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review 2019-06-26 02:38
Mitch being put on trial
Extreme Measures - Vince Flynn

Mitch is going after terrorists. Senators are going after Mitch for his method of gaining information from terrorists. 


Mitch goal is clear. He  based on solid intel and go after terrorists so he and his team could stop terrorist attack.


The goal of the senator Lonsdale is go after Mitch and Nash for treating captured terrorists badly. Senators seems to missed the point why Mitch did what he did and his goal.


So the story played this out. Two cells of terrorists were intercepted and there is a third cell at large. 


As Mitch is the good guy in the story, the story seems more right leaning. if there is no oversight, CIA operative would only rely on their ethic to keep themselves in check for not abusing power.


Mitch got a lot of empathy as his motivation is simple. To protect lives.  Terrorists who have no problem killing children are not someone that could persuade through dialogue. 


Nash story is good too. He is a diaper changing modern man who make sure diaper is change with the same effectiveness as he change ammunition for gun. He still have his family he sorries about, while running into danger. 


The story is also told from the perspective of the terrorists. The selfishness of leadership and how little they value human lives. 


A bit more political story. Yet it is good to raise this to allow readers to think it through where they stand on this issue and why. As a more left leaning reader, it is good to read what the other side thing and how there could be compromise in time of crisis.


4 stars.


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review 2019-06-25 21:48
Don't Lick the Minivan / Leanne Shirtliffe
Don't Lick the Minivan: And Other Things I Never Thought I'd Say to My Kids - Leanne Shirtliffe

As a woman used to traveling and living the high life in Bangkok, Leanne Shirtliffe recognized the constant fodder for humor while pregnant with twins in Asia's sin city. But in spite of deep-fried bug cuisine and nurses who cover newborn bassinets with plastic wrap, Shirtliffe manages to keep her babies alive for a year with help from a Coca-Cola deliveryman, several waitresses, and a bra factory. Then she and her husband return home to the isolation of North American suburbia.

In Don't Lick the Minivan, Shirtliffe captures the bizarre aspects of parenting in her edgy, honest voice. She explores the hazards of everyday life with children such as:

•The birthday party where neighborhood kids took home skin rashes from the second-hand face paint she applied.
•The time she discovered her twins carving their names into her minivan's paint with rocks.
•The funeral she officiated for "Stripper Barbie."
•The horror of glitter.
And much more!


Now, let me begin my emphasizing that this is NOT my genre and I am NOT in the target audience for this book. I’m sure that if you have raised twins, you will probably find things to laugh about in it.

So, why did I read it, you ask? Well, the author is going to be a key-note speaker at a conference that I’m attending in August. I like to have some familiarity with the work of these folks before I attend. So I’ve also read a children’s book by Shirtliffe.

I also hasten to add that I am notorious for not getting written humour. I’m sure that when I hear the author in person, that I will at least smile, if not laugh out loud. I’ll be interested to hear her speak for that exact reason.

As a single & childless woman, I can’t appreciate many of the stories that the author tells. It’s just not my experience. But I can tell that Shirtliffe has spent a lot of time on her writing and is quite skilled at it. If you read mommy blogs and have raised children, you will probably enjoy this book far more than I did.

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review 2019-06-25 16:10
Murder in the Mystery Suite
Murder in the Mystery Suite - Ellery Adams

Book #1 of the Storyton Hall Mysteries


We meet Jane and her twin boys, her aunt Octavia and Uncle and the Finns. She has the idea to have a mystery ball, with activities to participate in and dancing and teas. They even plan a book award to give to the best dressed participant who stays in character. When her best friend's brother comes to town, he is seen for the first time, riding a horse, trying to catch a woman on another horse that is bolting. When the woman falls from the horse and is then pronounced dead, this is the start of others being found dead, too. All thoughts of who it could are pushed to the side when her aunt has a stroke. Then she learns of the strange and mysterious history of her home. 


I did enjoy this story and was glad that I was finally able to read book one. 

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review 2019-06-25 16:03
The Tattoist of Auschwitz
The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Heather Morris

I will apologize as this is the first of several posts, catching up on the books I recently finished. I finished this yesterday. I had to listen to this story when I was alone. Alone, because my husband doesn't enjoy these types of books (he likes biographies on famous men or quirky cozy mysteries) and my children weren't around. They got upset over the rape of a female prisoner. This limited my time for listening I enjoyed the story as it showed the kindness showed to others helped Lale survive and allowed him to help others survive. He said, "If you save one person, you save the world." He helps others by smuggling them food and medicines and helping them to escape when a gypsy boy is going to be hung for escaping, even though he was left behind. The story was interesting and sad and heartbreaking and inspiring. I did enjoy the story and was interested in the ending where the author talks about what happened to the Tattooist and Gita. 

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url 2019-06-24 09:19
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