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review 2016-02-16 00:31
Chosen Child
Chosen Child - Linda Huber
Publisher:  Amazon Digital 
Publication Date:  2/15/2016
Format: e-book
My Rating:  4 stars


A special thank you to the author for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Talented Linda Huber returns following The Paradise Trees, The Cold Cold Sea, and The Attic Room, with another intriguing mysterious domestic psychological suspense.  

THE CHOSEN CHILD A novel of desire. Obsessions. Dangerous games. Secrets. Lies. Highly charged topics of adoption and motherhood. Do you really know your husband? A family mystery.  An innocent little girl caught in the cross-fires.

Ella and Rick want a baby.  The first time they would come face to face with children who were up for adoption. A dream of a lifetime for Ella. Why couldn’t she have a child of her own? Life was cruel she thought and she was worried there would be no happy ending.

Now they have the opportunity to visit a hotel with children in a relaxed setting. An adoption party. Liz, their adoption society worked had explained it was to be a fun afternoon for the kids and adults. Rick was not so sure. All the kids needed a forever home--all the parents wanted a child.

Rick wanted a boy. Ella meets a six- year- old little girl – and falls in love. Her name was Soraya. Maybe they could adopt a boy next.

A little girl, wants only to belong to a real family, bounced between foster homes.

Next meet, Amanda Waters, mother of Jaden (a year old), married—having an affair—finds herself now pregnant. Now another baby on the way? What was she going to tell her lover and her husband?

The unthinkable happens. An unspeakable crime. How was she going to raise two children on her own? She looks for a smaller flat, near the beach. She has a secret.

Ella – Nothing can stand in the way of the adoption.

Rick is having an affair. He is hiding something. He retreats to the shed. A neighbor. A policeman. Rick wants the old Ella back, before all the parenting stuff. He does not want this adopted daughter. Something is not right. He liked Ella better before the mom thing.

A game of Stranger Danger. Ella is now dealing with Rick’s oddness and Soraya’s neediness. A poor neighbor with problems. A woman’s whose husband fell into the ocean. Two families. Dangerous territory.

Rick has big problems. He can control Ella with Soraya. One problem turns into two, three . . Blackmail? A murderer. Lies. Mr. Disappearing. It is payback time in the worst of ways.

A St. Christopher’s medallion. Soraya makes a discovery. A threat. Rick is turning things around so to sabotage the adoption? He thinks he has control. However, the seams will soon be ripped apart.

Who’s blackmailing whom?

When the two world’s connect ---an explosive discovery. A visit from the parents. (this part was hilarious) .. What in bloody heck will happen next?

A kidnapping. A murderer? Things are closing in. Intense!

The child Rick had was not the chosen child. A poor little girl caught in the middle of a ruthless game. Amanda lives with uncertainty. The fear a permanent weight she carried. Ella would not allow Rick to win.

She had found her child and she would not lose her again. She would adopt as a single parent. She cannot say good-bye to the daughter she loves. The forever butterfly brooch will bond them. Will Rick take the easy way out?

Rick has Soraya. Ella has to find her. Her world is falling apart. What will happen next? All these years she has waited for a child. Rick has snatched her happiness.

Two stories collide with deadly consequences. Dark and disturbing, full of suspense and tension.

The Glasgow author, Huber is in her element as a trained physiotherapist, now in Switzerland, where she now works as teacher on the banks of Lake Constance. She knows how to spin a web of deceit, concentrating on mothers and daughters—faced with tragedies and obstacles—how they protect those they love. Highly recommend the author, and all her page-turning stories.

Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/#!Chosen-Child/cmoa/56b0fb410cf2dc1600df0913
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review 2014-11-22 13:53
The Cold Cold Sea by Linda Huber
The Cold Cold Sea - Linda Huber

Cornwall, England.

Maggie and Colin Grainger have been enjoying a holiday at Cove Cottage for two weeks with their two children, Joe & Livvy, when Livvy, three years old, disappeared under the watchful eye of both parent on the beach. The one minute she was with her mother, running off to join her dad and her brother at the rocks. The next moment she was gone. Maggie, in her state of grief, could not come to terms with the disappearance of her child and hardly had the energy left to take proper care of their son, Joe. The investigation was officially called off but the file kept open, which had Maggie in a constant fear of the telephone. She simply was not ready for the final confirmation of the inevitable.

