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review 2017-02-03 00:11
Mercy & Mayhem: A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery - Ava Mallory
  First of the Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery. This sets up the characters and Mercy's profession. It was fun and lighthearted. I enjoyed the mystery although I did not solve it. Being that Mercy is a traveling nurse I'm not sure how some of the characters will be able to remain in the series. I liked Mercy but I loved Nubbin' and Betty. I want to read more of this series to see who stays and who goes.
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review 2017-01-26 05:42
One and only
She's the One - Erin Nicholas

Ryan and Amanda have known one another for a while.  He works with her brother, making him forbidden.  Until one day something happens to change it all ....


Amanda just needed to be rescued.  She just mentioned his name as a means to get rid of an unwanted suitor.  Not really knowing what it would cause.  


This series is so good.  The characters are mostly related and the interaction is fun to read.  I liked how the humor in the story made it more real.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2016-11-20 00:00
Madeline: Bride of Nebraska
Madeline: Bride of Nebraska - Mia Blackw... Madeline: Bride of Nebraska - Mia Blackwood This series was my first experience with multiple authors working together to write a series on a large scale. I enjoyed every book in the series and found several new authors that I hadn't read before.
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review 2016-03-19 22:24
The West and the Women Who Won It
The Dolan Girls - S.R. Mallery

I was given a free copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve read two of S. R. Mallery’s books before and I’ve always admired her ease in creating stories emotionally real and characters we care for set in historical eras and around historical events that add dimension and depth to the narration.  Most of her stories centre on female protagonists and we experience through them the travails and challenges these women had to face in different times in history, be it because of their class, race, gender, profession or their situation.

Cora and Minnie, the young girls arrived from Ireland with their parents, who plan to get some land in Nebraska but fail, end up alone and living in a brothel after tragedy strikes. Madam Ana treats them like her daughters and the brothel becomes their home and later their business. Cora’s love story is ruined by a terrible event, a baddie with no redeeming qualities (Wes’) rapes her and impregnates her, and she doesn’t trust men again. She focuses her life on the business and her family, and wants to ensure that her daughter will be respected and safe, even against her wishes.

The three Dolan girls, Cora, Minnie and Ellie embody different models of womanhood: Cora worries about society’s views and being respected, and is straight-laced and serious. Minnie is free, unconventional and only worries about doing what’s right and fun, no matter what anybody else might think. Ellie loves education, learning, and is passionate about enlightening the population and not taking no for an answer. Despite their differences, they all have in common their strength, their perseverance, and their determination to live life their own way, no matter what polite society might think.


Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill and Lola Montez make significant appearances and add to the historical interest but their appearance is not an exercise in hero worshiping. The author blends beautifully historical detail, language and décor without dumping information or appearing to quote from a textbook.


The bandits’ train-raid and later arrival at South Benton, Buffalo Bill’s first show, and the Pinkerton detective agency and their work add a good dose of adventure and make it a page turner even for people who wouldn’t consider reading a standard romantic novel.

The male protagonists are heroic but understanding and not overbearing. Their behaviour seemed to me somewhat idealised but well within the conventions of the genre.

The Dolan Girls shows us that winning the West wasn’t only a man’s endeavour, that not all immigrants were the same (Irish not being welcome with open arms), that gender violence is not new, and that women can be strong together.

In sum, a great read and a must for people who love historical romances. Ah, and don’t worry about the ending. You’ll love it!

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review 2015-12-22 09:23
Los cadáveres no sueñan. Esta vez Ethan Bush sin su equipo. Y un caso endiablado
LOS CADÁVERES NO SUEÑAN (Ethan Bush nº 2) (Spanish Edition) - Enrique Laso

Como os había comentado cuando leí la primera novela, los thrillers que siguen la investigación de crímenes complejos, suelen constar de dos  elementos que van más o menos a la par: los crímenes y la investigación en sí (que le dan la oportunidad al lector de aguzar su ingenio), y los investigadores (o en algunos casos menos frecuentes, los criminales).

Es cierto que si los crímenes son muy intrigantes o extraños, el libro puede resultar interesante aunque los que lo investiguen no lo sean tanto. Por otro lado, hay casos en los que la personalidad y las aventuras de los que investigan son más interesantes que los crímenes en sí (como suele pasar con lo que llaman en inglés ‘cozy mysteries’ al estilo de las novelas de Ágata Christie). Las mejore novelas del género consiguen establecer un equilibrio entre las dos facetas.

Los cadáveres no sueñan tiene un poco de todo. El caso es enrevesado, y claramente el resultado de una mente compleja y con muchos traumas (no, no me refiero al escritor), pero eso no quiere decir que sea fácil de resolver, sino todo lo contrario.

Y también tenemos a Ethan Bush, que vuelve, tan arrogante, inteligente, y enojoso como antes. El Ethan Bush maduro de años después nos da su comentario, no solo sobre el caso (en esto se calla muchas cosas, naturalmente), sino sobre sus propias acciones, así que en cierta forma actúa como un lector suplente (bueno, en realidad un autor).

Esta vez Ethan no tiene a todo su equipo (que de hecho no es “su” equipo, como le recuerda su jefe todo el tiempo) con él, y se ve obligado a trabajar con la patrulla local de Nebraska, e intentar llegar a compromisos con ellos, aunque eso no quiere decir que no use todos los trucos que pueda para salirse con la suya. Su inteligencia, sus dotes manipulativas, e incluso sus sentimientos se ven puestos prueba en este caso que es un gran reto para él.

Siento deciros a los que os guste resolver los casos mientras leéis la novela, que aunque tendréis muchos sospechosos, no vais a adivinar quién es. Aun así, os hará pensar y os llevará a cuestionaros muchas cosas.

Personalmente tengo muchas ganas de volver a Kansas para saber quién mató a Sharon Nichols, así que espero con ganas la llegada de Libélulas Azules.

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