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text 2018-12-10 02:59
We feel very confident and stand behind the word proven

They may purchase brrr° yarns and become a certified user of brrr° yarns. “But we can be the best in class in technology and license the technology to best in class product leaders who can make their products even better with brrr°.


“My idea when I started the company was to create a technology that could be applicable to all of the fabrics in our lives, and so to see the vertical of automotive taking off, to see bedding taking off, it’s really illustrating that vision and it’s exciting!”For more information about brrr°, contact Julie Brown, +270-361-9338; jbrown@brrr.”


Kolb identified a need in the industry for an authentic cooling technology, and after working with scientists in Taiwan to bring her ideas to life, brrr° was born.Or, manufacturers may buy fabrics featuring brrr° from the company, and the company offers product development assistance through its Taiwan-based manufacturing facility.


Kolb sees enormous possibilities for the cooling technology in medical products. Currently, polyester and nylon filament yarns are available, although other polymers may be used, and the company is looking into incorporating brrr° during other spinning methods to expand the family of yarns that are available.com. “And my curiosity for that led me down the path of textile technology. We feel very confident and stand behind the word proven. “

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review 2018-12-06 21:04
Inflated Footnotes: "Lanark - A Life in Four Books" by Alasdair Gray
Lanark: A Life in Four Books - Alasdair Gray

(Original Review, 1981-03-10)

I don't have problem with intertextual interpretation as such. It's only that I've always seen reading as a collaborative process between an author and a reader. If you look at it that way, it makes you wonder which parts of deep reading “Lanark” come from the mind of Alasdair Gray and which come from the attic of your own subconscious. I also wonder if it matters which mind it comes from, at least when reading fiction.
If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.


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review 2018-12-06 18:45
The Game of Life and How to Play It
The Game of Life and How to Play It - Florence Scovel Shinn















I've heard and I've read through so many different definitions of life throughout my life, that I've somehow eventually created my very own definition of life, because you see, I don't see life as a feature movie, as a stage, or as a box of chocolates, and especially not as a game. I see life, for what it is in my humble opinion, which is this incredibly amazing gift given to us by this unknown force, so we can take full advantage of it, live our dreams, and help others to take full advantage of it and live their dreams. For there's a reason for everything, and I really feel that reason for living is in giving back what we ourselves have been given, and not taking away what's not ours, what doesn't belong to us. Each and every single one of us should learn that craft and give to the world, for it's only then the world will give something valuable back to us, and have us reach our undeniable destiny and have us reach our greatness.

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text 2018-12-06 02:39
The reason why it was decided to construct two structures

Since the insertion of screws into the rod linkage is mechanically connected, the user is sure to always insert the screw in the same position between the dies (tools) – ensuring that the threading phase is maintained.”


“The solidity, accuracy and precision with which TLM rolling machines are built have made the company a leader in the sector, highly appreciated by the largest producers of fasteners and screws in general.”


 Both machine parts are made of electro-welded steel. The additional lubrication system is composed of a control unit that maintains pressure so as to ensure a genuine hydrostatic bearing to maintain oil during slide sliding and to counteract the load generated by rolling – guaranteeing longer sliding component life. 


The reason why it was decided to construct two structures and not a single monolithic structure is due to the fact that almost the entire mechanics of the machine reside in the rolling machine head. During rolling machine head composition, the reaction block is coupled in a forced manner and then jointly welded so as to create a single body that is integral with the structure of the head.


Even if the new generations find it more instinctive to type on a touch screen rather than carrying out accurate mechanical tuning, TLM says its machines – which are not strictly electronic – offer something more than the competitions’ machines.

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