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review 2019-08-15 00:27
Book Review for Indiscretion by Lane Hart
Indiscretion: A Standalone Forbidden Romance - Lane Hart


Let's start off by saying that I am really glad that I found this author as her books are incredible and her MC Romance series was simply brilliant and she has definitely climbed to the top of my favorite authors list for 2019.What I love most about this author is she makes it easy for us to fall in love with her characters easily and I did just that almost right from the very beginning of reading this story.

I always pick a favorite character to rave about and mine is going to be Grant. OMG! Not only was the man smokin hot but,he was a charmer as well and his voice alone with his sensual dirty talk and heated looks were enough to make a girl panties wet !I just loved him! For him it was almost love a first sight when it came to Sam but, more like uncontrollable lust and one look at the sexy beautiful long legged beauty and he new she would eventually be his undoing.

We loved Sam as well as the sexy beauty was beautiful,cunning,loving,funny and had one heck of a sense of humor but, she was also deceitful but, not in a mean or vindictive way. but, her bad choices were about to bring harsh consequences and harsh punishments not only to herself but, for the man she claimed to love.

Overall we love the story from beginning to very end and the story was the kind that had you on the sit of your pants the entire time waiting for the ball to drop knowing that your forbidden romance with each other is about to come to light and to come with some very heavy consequences. I loved that although the outcome was anticipated the twist that came next was not and we just love when that happens.

The story was filled with a cast of amazing characters and we just loved them all.I love a story where your drawn to someone who you instantly know is bad for you but, you do it anyway and where you become someones addition that makes you loose all sense of self preservation and good judgement.Got to love a possessive man and Grant was just that and that was his downfall and they are all you constantly think about day and night that they have become your obsession but, on the flip side something wonderful and beautiful and everlasting comes from it all giving you the happily ever after you always envisioned for yourself.

"That is my kind of Read!

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review 2019-05-19 16:15
Book Review for Out of the Flames ( Firemen Do It Better Series) by Leah Sharelle
Out of the Flames: Firemen Do It Better - Leah Sharelle


Let's start off by saying that I am really loving this new series.I am so loving the character's of this series as they are simply amazing and "oh", so love-able.Dylan and Tate were the perfect couple and definitely soul mates.We loved seeing this couple together they we fun and flirty and so in love even after being together for 10 years and still on the newly wed high even ten years later whats more, they were smoking hot together.
This story was packed with a ton of heat! All I can say is "I want a Dylan for myself  wrapped up in a big red bow giggles!" Holy hotness ! that men was sex on a stick.
We loved Dylan the most he was our favorite this time around.We found him to be loving and compassionate and fun and had a sense of humor and sexy as sin but, most of all we loved how much he was in love with his women as she was his whole world and he lived a breathed her but,really vise versa.
We loved how Dylan and Tate first met as time and time again he thanked her room-mate out loud for trying to burn down there apartment .One look into her eyes and he walked up to her and said "MINE"! any they were together literally from the day they met.
Favorite quote- 
“What did I do to deserve you?” Laughing, I cuddled her closer to me. “Your idiot roommate accidentally burned your house down, and you looked at me with those amazingly hypnotic eyes of yours and ruined me for anyone else.”
I have to say that I loved Carson and Lake'
s story but, this current story just jumped to the top of my favorites in this on going series.The hotter the better and "oh", boy this book was just that.
Overall all we loved this story from beginning to end.The story was filled with hotness and love and angst and heartbreak but, it was also fun and flirty. The story made us laugh as well as cry and I have to say the story effected us emotionally right down to our bones.My heart bleed for this couple and the tragedy they endured but, most of all you actually felt the pain this couple was experiencing their pain as a couple and individually and it was excruciating.
We just loved this touching tale and it definitely goes into the keeper pile to be re-read time and time again.This author has a knack for creating amazing character's because each and everyone of them we can't help but love.
Recommended read to all !



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review 2019-05-05 11:42
Book Review for Donna Grant's IGNITE in her Dark Kings Series.
Ignite (Dark Kings #15) - Donna Grant


Let's start off by saying we really loved this story and we are really enjoying this ongoing series with these amazing characters that we could not help but, fall in love with and that we just love Donna Grant and her amazing books !

We love Claire and Vlad aka V's story from beginning to end.We found the story to be hilarious also that it had fun characters who had a sense of humor, was intriguing, and was suspenseful and had a story that had tons of twists and turns and a lot of the unknown.This plot is ongoing and every time you started figuring things out there was yet another surprise.The story was filled with a ton of betrayal as well as not knowing who to trust .There are a lot of players who normally are enemies are now aligning themselves with one another to take out one common enemy.

I found Claire to be funny and beautiful inside and out,a keeper of secrets and she had a great sense of humor,was daring and a hopeless romantic trying to find the one in all the wrong places.Perhaps she was a bit lonely and frustrated but , she starting blogging to vent those frustrations and well let's just say her posts were more than entertaining.

