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review 2018-12-09 03:00
The Cozy Cookbook
The Cozy Cookbook: More than 100 Recipes from Today's Bestselling Mystery Authors - Julie Hyzy,Laura Childs,Cleo Coyle,Jenn McKinlay,B.B. Haywood

This book is a collection of recipes from coy mystery books. The books are introduced and a chapter may be present. The book is broken up into categories, Breads, Cupcakes, etc. I have read some of the books or the books are on my to-read list, so this was interesting and I marked several of the recipes to try out. 

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review 2017-11-18 05:42
Grace to the Finish (Manor House Mystery, #8)
Grace to the Finish - Julie Hyzy

I always enjoy Julie Hyzy's mysteries; as a writer, she doesn't burn a series out with a spectacular book or two, with mediocrity dragging the remaining books down.  Her writing, character development and plotting are even and steady and her series' arcs are a slow burn, rather than a flash in the pan.


Grace to the Finish was actually slightly less about the murder mystery (although that was good too), than it was the resolution to a series long arc concerning her sister.  Hyzy's solution was clever, if a little bit convenient.  The actual mystery was ok, but less a puzzle for the reader to solve than the narrative of the mystery's solution.


With cozy series one can never be sure if the titles aren't a indication of the series' status, so Grace to the Finish could very well be the last book; if so, it ends in a pretty good place without a lot of loose threads left dangling.  But if there's a ninth book, I look forward to it with pleasure.


Book themes for Las Posadas:  Read a book dealing with visits by family or friends, or set in Mexico - Grace has to deal with her sister's return and a visit from her long absent Aunt.  These two are major players in the plot.


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review 2017-07-21 15:17
Grace to the Finish (Manor House Mystery #8) by Julie Hyzy
Grace to the Finish - Julie Hyzy



Author: Julie Hyzy

Title: Grace to the Finish

Series: Manor House Mystery

Cover Rating:

Book Rating:


Buy This Book:







Now that Grace Wheaton has officially been named heir to Bennett Marshfield's fortune, her usually busy schedule has become a juggling act. In addition to her duties at Marshfield Manor, she's bankrolling her roommates' refurbished wine shop, Amethyst Cellars. Grace is excited to check out the rustic space with Bruce and Scott. But that excitement turns to dismay when they stumble upon the body of the banker involved with the sale.

Grace wants to get to the bottom of this mystery quickly so that her friends' new venture isn't overshadowed by an unsolved murder, but she's got even more to balance when her troubled sister, Liza, is released from prison early. Liza's first stop is Marshfield Manor and her first priority is grabbing a bite of Bennett's fortune for herself. Grace has to keep her greedy sister at bay and catch a killer before her new life comes crashing down around her.






I loved Grace to the Finish, I loved the cover art, I loved the characters, the story, I pretty much loved it all which really kind of bums me out because now I want to start this series from the beginning and read it all the way through and I just found out that the author is bringing the series to an end. Sad way to meet such a great book is when its coming in on its last leg.

If you haven't read the previous books in this series the author makes it fairly easy to slip in and understand what's going on enough to be able to follow along without too many plot or character gaps which is always great but there is definitely story on both ends that I want to know more about.

Grace to the Finish is fun, its well written, its one of the best cozy mysteries I've read in a long while.






Until next time book lovers...



Krissys Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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review 2016-07-07 10:01
Grace Sees Red (Manor House Mystery, #7)
Grace Sees Red - Julie Hyzy

I always enjoy July Hyzy's writing and Grace Sees Red wasn't an exception, even if the mystery plot relied completely on the "friend in peril" trope.


The mystery in this one is the murder of an old cantankerous goat of a man at a very posh assisted living facility in a neighbouring town.  We learn about Grace's assistant's long-standing secret about where she spends her weekends at the same time we learn she's the number one suspect in the murder.    The basis for suspicion felt a bit weak to me from the start, and I've always thought Frances needed her ears boxed - the author takes cranky a bit too far to be loveable - but otherwise I love the characters, so it was easy enough to overlook.  I didn't figure out who the real bad guy was though, and I count that as a win.


Hyzy never goes the expected route with romantic interests so Grace is still a free agent and we are introduced to a new possible romance, one that has potential to be interesting.  So even though it looks from the last line of the book that we're going to be recycling a previous plot (the sister - she's back!), I'm still firmly on board for book 8.


(This book qualifies for the Book published in June, July or August of 2016 in Summer Book Bingo.)

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review 2016-01-11 11:24
Foreign Éclairs (White House Chef Mysteries, #9)
Foreign Éclairs - Julie Hyzy

The bad news is that this is the last book in what is a very, very well written cozy series.  There aren't enough good cozy series left out there and the loss of one is disappointing.  


The good news is that this was the author's decision and as such, this book is written with no loose ends and for that I am thankful.  It's bad enough to lose a good series, but for it to end abruptly, with stories half-told, is an insult on top of injury.


Hyzy doesn't own the copyright on this series or the characters, so while the story brings us to a good place for a series end, it's also left in an interesting place that allows for someone (Hyzy, one hopes, after obtaining copyright on what is arguably her own work) to someday bring Ollie and Gav back into the thick of things where they belong.


The plot is action packed, fast paced - almost a cozy thriller.  It's got a bit of an out-there plot like a thriller too, but it works within the confines of the world Hyzy has created from the first.  This isn't really a mystery at all; we always know who the perpetrators are and what they want; it's just a matter of what the solution will ultimately cost our MC.  The final part of the roller coaster plot was gripping and left me with a bit of an adrenaline rush.


Thank you, Julie Hyzy, for 9 wonderful adventures with Ollie. I'm gonna miss her and Gav, although I'll revisit them often in my re-reads.

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