Philip and Jennifer Marshall lived in Devon, when his grandmother in California was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He flew over to take care of her while Jennifer stayed behind. His stay in California was elongated and Jennifer decided to move into a bigger house in the meantime, being pregnant with twins - which was kept a surprise to Philip. The move proved to be difficult for their daughter Hailey, who also had to start school in the new neighborhood for the first time. A shy withdrawn child, she slowly opened up to her teacher, Katie McLure. Upon his eventual return he found changes he had to accept for the children's sake. Life was different and challenging.

That is the background of the plot that slowly turned into a chilling, heart wrenching, disturbing saga, in which grief played a pivotal role in shaping people's conduct and minds. The love of these two mothers for their children triggered the most basic instincts known to mankind and the results were devastating and shocking.

This is the second novel by Linda Huber that I read. As with the first novel, The Paradise Trees , I was immediately pulled into the suspense which grabbed hold of me in the first paragraph and never ended until the very last sentence.

The book addresses the fears of all parents, and drives the reader's emotions up and down the normality chart with ruthless intent.

Although the story dragged a bit, it was an unbelievable intense thriller that kept me glued to the pages with no way out. The reader does not want to step aside although it was at times impossible to breath normally. I constantly, silently, cried out: "For Heaven's sake stop this! Stop this, I cannot take it anymore!"

A brilliant, enlightened and wonderful wonderful wonderful experience. Linda Huber will fast become a must-read British author for anyone enjoying psychological thrillers. Her writing style is excellent. I cannot actually find the right words to describe it. You just know someone is playing you like a fiddle and it's not the plot or the characters.

A review copy was provided by Legend Press via NetGalley for review. It was an amazing read. Thank you!

Source: something-wordy-reviews.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-cold-cold-sea-by-linda-huber.html
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review 2014-11-12 18:50
The Cold Cold Sea
The Cold Cold Sea - Linda Huber

By: Linda Huber
ISBN: 9781909878594
Publisher: Legend Press
Publication Date: 8/01/2014
Format: e-book
My Rating: 5 Stars


A special thank you to Legend Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


WOW, a riveting, emotional and brilliantly written page-turner! Crossing many genres, fans of suspense, mystery, intrigue, family drama, women's fiction, adult fiction, and psycho-thrillers will devour The Cold Cold Sea.


The novel begins in Cornwall at a holiday beach cottage, and flashing back and forth with two separate families, and a caring school teacher, Kate who ultimately links the two families for an intense (edge of your seat), and explosive conclusion.


Maggie/Colin and their two children, Olivia and Jon—a family is out for a day on the beach, Olivia wants to join her dad and older brother, so Maggie, says go ahead while she goes back to sipping her coffee.


However, in the blink of an eye, Olivia (Livvy), only three years old never makes it to her father. She just vanishes, and being next to the beach, after time goes on in a frantic search, this family worries she has drowned. Colin blames Maggie and she is guilt and grief stricken. The search places more added stress on their marriage, so he takes off with the son and leaves Maggie at the cottage. Maggie wants to stay and wait for her daughter, and never gives up home, as she continues to put off the memorial service.


In the meantime, we switch to another family in England: Jennifer and Phillip, who have lost a daughter, as well. Jennifer is preparing for her daughter, Hailey’s first day at school, while her husband Phillip is away in Los Angeles, CA taking care of the elderly grandmother.


Enter, Katie, a new and eager teacher who takes Hailey under her wing, as a new student in her class. She is quite concerned about her, appears to be young for her age. Hailey seems disturbed and tense around her mother and wonders if there could be problems at home, as she knows the mother is pregnant with twins and the father is away in the states.


Most of the second half of the story centers on Jennifer and her relationship with Hailey, and plans for her husband’s return for a shocker reunion. What happens next is mind blowing, as Phillip now is immersed in a saga between protecting his family and doing the right thing.


Jennifer’s twisted character is brilliantly crafted, clearly delusional and has escaped reality. Phillip’s engrossing character is cleverly crafted as this mind blowing tale comes to a choice of right and wrong, and his conflicting feelings of love and loyalty.


The Cold Cold Sea is quite unique, cleverly crafted and a gripping suspense thriller, hooking you immediately into the intriguing and powerful storyline, as have never read any other book like it-with twists and turns which will keep you dying to learn the fate of these families.