Vlad- aka V Let's just say we loved him from the onset of the story.He was sexy and sweet and kind funny and had a sense of humor, a bit lonely and lost and had the wait of the world on his shoulders.A Dark King who felt he didn't fit in this new world he is now living in but, that all changed when he caught a glimpse of a sexy blond who he couldn't seem to stay away from.We loved how Claire reminded Vlad who he was and what he stood for and just how very dangerous and powerful he really is and that is was more then capable of standing against their enemy who threatened the life they have created along with their mates as well as their families.

We loved that V and Clarie's courtship was full of fun and laughter and that they had this amazing chemistry and not only were the were lovers they were friends first and foremost .We loved that Claire eased his loneliness and vice versa.

I know this story had a lot of mixed reviews but, for us we were one of those who just loved this sweet and emotional romance tale with those sexy dragon shifters that we just adored but, most of all we loved those character's who made the story intriguing and fun and more than once had us laughing out laughed and that they made us tear up a time of two.

Looking forward to what is going to happen next as the story left us wanting and with a whole lot of unanswered questions and we can't wait to get them!


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review 2019-05-03 10:28
Book Review For Prospect by Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez
Prospect (The Kings of Retribution MC #7) - Sandy Alvarez,Crystal Daniels



Wow ! Omg ! Another great story in this on going series we loved Sam and Sophia's story as it was heart felt,emotional full of suspense and drama and as always had an amazing cast of characters.This is a wonderful series all the character's are amazing and easy to love and so much fun.I am not going to lie I have more than a few favorites but Quinn is my number one of them "oh, hell I am in love with him" .lol
Sam was such a sweetheart and we just loved him.He was so patient and kind and so love-able.We loved how he was when around Sophia with constantly kissing her hair or forehead whispering touching endearments letting her know time and time again that she was already his and he was just waiting to claim her when she was ready.We loved how patient and kind and understanding he was with her and never pushed hard.
Sam was already a favorite of ours from Gabriel's and Alba's story because of how protective he was of her and her friend and the moment he started calling her little momma I was already in love but, with this story he made me fall even harder.I have to say that I always found him somewhat of a laid back kind of guy but, we just found out just how dangerous and deadly he could be when someone threatened his women.His protectiveness and possessiveness was totally smokin hot !
Sam favorite quote- "We have to walk through hell on earth every now and then to claim the reward our maker has destined for us. My reward— The Kings of Retribution MC. The club is more of a family to me than the one I share blood with."
Sophia was such a sweet heart who suffered so much in her young life that your heart broke for her but, she impressed us on how hard she worked to put it all that behind her and carve out a new life and was working toward her own happiness.We love how fierce and protective she was taking all those broken souls like she had been at on time under her wing offering them her protection and a safe place to heal.Sophia was a beautiful soul you could not help but love she and full of so much kindness and was truly amazing.
Overall we loved the story from beginning to end as it had a beautiful love story,drama and suspense,wonderful character's and more than a few surprises that we did not see coming and all the things to keep us turning the pages.What I love most of all about this book and this series is the women these man choose to be their old ladies as most of them come with a troubled & checkered pasts .Their women's pain and suffering have just made them stronger and brave and perfect for these men in every way .
The prez said it best in a speech he gave in the book Lost King "As for our families, I want to say thank you for standing by our sides without protest or judgment. Lastly to thank our Old Ladies,Our women are the backbones of our relationship.They stand by our sides and support us and everything we do.Every King needs a queen, and we have been blessed to have found ours."
This statement is true for the women too as the men are their backbones that love and care and protect them and see to their happiness are their number one priority.And in return they offer their loyalty and love and understanding and are just as fierce and protective and possessive and protective of their men as they are of them. 
"We loved it ! "
Recommended read to all that goes into the keeper pile to be read time and time again along with this entire series.


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review 2019-05-03 08:56
Book Review for Retribution by Chiah Wilder
Retribution (Nomad Biker Romance #2) - Chiah Wilder


Let start off by saying that we are really enjoying this series as well as this on going series.We really enjoyed this current story it was heart felt and suspenseful and had a cast of amazing characters and two people who were drifting through life and found love in the arms of their perfect mate.


We always pick a favorite character and mine this time around wound be Cobra he was my favorite he was really a bit of a knight and shining armor.Cobra was full of kindness and compassion and understanding a far cry from what his reputation states but, in this story a little slip of a girl managed to get beneath his Armour and experience a whole different side of him that he does not let other see.We loved the possessive and protective bada** biker who screamed danger most of the time who is surround with a dark aura could be capable of such tender feelings "just melted my heart."


Dakota was a little firecracker who for someone so young had some really tough breaks but, she was a survivor who rose above it all and it just made her stronger.We loved the little fierce and independent women who had a bit of a temper from the onset of the story as she was just one of those characters easy to love and one that was so brave.


Overall we loved the story from cover to cover it was steamy and had hot sexy scenes and was filled with suspense and club drama and also had a really lovely love story where two people who through friendship and trust fell in love when neither was looking."The perfect mix of of the things we love in a story."


This goes into the keeper pile to be read time and time again.

Recommended read to all !


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