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review 2016-03-05 00:00
Draw Me Close
Draw Me Close - Nicole Michaels What I enjoyed most about this novel from Nicole Michaels is the sisterhood of Anne, Lindsey and Callie. Their friendship was an important part of the dynamic of the story, It played a part in Lindsey and Derek's reunion. Draw Me Close by Nicole Matthews is a story that centers around close friendships, second chances and regrets. Making peace with the past although not an easy feat has an abundance of rewards in the end. Ms. Matthews took advantage of every character within this stories whether central or secondary, in a way which made them all an important asset. Lovely read.
Disclaimer: Received an ARC via NetGalley and Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.
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review 2016-03-02 00:00
Draw Me Close
Draw Me Close - Nicole Michaels 3.5 Stars

I usually am not to fond of the whole ex turns up pregnant, so I am going to leave the woman I love to marry the bitchy crazy (cause they are ALWAYS bitchy & crazy) ex and claim I am choosing my child. which is exactly what the premise of this book was. That being said, they make great reads when you are in the mood for a angsty heartbroken heroine. Which I was...


I surprisingly really enjoyed this one! It was well written, the plot flowed nicely. I never felt the need to skim. The secondary characters were well written and interesting. It had just the right amount of angst. There was push/pull, but I felt it was appropriate for the story.

I liked Derek considering I think the reason he left Lindsey was stupid, but that is just my opinion in general with that particular plot device. I felt he groveled, and understood what he did hurt not only Lindsey, but himself and Lisa. He also didn't steamroll back into Lindsey's life, but pushed, and then backed off when she asked. He was a pretty likable character. I really liked Lindsey also. I felt her pain at what Derek had done, the lies etc. She was a strong heroine, and didn't just fall back into his arms. He had to work at getting her to trust him again.

Considering this appears to be the final book in the series, I was a little disappointed that we don't get an epilogue about this couples future. I would have liked to have been giving a peek into the future with marriage and babies and all that. The book felt a little incomplete without it.

Overall though I enjoyed this one, and will probably check out the books in this series.
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review 2015-08-30 14:30
Win Me Over - Nicole Michaels







Release Date:  September 1, 2015





Callie Daniels is a singular sensation. She owns and operates her own bakery, contributes to a popular lifestyle blog, and is the dance team coach at a local high school. She lives by her own design and is much too busy to consider dating. Mr. Right will have to fit into her life when the time is right...


Football coach Bennett Clark always plays by the rules. He knows that his new colleague Callie is off limits but she's so beautiful-and irritating!-that Bennett can't get her off his mind. She wants him to participate in a charity dance contest, and won't take no for an answer. Soon, what begins as a festive athletic endeavor turns into a heated flirtation on and off the dance floor. Could it be that the free-spirited Callie has finally found a way through Coach Clark's line of defense?




Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Win-Me-Over-Nicole-Michaels-ebook/dp/B00UGE0P4G/


Barnes and Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/win-me-over-nicole-michaels/1120871297?ean=9781466862234


Google Play Books: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Nicole_Michaels



Ibooks:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/win-me-over/id979153383?mt=11


Kobo:  https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/win-me-over





Win Me Over (Hearts and Crafts, #2)Win Me Over by Nicole Michaels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Win Me Over is the perfect title for this novel. Romance at it's finest. Nicole Michaels fascinating story is both entertaining and touching. Love the characters. Enjoyed the story and found a new author in the process. Definitely a WIN, WIN. Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2015-08-26 16:28
New Contemporary Romance Series (2015)
Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers Book 1) - Penny Reid
All for You - Laura Florand
Delayed Penalty: A Pilots Hockey Novel - Sophia Henry
Under the Lights - Shannon Stacey
True North - Liora Blake
Trade Me - Courtney Milan
Opening Up (Ink & Chrome Book 1) - Lauren Dane
Time's Up (A Maisie McGrane Mystery) - Janey Mack
One Kick: A Kick Lannigan Novel - Chelsea Cain
Start Me Up - Nicole Michaels

I find a lot my reading is in Contemporary these days. 


Here are some wonderful new Contemporary Romances Series that look good to me or that I have started and loved! 


1. Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers)  by Penny Reid 4 Stars! 


