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review 2014-12-01 13:50
One Wish Away
One Wish Away - Kelley Lynn

I have very mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed it, but there were some parts that didn't ring true for me and that colored the rest of the story for me.


What I absolutely loved was a female protagonist that was both crazy brilliant and flawed. Lyra was more than a little socially awkward, but it wasn't out of arrogance. It was, as we learned, her response to feeling so very different from her peers. Her best friend Darren is the perfect friend, supportive and kind and always on her side.


The premise of the story was definitely unique and completely unlike anything I have ever read. In a nutshell, the central focus of the story is a highly technical, and very secret, piece of equipment with the potential to do great things. Or to destroy humanity as we know it. I love a book that makes you evalute your own perspectives and this definitely does that. Is it worth any price to eliminate disease, to end wars? On the surface, I think most of us would say yes. But the book poses some interesting side effects to those ideals. The potential for global economic crisis, the unforseen consequences to changes of reality. There is a definite hint of the Butterfly Effect that makes you question morality and ethics and I found this fascinating.


My only true problem came with some of the circumstances leading into the main thrust of the book. Our main character is a 16yo girl, the daughter of an astronomer and the niece of the director of a semi-secret space organization. It is a research facility with a number of highly classified research projects, one of which Lyra stumbled upon. And it was the circumstances that surrounded this that gave me issues. It is true that my perspectives may be skewed by the fact that I am a former member of the intelligence community, but it was just too easy for Lyra to find herself in a position to learn more than she should. It all started with a phone call she overheard at home, discussing classified aspects of her father's project. It is highly unlikely that any such conversation would ever take place outside of a secure facility. Lyra was able to gain access to areas that would never be possible in reality, nor would she ever be read into a project as controversial as the one in this book.


Things to love...


--Lyra. Brilliant, flawed and brave... everything I want in a YA heroine.
--Darren. He is the perfect best friend/boyfriend, supportive and trusting.


Things I wanted more/less of...


--More resolution with Lyra's mother.
--More believability.


My Recommendation


If you like a good "thinking" book and some serious sci-fi, then this is a good read. The author clearly knows her stuff when it comes to outer space and there was some fascination science going on!

Source: thecaffeinateddivareads.multifacetedmama.com/?p=10537
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review 2014-04-09 14:20
Book Review: Road to Somewhere by Kelley Lynn and Jenny Morris
Road To Somewhere - Kelley Lynn,Jenny S. Morris

Note: I received a free eARC of this book for my honest review. In no way did this affect my review.


Road to Somewhere by Kelley Lynn and Jenny Morris wasn’t quite what I was expecting and didn’t quite live up to my expectations. What I thought was going to be a single POV story turned out to be a dual POV story. There’s really nothing wrong with that, but the story was too short, in my opinion, to delve into both sister’s issues thoroughly. With that being said, I thought the story ended up lacking much depth leaving some issues unresolved.


Although I was a bit surprised by the dual POV, I enjoyed the sisterly relationship focus. I’m not sure I quite agree with the overall direction of the plot and some of the outcomes, but I liked the idea. It was different.


I think my main issue with the story was the fact that I failed to fall in love with the characters. I honestly thought they were superficial and vain. I understood their issues, the background behind them, and connected with that. However, I had difficultly being in their heads for much of the story.


Unfortunately, I just don’t think Road to Somewhere by Kelley Lynn and Jenny Morris was for me. I’d give it 2.5 stars overall. It was a quick read and a wonderful idea. In this case though, I think it definitely needed more plot wise and could have used some refinement on the characters’ thoughts. I don’t think they were extremely vain and superficial, but they often sounded like they were simply through their thoughts.

Source: ayamproductions.com/2014/04/road-to-somewhere
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text 2014-03-20 12:00
Road to Somewhere Blog Tour

Road to Somewhere
Author: Kelley Lynn & Jenny Morris
Publisher: Bloomsbury Spark

Publication Date: March 11, 2014

New! From Bloomsbury Spark, a sunny heartwarming story of discovery and sisterhood.

A road trip. A singing competition. And super-hot cowboys.

What could be better?

For Charlie, a post-high school road trip isn't just a vacation, it's life changing. While her parents think she's helping a friend move, a chance at fame is the real reason to grab her best friends and drive to L.A. But when her super annoying, uber-responsible, younger sister, Lucy, has to tag along, it isn't quite the summer of fun she imagined.

Add in a detour to her grandparents' ranch in Texas, and between mucking the stalls, down-home cookin’, and drool worthy ranch hands, this could just turn into the best, and most complicated, summer of their lives
Author Interview
Hello Emily!

Thanks so much for having us here at Falling for YA. We’re so excited to be here! If it’s all right with you, we’ll tag team these answers. And we’ll do this without talking to each other first. Should be interesting to see what comes out. J

How did the two of you meet and decide to write a novel together?

Kelley: You know, I can’t really remember how we ‘met’. I think I was Author, Cassie Mae’s, critique partner, and so was Jenny, and then we formed this critique group with a number of other authors. I read Jen’s first work, a YA Paranormal, and thought it was just amazing (I will admit, I was quite intimidated sending her my work.) I’ll let Jen talk about how we decided to write a book together.

Jenny: Haha, that’s funny. I was really intimidated by Kelley after reading her YA Fantasy: Fraction of Stone. (Which is published now, btw.) As for deciding to write together we had to do a short story together for the AtoZ challenge and after posting it our CP’s didn’t know who wrote which character. It gave me the idea that maybe we’d work well together for a collaboration. So I emailed Kelley and asked if she wanted to write a book with me, and thankfully she said yes.

Who was your favorite character to write? Why?