With the Switzerland author’s former profession as psychotherapist, she does not “miss a beat” for a dynamic character-driven read, with strong raw emotions, and feelings of motherhood, grief, love, loss and family.


The one thing I have mentioned to a few other readers, the front cover does not adequately convey the complexity, power, and intensity of the novel, as it seems a little elementary. As a former publisher, and designer, I am into covers, as believe they sell books, and speak for the book as a brand and image. Would like to see a change in cover for the next 2015 printing to reflect more sophistication. Can envision a battered cottage on a cliffside with thick landscaping and hidden with a winding path, and many rocks overlooking a gray/blue foggy beach front, to further enhance the mystery and intrigue surrounding this stunning and spectacular thriller.


Highly recommend The Cold Cold Sea and delighted to be introduced to talented Switzerland author, Linda Huber. Cannot wait to read her first book, The Paradise Trees, (teaser included). Sounds like another intense mystery suspense. Fans of Diane Chamberlain will enjoy this one!


Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1101577265
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review 2014-08-14 20:41
The Cold Cold Sea by Linda Huber - Review.
The Cold Cold Sea - Linda Huber

Publication Date: Available now


They stared at each other, and Maggie felt the tightness in her middle expand as it shifted, burning its way up… Painful sobs rose from her throat as Colin, his face expressionless now, reached for his mobile and dialled 999. When three-year-old Olivia disappears, her parents are overwhelmed with grief. Weeks go by and Olivia’s mother refuses to leave the cottage, staring out at the turbulent sea and praying it didn’t claim her precious daughter’s life. Not far away, another mother watches proudly as her daughter starts school. Jennifer has loved Hailey for five years, but the child is suddenly moody and difficult, and there’s a niggling worry of doubt that Jennifer cannot shake off.


An extremely emotional read this one, so evocative and very very haunting dealing as it does with the loss of a child and the far reaching consequences that this can have on a family. As well as being beautifully written, it is very memorable and one that will stay with me for a long time.


A momentary lapse of attention during a day at the beach and Olivia is lost. Her parents Maggie and Colin pray, but it seems as if she has been taken by the cold cold sea – although Maggie refuses to leave their cottage, holding onto hope, Colin understands that they have to move on. Not far away from Maggie, we find Jennifer, pregnant and alone while her husband is away in the US, she is struggling to cope with her 5 year old daughter as she starts school. Hailey is becoming unmanageable and Jennifer cannot quite put her finger on the problem…


Perfectly paced and with great psychological insight, this is an intriguing and graceful story with a dark heart and great resonance to the writing that holds you in place throughout. My sympathy ebbed and flowed with each passing chapter, I was at turns horrified and captivated, often surprised by the reactions of some of the exquisitely drawn characters.


My favourite being Hailey’s schoolteacher, so involved and caring in her work, one would hope that all our children could be taught by someone like her.

Overall a wonderful read, heart stopping and heart warming in equal measure and one that comes highly recommended from me.


Happy Reading Folks!

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review 2014-08-11 10:17
The Cold Cold Sea by Linda Huber
The Cold Cold Sea - Linda Huber

bookshelves: summer-2014, britain-england, cornwall, mystery-thriller, net-galley, e-book, psychology, published-2014

Recommended to ☯Bettie☯ by: Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
Read from August 05 to 09, 2014


Legend Press

Description: When three-year-old Olivia disappears, her parents are overwhelmed with grief. Weeks go by and Olivia’s mother refuses to leave the cottage, staring out at the turbulent sea and praying it didn’t claim her precious daughter’s life.

Not far away, another mother watches proudly as her daughter starts school. Jennifer has loved Hailey for five years, but the child is suddenly moody and difficult, and there’s a niggling worry of doubt that Jennifer cannot shake off. As she struggles to maintain control there are gaps in her story that even she can’t explain.

Time is running out for Maggie at the cottage, and also for Jennifer and Hailey. No-one can underestimate a mother’s love for her child, and no-one can predict the lengths one will go to, to protect her family.

Ms Huber spent ten years working with neurological patients and learnt that people have different ways of dealing with stressful events in their lives. Such knowledge has carved a taut, eye-scorching tale, however the cognitive failure of a feckless husband, which acts as a major plot-enhancer, failed to lasoo my credibility.

This is a gripping, page-turning novel that would make parents think twice about taking the kiddies down to play in the sand. Three and a half sandals left abandoned on the beach.

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