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review 2017-05-07 21:19
Great continuation from the last few installments
Boystown 9: Lucky Days (The Boystown Mys... Boystown 9: Lucky Days (The Boystown Mysteries) (Volume 9) - Marshall Thornton

The Jimmy English case unravels finally.


It was an interesting plot - with a nice sideline - but I liked the crime part better than Nick's personal life.


I don't know why, but I just didn't really warm up to Joseph. Maybe it is the open relationship he wants to have? It still feels like cheating from Nick's point of view - because it obviously wasn't what he wanted and only accepted it because he loved Joseph.

I guess it is realistic, but it doesn't endear Joseph to me especially. I am all for having fun and testing out things - but in this constellation with a relationship with someon who wants to be exclusive it just feels like a foul compromise.

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review 2017-05-07 10:07
This is very short.
Coyote Bluff - Marshall Thornton

The story ended at ca. 36% on my kindle. I got it for free via unlimited and would have been furious had I paid for it.


The rest was promo for the author's other work.


The story was a bit confusing, as for me there was no real story. A glimpse into a couple's long-term relationship. I am probably missing something, but to me it read quite pointless - as a short story. As part of a bigger story it might become an interesting scene, but like this I wasn't interested in the characters.

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review 2017-05-06 18:39
Not as light-hearted as the blurb might suggest.
My Favorite Uncle - Marshall Thornton

It did have some humorous moments, but it wasn't a comedy. At least not to me.

There were too many issues that each character had to battle.


It was very well written, with interesting, un-perfect characters and a solid plot.

And the part that was hinted at in the blurb with nephew and uncle trying to set each other up, was the most uninteresting part of the whole book.


It was less gritty than the boystown series (no murders, huh), but it had some of the themes (relationship and committment issues - fidelity, aids etc.) and also the teenager who was mistreated by the conversion therapy people that his parents delivered him to.


So, not exactly light comedy material. Still fun to read and also some substance.

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review 2017-04-11 08:21
Little short.
Little Boy Dead: A Boystown Prequel - Marshall Thornton

And it felt somehow disjointed - maybe to be read before the Boystown novels...


It had the same trademark aloofness in the protag, but the "crime plot" was rather simple.


The whole rape story line with the director and the girl reminded me of Roman Polanski controversy, not sure if that was the inspiration...

(spoiler show)
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review 2017-03-12 08:12
This sucked me in immediately.
Desert Run - Marshall Thornton

A really enjoyable, if a bit brutal read.


It gives a strong sense of time and place, which I always appreciate, without taking up too much space in the story.


The backstory of Don Harris - that was brilliantly done. The relationship between him and his old friend back in Chicago. The stark realism regarding motivations and actions.

This author always makes it hard for the following book - because after having read one of his books most M/M books look like fairy tales, pure fiction.


A really great read.


Only tiny niggle was the GFY/romance part. I think that was a bit too quick and was in stark contrast to the rest of the story telling.


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