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text 2018-05-26 13:45
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
The Outsider - Stephen King

Hmmm I don’t know. I think the second half just didn’t hold up. I did love the connections to the Dark Tower, It, Bag of Bones, The Library Policeman, and of course The Bill Hodges trilogy. Just don’t think this will be in my top five King books. I think the main issue was as a reader you are waiting for the certain characters in this book to catch on to what is going on.


I think that Ralph who I would consider one of the main characters in this book just wasn’t compelling to me. King seemed to save all of his character development for Holly. I just wasn’t in the mood for a naysayer who just ignored what was going on. Ralph and Holly worked well together though. Thank goodness King resisted the urge to have Holly say poopy and fracking every minute too. 


The plot about the brutal murder of a young boy was hard to read, but I think breaking the book up with excerpts from interviews and medical reports took something out of the first half of the book. Once you realize something is funky with the police investigation you just want the book to hurry up and get on with it.


I don't know how I feel about the resolution either. It felt a bit unfinished. I was looking for a King ending and this seems softer compared to the brutality that came before it. I still think of how “Revival” freaked me out for days. I couldn’t stop re-reading it. I did re-read parts of this book, but I don’t see me thinking on this one too long. Then again I’m happy I won’t have nightmares after finishing this book. This was very engrossing and hard to put down. I think King’s constant readers will love this one.


Still would give this a very strong four stars!



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review 2018-05-26 03:39
The Outsider, by Stephen King - Book Review
The Outsider - Stephen King

It's no secret that The Outsider was my most anticipated novel of 2018, right up there with Neverworld Wake, by Marisha Pessl, and Providence, by Caroline Kepnes. So did it live up to the hype and, furthermore, my expectations? You're damn skippy it did, and then some.

This is not a return to form for Stephen King. This is not "Old School" King. This is the best of new Stephen King. The Outsider stands right up there with recent favorites, like Revival. In fact, I've bumped The Waste Lands off my top five list to make room for this one. My new top five is:

5. The Outsider
4. Bag of Bones
3. Revival
2. Pet Sematary
1. It

Yes, that's how good this book is. The Outsider has everything I've come to love about King's storytelling ability while adding all new elements to my fandom. There's a story told by a character in this book that ranks up there with some of King's best short fiction, and I'm a huge sucker for stories told inside bigger stories. The lore behind the new villain (one who seems vaguely familiar in the best possible way, but we'll discuss that in the spoiler discussion) is interesting and fun. But what kept me reading more than anything else was the mystery element. 

The Outsider is a detective novel, yes, but it is also a horror novel, with some of the most effective and affecting scares King has written to date. It also has one of the most surprising character deaths in recent memory, a death that completely changes the tone of the book and catapults this into the realm of some of King's riskier outings, one that's up there with the likes of Pet Sematary. You can almost feel King's own surprise as the book takes a drastic turn into the unknown and thrusts the reader into a state of what-the-fuckery that lasts until the final denouement.

Every character in this novel sings. Ralph and Jeannie, Terry and Marcy, Yune, Howie, Jack, Claude, Lovie, and yes, Holly Gibney. Make damn sure you do not ignore this novel due to some preconceived notion that this is the fourth Bill Hodges book, or simply fan service for Holly Gibney fans. This book stands strong on its own, and is perhaps better than all three Hodges books put together. Holly is but a minor player in a large and diverse cast. She fits in nicely and none of her scenes feel forced. That being said, there are spoilers for the Hodges trilogy in this book, so if you have plans to read those three books, I suggest doing so before reading this one. However, if you don't want to read those books, you do not have to read them for this book to make sense, I promise.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this book. The pacing, the writing, the characters, the plot, the villain, the scares, all of it was flawless. And while I am a King fanboy, I have hated some of his books. Most recently I despised the bloated retelling of UNDER THE DOME, aka Sleeping Beauties, that King wrote with his youngest son Owen. But lets be honest here, there was far more Owen in that book than there was Stephen, and the book suffered considerably for it. Owen is a damn good writer, he was simply out of his element. Nothing proves that more than seeing King here, in his element, firing on all cylinders and straight up killing it.

In summation: Thank you, Stephen King, for this book. After the shit-show that was Sleeping Beauties, I was worried going into The Outsider. Luckily, my fear was misplaced. My highest possible recommendation. Buy it. Read it. Thank me later.

Final Judgment: Storytelling perfection.


I believe the outsider is kin of Pennywise, who I believe is a gray. If you follow my YouTube series, you'll understand better how I connect all of these things. If you do not, here's the link so you can catch up from the first video: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Few things of note regarding how The Outsider ties into the Kingverse:

When the outsider dies he leaves behind worms, or perhaps baby shit weasels, like the grays in Dreamcatcher.

The outsider feeds off sorrow and pain like Pennywise fed off fear.

He takes bites out of his victims, ala Pennywise.

He prefers children.

He's a shapeshifter.

He wants to know if Ralph and Holly have ever come across others like him, as if he knows there might others out there.

The outsider mentions ka.

Did I miss anything? Lemme know in the comments below. You can expect my Thursday Theorist concerning this book in the next seven weeks. Thanks for joining me! 

(spoiler show)
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text 2018-05-25 15:33
Reading progress update: I've read 37%.
The Outsider - Stephen King

So far so good! Am intrigued about how a man’s DNA could be at a scene of a horrific crime, but also have evidence that he was somewhere else.

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text 2018-05-22 15:22
#PROMOTIONAL_POST - King Consort by J.R. Gray
King Consort - J.R. Gray
Avoiding sleeping with women was my specialty, an art form even. As the future King of England I couldn’t be caught sleeping with men. My whole life played out in front of the paparazzi, and they didn’t miss a thing.
I had a carefully crafted womanizing persona to maintain. My life came with rules, all of which I broke when I couldn’t resist a one night stand with the enemy: A beautiful paparazzo with a heart of gold. He may be the only person who doesn’t want me for my title, and he can never be anything more than my secret.


But secrets have a way of coming out and not only will they scare him away, but they’ll lose me the crown.

Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2018/05/promotionalpost-king-consort-by-jr-gray.html
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text 2018-05-20 16:52
The Dragon King By Candace Blevins 99 cents! Kinda Crazy
The Dragon King - Candace Blevins

Aaron Drake is nine thousand years old and one of the last remaining European were-dragons. With no female Dragons, his only hope of children lies in his grandmother's dying words. "The Swan Princesses may be the Dragons' only hope."

Sophia Siyanko is the first Swan Princess without at least one brother to take the throne in Aaron's long memory. However, her father chooses her husband when she’s twelve, and sets the date for her twenty-fifth birthday. She is sequestered in her father's mansion, raised by governesses and tutors to be the future King’s arm candy, and Aaron’s options are limited.

But then Sophia escapes her father’s compound a few weeks before her twenty-fifth birthday. Determined to escape or die trying, she comes to Aaron for help.

To protect her, he’ll have to fight every Swan and Eagle on the planet, most of the Wolves, and all of Faerie.

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