Beards, brothers, and bikers! Oh my! 
Identical twins Beau and Duane Winston might share the same devastatingly handsome face, but where Beau is outgoing and sociable, Duane is broody and reserved. This is why Jessica James, recent college graduate and perpetual level-headed good girl, has been in naïve and unhealthy infatuation with Beau Winston for most of her life. His friendly smiles make her tongue-tied and weak-kneed, and she’s never been able to move beyond her childhood crush. Whereas Duane and Jessica have always been adversaries. She can’t stand him, and she’s pretty sure he can’t stand the sight of her… 

But after a case of mistaken identity, Jessica finds herself in a massive confusion kerfuffle. Jessica James has spent her whole life paralyzed by the fantasy of Beau and her assumptions of Duane’s disdain; therefore she’s unprepared for the reality that is Duane’s insatiable interest, as well as his hot hands and hot mouth and hotter looks. Not helping Jessica’s muddled mind and good girl sensibilities, Duane seems to have gotten himself in trouble with the local biker gang, the Iron Wraiths. 
Certainly, Beau’s magic spell is broken. Yet when Jessica finds herself drawn to the man who was always her adversary, now more dangerous than ever, how much of her level-head heart is she willing to risk? 

Series Description 
Everyone in Green Valley, Tennessee knows that the six bearded Winston brothers have been imbued with an unfair share of charm and charisma… and are prone to mischief.


2. All for You (Paris Hearts) by Laura Florand 4 Stars! 


ome crushes aren’t meant to be. 

When her older brother’s best friend left to join the Foreign Legion, eighteen-year-old Célie moved on to make a life for herself as a Paris chocolatier. Now, five years later, the last thing she needs is another man to mess up her happiness. 

Let alone the same man. 

But five years in the Foreign Legion is a long time for a man to grow up, and a long time to be away from the woman he loves. 

Especially when he did it all for her. 

Half strangers, more than friends, and maybe, if Joss Castel has his way, a second chance…


3. Delayed Penalty (Pilots Hockey) by Sophia Henry


Auden Berezin is used to losing people: her father, her mother, her first love. Now, just when she believes those childhood wounds are finally healing, she loses something else: the soccer scholarship that was her ticket to college. Scrambling to earn tuition money, she’s relieved to find a gig translating for a Russian minor-league hockey player—until she realizes that he’s the same dangerously sexy jerk who propositioned her at the bar the night before.
Equal parts muscle and scar tissue, Aleksandr Varenkov knows about trauma. Maybe that’s what draws him to Auden. He also lost his family too young, and he channeled the pain into his passions: first hockey, then vodka and women. But all that seems to just melt away the instant he kisses Auden and feels a jolt of desire as sudden and surprising as a hard check on the ice.
After everything she’s been through, Auden can’t bring herself to trust any man, let alone a hot-headed puck jockey with a bad reputation. Aleksandr just hopes she’ll give him a chance—long enough to prove he’s finally met the one who makes him want to change.


4. Under the Lights (Boys of Fall) by Shannon Stacey


They were the golden boys of fall: Stewart Mills High School’s legendary championship winning football team. Fourteen years later, they’re back to relive their glory, save the team—and find themselves again…

Chase Sanders’s life has taken a lot of crazy turns lately. But returning to his hometown to help his old coach keep his high school football team afloat might be the craziest thing to happen to him yet. That is, until he starts falling for the last person he should—Coach’s gorgeous daughter…

Kelly McDonnell learned the hard way that cocky, charming men are nothing but trouble, so she knows Chase is bad news. Still, she can’t resist his smile—or the rest of him. But when his loyalty to her father conflicts with their growing attraction, any hope for a relationship might be blocked before it can even begin…


5. True North (The True Series) by Liora Blake 4 Stars! (and I just bought the second one!)


What happens when a bad-boy celebrity rocker meets a small-town bestselling novelist? Find out in this first book in the sizzling new True series by Liora Blake!

While most novelists would consider jetting off to Hollywood for a TV interview rather exciting, small-town Montana writer Kate Mosely finds it all a bit exhausting. After losing her husband in a car accident where she was behind the wheel, Kate has finally found her bearings in the world again, rebuilding a simple but stable life. And even if that means a lot of lonely nights watching old movies and quiet days writing obituaries for her hometown newspaper, Kate’s not sure she’s ready for her life to change—again.

Until she shares the stage—and a whole heap of carnal gazes—with rock star Trevor “Trax” Jenkins. Despite his intimidating on-stage bravado, underneath it Kate discovers a man with a Rilke poem tattooed on his arm, an appreciation for cronuts, and a snarky wit that matches her own.

