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review 2016-10-28 02:23
The Last Apprentice/ Wardstone Chronicles Series-Book #8...
Rage of the Fallen: Wardstone Chronicles / Last Apprentice, Book 8 - Patrick Arrasmith,Christopher Evan Welch,Joseph Delaney

Rage of the Fallen is the 8th book in The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney. Tom, the Spook's apprentice, has made a lot of enemies in his three years fighting the dark. One of his enemies, Morrigan -the goddess of witches has told him not to ever set foot in her homeland of Ireland but the war is still raging in their own country so Tom, the Spook & Alice must flee there anyways. His other very powerful enemy, the Fiend, is also still hunting him in hopes of catching him unguarded. The Spook decides that it's time to go on the offensive and bring the Fiend down so Tom joins forces with Grimalkin- the witch assassin, who trains him and helps him battle and bind the Fiend once and for all. 


After eight really well written books I'm starting to run out of things to say! All of them have been so good and this one was no different. The audio narrator, Evan Welsh, is just marvelous! I think it would be extremely hard to talk like a witch or demon or boggart etc. but he does it so effortlessly and he sounds just like what you'd expect a creature of the dark to sound like. If you're a fan of these type of stories, then you can't go wrong with this series. It's perfect for older kids as well as adults. 


*I read this for my 2016 Halloween Bingo: ~"Fall" into a Good Book~ square



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review 2016-10-10 22:25
Curse of the Bane: Grave or Graveyard
Curse of the Bane (Last Apprentice Series #2) - Joseph Delaney

This is a sequel to Revenge of the Witch. Tom is still really annoying, but Old Gregory and Alice are just as amazing, so it balances out in the end. In this book we get more of an in depth look at what the position of Spook entails. We also get a some backstory for Old Gregory and Tom's mom, which served to round out their characters a little more. The final showdown had a lot more of build up than the one in the previous book, which is why it was such a letdown for me.There's all this tension leading into the fight and then Delaney takes the easy way out.

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review 2016-10-10 22:13
Revenge of the Witch: Witches
The Spook's Apprentice (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles #1) - Joseph Delaney

Yes, another re-read. I started this series based off a recommendation made to me by my roommate. I loved the first book and continued on with the series until Attack of the Fiend. My roommates favorite character was Tom, but the reason I continued on with the series is Alice and Old Gregory. Tom is your typical male protagonist, everything just works out for him, he's really quite boring. Alice and Old Gregory, however, are much more interesting.

Alice has been raised by malevolent witches; she's surrounded by people who either despise her or are afraid of her. She 'saves' Tom and requests in return that Tom do one favor for her. Tom does the typical protagonist thing and agrees to this without question or setting any limits. This works out just as you'd expect it to. But, what I like about Alice so much is that knowing that Tom is apprenticed to the Spook, knowing what will most likely be her fate when it gets back to the Spook what she did, she still saves Tom.


Which leads me into the reason that I like Old Gregory so much; he doesn't take the easy way out. There are only two ways to stop a witch for good:

“The first is to burn her. But nobody should have to suffer pain like
that. The other way is too horrible even to think about.
It’s a method few have heard about because it was
practiced long ago, in a land far away over the sea.
According to their ancient books, if you eat the heart of
a witch, she can never return. And you have to eat it

“If we practice either method, we’re no better than the
witch we kill,” said the Spook. “Both are barbaric. The
only alternative left is the pit. That’s cruel as well, but
we do it to protect the innocents ..."

I probably shouldn't like him so much for doing what any decent human would do, but I do. Old Gregory spends a lot of time and effort to keep the witches he's captured contained, so he won't have to subject them to such a horrible death. I also liked how he left Alice's fate up to Tom. Instead of telling him how to handle her, he let Tom decide what kind of person he was going to be.


I will say though that the ending was a little too neatly wrapped up. The ending meant that neither Tom, Alice or Old Gregory had to put any thought into what to do with Mother Malkin now that she has become much more powerful.

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review 2016-09-13 06:48
The Last Apprentice/ Wardstone Chronicles Series-Book #7...
The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress, 7 CDs [Complete & Unabridged Audio Work] - Joseph Delaney

I'm on the 7th of 13 books in this series and so far it hasn't gotten old yet. In this installment, the war is in progress and enemy soldiers have been ransacking the counties. When Tom, Alice & the Spook return home from Greece they find the Spook's home, including his massive library of priceless books, burnt down, the bogart has fled & the witches have escaped. They end up fleeing to an island that they think we'll be a safe haven but from the moment they disembark they encounter even more problems including the bone witch, Bony Lizzie. 


This series never lacks adventure and I really like the characters and enjoy seeing how they develop. The audio narrator is also fantastic so until the stories get old or I run out of books I'm going to keep on listening... 



*I read this for my 2016 Halloween Book Bingo: ~Witches~ square


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text 2016-08-16 02:33
Attack of the Fiend by Joseph Delaney Unabridged Playaway Audiobook (The Last Apprentice) - Joseph Delaney,Christopher Evan Welch

Attack of the Fiend (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #4)Attack of the Fiend by Joseph Delaney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow what in the world is going on? I'm not keeping up with this one so much. Not really seeing what direction Delaney is trying to take us. This is like a hydra building plot. What creep factors is in store for any who reads.
As I read this I met a few new character whom didn't stay with us for very long. Old family mysteries partially solved. Some disgustingly science projects snuffed out. And oh yes Witches! More witches! I love this author he rocks my effing socks off with the hibby jibbies.
So if you hear something go bump in the night consider this...
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