Kelley: I think the easiest/obvious character for me to say would be Lucy, the younger sister. I was responsible for writing her point of view. It was definitely a challenge, as I have never been a younger sister. But I really enjoyed looking at everything from a younger sister’s perspective. It was also SUPER fun to write about Charlie, the older sister, from Lucy’s point of view. Because while I had the privilege of knowing what Charlie was thinking, Lucy didn’t. That was a fun dynamic.

If I were to pick a secondary character, I’d have to say I really enjoyed writing scenes with Charlie’s three best friends in them. It was really fun to develop these characters, to make them a group of friends, but also to make sure they were each individuals.

Jenny: Charlie’s voice comes pretty easy for me. She kind of just blurts out what she’s thinking, and I write it down. LOL. But if I had to pick a secondary character it would actually be Nan and Pops. Pops is loosely based on my dad. He grew up in Louisiana on a farm and is a man of few words, but has a soft heart. And Nan is loosely based off my father’s mother. She was a very strong woman who spoke her mind and worked really hard on their farm. So writing their dialogue and actions felt very natural to me.

If Road to Somewhere had a theme song what would it be?

Kelley: Actually, ROAD TO SOMEWHERE has a lot to do with music. Both Charlie and Lucy are musically inclined (Charlie’s voice, Lucy with piano) and so there are a number of songs referenced in the book itself, some well known, some not so well known, and one that the girls write together. If I were to pick a theme song for Lucy, I’d choose the song she plays on the piano, Wild Horses, by Natasha Bedingfield. It describes Lucy perfectly. I heard it when I was working out while we were writing this book and I knew it had to have a place in ROAD TO SOMEWHERE.

Jenny: Like Kelley said RTS has a lot of musical elements to it. For Charlie Stronger by Kelly Clarkson is the song her and her friends sing for the competition. It’s fitting because throughout the book she feels like she might not be able to go on, but because she’s strong nothing will hold her down. 

What was the last book you read and loved?
Kelley: First, thank you for not asking about my most favorite book. I don’t do favorites. It’s so hard to pick! Haha. I really loved EFFORTLESS WITH YOU by Lizzy Charles. But I also just read RUN FOR THE ROSES by Rachel Schieffelbein. Cassie Mae’s work is always super fun too. (I have a special place in my heart for HOW TO DATE A NERD) And Theresa Paolo’s (NEVER) AGAIN is such a great tale of young love returned. So there’s… a lot more than one. Haha

Jenny: Haha, Kelley just listed a lot of the books I’ve read recently. One book I’m reading with my boys is called Inventor’s Secret by Chad Morris (no relation. J) And it’s a Middle Grade book, but it’s so much fun. The second book just came out and I’m really excited to read it with my boys. Thank you SO much for having us on your blog. It’s been fun.
Emily: Thanks Ladies for stopping by, it was great having both of you!
About the Authors
Kelley Lynn was born and raised a Midwestern girl. She’s not afraid to sweat and fills her free time with softball, soccer and volleyball. (Though you probably don’t want her on your volleyball team.) She occasionally makes guest appearances as a female vocalist for area bands. Music plays a large role in her writing process as well as the characters and plot lines within her stories.

Jenny S. Morris is a YA author who loves all things geek, may have a Kdrama addiction, and prefers the rainy NW to any place she's ever lived. Road to Somewhere is her debut novel.


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Source: www.fallingforya.com/2014/03/road-to-somewhere-blog-tour.html
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review 2014-03-18 00:00
Road To Somewhere
Road To Somewhere - Kelley Lynn,Jenny S. Morris My reviews are spoiler free!!


I’m that “horrible person” that judges a book by its cover, but it’s okay because I know I’m not the only one. So I will admit that when I first saw the cover I instantly signed up for the blog tour, not even knowing what this book was about. And than I read the title (which is catchy!) than the synopsis and I thought to myself “Road to Somewhere? Road trip? Life goal? MUST READ.

Yes, pun intended. This book is fantastic, absolutely without a doubt a book I will be recommending to people. This book is about so much more than just romance, and I say this because I know there will be people who’ll pick this up hoping for a solid romance novel. Road to Somewhere is more about self-discovery and strained relationships.

I really enjoyed the dual POVs between Lucy and Charlie, this allowed more insight into their strained relationship and their thoughts on one another. The theme in Road to Somewhere is one I believe many teenagers and even adults can relate to. The stress of post-secondary and having to make “the right” decisions, worrying about being a disappointment to your parents, expectations (especially if you have siblings) to live up to, the ups & downs of relationships are all the things that make this book realistic. And this I believe is important because it allows the reader to make an actual connection with the characters.

The only reason why this did not get 5 stars was because I am not a fan of the ending. The abruptness of it left me wanting more. Is there a sequel? Because I really hope so!!

If you want a unique and beautifully written book to read, go and buy a copy of Road to Somewhere!
My rating: ★★★★.5/5
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review 2013-06-19 00:00
Fraction of Stone (Fraction, #1) - Kelley Lynn I really enjoyed Fraction of Stone. This story was definitely a refreshing read for me and I just loved the characters and setting.

Akara and Rydan both have the ability to do magic. They have both been living opposite lives, but find themselves trying to save the world together and find the Gia Stone. I just loved getting to know these characters because they were both so different. I quickly became attached to them. I especially liked learning more about Akara because she has lived such a difficult life. I also found that both of these characters, and their relationship, were developed very well through the course of the story.

The plot was exciting for the most part and the first few chapters immediately captured my attention. However, it did drag at some moments for me too, especially in the middle. Therefore, I found myself taking some extra time to read this one. My favorite aspect of this book was definitely the world that Lynn created though. It was just so fascinating and I really enjoyed travelling along with these characters. I loved learning all about the setting and the history.

Overall, I really enjoyed Fraction of Stone. Lynn has definitely left me curious about what will happen to these characters next.

Review posted on thereadinggeek.blogspot.com
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