marriage, no children rule. 
The chemistry between Lucy and Ollie is undeniable, but with Lucy’s lack of wanting a committed relationship, Ollie comes up with the perfect solution.  The two of them can be exclusively single together (how cute is that?!?!).  You're probably asking yourself, “What the heck does ‘exclusively single together’ mean and how does that work?”  Well, my dear reader, you will need to read this terrific and adorable story to find out!
Lucy and Ollie are super cute together, yet no relationship is perfect and this one does have its ups and downs.  Between Lucy’s adorable, meddling mother cheering the couple on and Ollie’s mean and overbearing mother doing her best to alienate the happiness that her son has found, and of course the other hiccups that come and go, this couple will have a lot to deal with in order to make it work.  Will there be a happily ever after for Ollie and Lucy or will Lucy remain happily ever single? 
Jessica Frances has proven yet again how versatile she can be in her writing skills.  Happily Ever Single is quite a bit different than her previous works, but it is every bit as good and I like it – a lot!   It's unique and totally different than anything I have read before.  It is quite an enjoyable and delightful read and has every ingredient I love in a romance.  From wittiness to snarky humor to scorching hot romance, this book will indeed appeal to all lovers of New Adult Romance.  There were a couple of times I was wondering how this story was going to end due to some twists I didn’t see coming, but all in all I was really happy with the ending and it left me with a huge smile.  This one is another must read from Jessica Frances and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
“Whether we live happily ever after together or happily ever single together, what is important to me is that we’re together.”
5 Stars
“You know, it is so unfair. Why is it so forbidden to be single? Why am I not complete unless I am stupidly in love with someone, even if that someone makes me miserable? Was there a memo that I missed? One the entire population received that I somehow lost? Why is it that my worth is judged on whether or not I’m married? Why do I have to be in love to be whole? I’m perfectly happy and content by myself. However, everyone automatically assumes I only say that because I haven’t found love. What’s so fucking special about love? Sure, it can be great, until it’s not, until your heart is ripped out, and you lose yourself completely. Until your best friend has to break into your apartment and pry the container of melted ice cream out of your hands and throw you in the bathtub because you got more all over your body than in your mouth!”
“Hey, that only happened once … four times,” Jules weakly complains.
“I don’t know why I have to defend the fact that I am single. I hate that I am considered weird or a freak because I am not desperately trying to find love. I don’t want to get married. I don’t want kids, and I don’t want to be trapped in a loveless relationship just because it is considered normal to be paired up.” I take deep breaths, my head swimming from lack of oxygen from my serious ranting.
“Whoa, how long have you been holding that in?” Jules asks.
“My entire life, but overhearing my cousins basically laughing at me earlier and saying I’m going to be a crazy cat lady didn’t help.”
“I’m sorry about that. Your cousins are such bitches.” I don’t need to explain it was my orange cousins; they are the only ones I ever seriously bitch about to Jules.  
“I know, and I shouldn’t let their words get to me. I really couldn’t care less what they think. I just hate how society has given us all this expectation of what our lives should look like, and now, if we don’t meet it, we’re hounded over it. I don’t know the last time I had a conversation with a family member that didn’t have the mention of me being single. I’m sick of it.”
Jessica Frances was born and raised in South Australia, quite possibly born with a book in her hand already. An avid reader her whole life, a pen finally appeared in her hand and she began her journey writing her own stories. The voices in her head have not slowed down and hopefully they never will.


Source: avidbookcollector.blogspot.com/2015/07/book-review-blog-tour-happily-ever.html
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review 2015-05-23 22:03
Hunted Love by Jessica Frances
Haunted Love - Jessica Frances

What if you met the man you are suppose to spend your life with…after you're dead?


Thea Bell is murdered and is given a choice of staying in the afterlife or return for a time. She returns as a ghost to comfort her brother Flynn, but finds that it's Detective Aiden Mercer that is the one that she is attached to and that can see her, not her brother Flynn. As Aiden works on her case to find the killer they slowly start to fall for each other, but how can there be a future together, when one of them are dead?

This is actually the second book I have read this week about a ghostly romance.  I have not read a single one before this year. I actually can't remember that if I have read about ghostly romantic book before. The Ghost of Canterville isn't really that romantic and it's the only book I can thing off the top of my head. Then again I had completely forgotten that I should have read this one a couple of days ago. So it's probably just a coincidence.

Anyway, ghostly romance books are an interesting subject, there are some problems with a relationship when one is dead and the other one is the cop trying to find the killers. Thea is attached to Aiden, so she can touch thing around him (also touch him which later on becomes very handy when their relationship becomes more…intimate). It's a murder case and Aiden is working trying to find Theas killer and at first he is a bit freaked out that he can see Tea, but they soon work things out. There are things that I find a bit odd, she gets short and gets new clothes. I mean she is dead? How can a ghost get a bullet hole in its clothes and get new clothes? Shouldn't a ghost be bulletproofed?

I found myself enjoying this book, it was tragic and romantic. I could have lived without the sex scenes, but they weren't that many so that wasn't a big deal. I must admit that the whole concept with love with a ghost really is tragic in itself. I mean it can't end happily ever after, not in this life anyway (I have seen the movie Ghost so I know). But still, it is an interesting new thing to read about.


I received this copy from Xpresso Book Tours in return for an honest review!

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review 2015-04-20 18:19
Haunting Story but a little too cliché
Haunted Love - Jessica Frances

I would definitely say that the story is pretty alluring. It opens explosively that you can’t stop yourself from reading further. I like the way the author opens the book with a crucial turn of events so that the hook is set right on for its readers.

The book has a good story plot but it only remains solid for the first half as by the second half , the book suddenly hops over to cliché romance and spoils the fun that was slowly developed by the first half of the book. Suddenly all that you have building seems pointless and the ending seems a little rushed and packed up in haste pulling all the loose ends in one giant knot to finish it as there are a whole lot of unanswered questions and events that still haunts so yes in that regard it is definitely haunting

I am also not very happy with the language as it is not smooth and velvety. it needs a little brushing and polishing but narration power is pretty decent. The plot in my opinion went a little too sweet and romancy. Certain aspects are a bit hard to digest and to bite on. The logistics and reasoning are not sufficient to help you savor the story nicely.

The book has a powerful first half but towards the second half the plot just slips badly and jumps to territories and aspects that seem a little inappropriate or intrusive at times. It’s the second half and the ending that needs a little bit more credibility and work since at present it seems a little rushed up and not that perfect. The story had a strength that slipped up midway. For a paranormal or thriller aspect, it may not provide much but for a romance, this book is beautiful and the book do manages to moves your heart.

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review 2015-04-15 00:00
Haunted Love
Haunted Love - Jessica Frances What can be said about Jessica Frances' Haunted Love other than WOW! You will need your tissues at the ready.

Do You like a good Ghost story? This is for you.

Do you like a nice little romance? This is for you

Maybe you enjoy getting stuck into a mystery? This is for you

How about a crime story? This is for you.

I'm not kidding Haunted Love has something for everyone and some. The story will evoke some deep emotions, as I said earlier you Will need those tissues, I was howling in places, then rolling around laughing in others, confusing my husband and embarrassing myself to boot. I suggest a private read maybe.

Haunted love is well written, perfectly paced, and the characters, both human and ghost are well described and believable. Paragraphs alternate between Ethan in first person, and Thea in first person, not something I like generally, but Jessica worked it perfectly so the story followed through without any repeats or back tracking. This way of writing made the characters far more interesting too.

So this book really needs to be on everyone's to read list!
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