As she and Trevor explore their heated chemistry, the scarred parts of Kate’s heart begin to heal, making room for a love so passionate it makes her want long-forgotten things equal parts naughty, heart-swelling, and joyful. But when a searing exposé in a trashy gossip magazine sends Kate running, will it threaten their chances at forever?


6. Trade Me (Cycloneby Courtney Milan 4 Stars! 


Tina Chen just wants a degree and a job, so her parents never have to worry about making rent again. She has no time for Blake Reynolds, the sexy billionaire who stands to inherit Cyclone Systems. But when he makes an offhand comment about what it means to be poor, she loses her cool and tells him he couldn’t last a month living her life. 

To her shock, Blake offers her a trade: She’ll get his income, his house, his car. In exchange, he’ll work her hours and send money home to her family. No expectations; no future obligations. 

But before long, they’re trading not just lives, but secrets, kisses, and heated nights together. No expectations might break Tina’s heart...but Blake’s secrets could ruin her life. 


7. Opening Up (Ink & Chrome) by Lauren Dane


The men of the Twisted Steel custom hot rod and motorcycle shop are great with their hands...and they're not afraid to get dirty.

PJ is exactly the kind of woman Twisted Steel owner Asa Barrons doesn't need. The last thing he wants to do is mix business with pleasure, and PJ has some of the best custom detailing he's ever seen. But the chemistry between them won't be denied, and soon he's introducing her to a whole new world in the bedroom, pushing her far beyond anything she's ever experienced. PJ finds she can't get enough, but how far is too far before he consumes her completely?


8. Time's Up (A Maisie McGrane Mystery) by Janey Mack


The police academy gave her the boot—and she knows how to use it.

All her life, Maisie McGrane dreamed of following in her father and older brothers’ footsteps and joining the force. But when she’s expelled from the police academy, she’s reduced to taking a job as a meter maid. Now, instead of chasing down perps, she’s booting people’s cars and taking abuse from every lowlife who can’t scrape together enough change to feed the meter. 

McGranes weren’t put on this earth to quit, however. When Maisie stumbles across the body of a City Hall staffer with two bullets in his chest, her badge-wielding brothers try to warn her off the case. But with the help of her secret crush, shadowy ex-Army Ranger Hank Bannon, Maisie’s determined to follow the trail of conspiracy no matter where it leads. And that could put her in the crosshairs of a killer—and all she’s packing is a ticket gun.


9. One Kick (Kick Lannigan) by Chelsea Cain


Famously kidnapped at age six, Kick captured America’s hearts when she was rescued five years later. Now, twenty-one, she finds herself unexpectedly entangled in a missing child case that will put her talents to the test. 

Trained as a marksman, lock picker, escape artist and bomb maker by her abductor, Kick could not return to the life of the average young girl after her release. So, in lieu of therapy, she mastered martial arts, boxing, and knife throwing; learned how to escape from the trunk of a car, jimmy a pair of handcuffs, and walk without making a sound—all before she was thirteen.

Kick has trained herself to be safe. But then two children go missing in three weeks, and an enigmatic and wealthy former weapons dealer approaches her with a proposition. John Bishop uses his fortune and contacts to track down missing children. Not only is he convinced Kick can help recover the two children—he won’t take no for an answer. 

With lives hanging in the balance, Kick is set to be the crusader she has always imagined herself. Little does she know that the answers she and Bishop seek are hidden in one of the few places she doesn’t want to navigate—the dark corners of her own mind. 


10. Start Me Up (Hearts and Crafts)  by Nicole Michaels



Single mom Anne Edmond can handle--and hand-make--just about anything. From table settings to party favors, floral arrangements to nursery décor, there is no project her creativity and a glue gun can't tackle. But dating? That's a whole 'nother story. Case in point: Mike Everett. He's a gorgeous mechanic and known car-whisperer, a man who can work with auto parts like nobody's business. And he has thrown a monkey wrench into Anne's carefully-crafted life… 


One look at Anne is enough for Mike to know that she's no fixer-upper. She's perfect just the way she is--and the chemistry between them works like a charm. Mike's always been a no-strings kind of guy, but Anne's impressive self-reliance--and gorgeous exterior--gives him pause. This time, a fast joyride just doesn't seem like enough. But first he has to convince Anne that he means to take her all the way…


Did I miss your favorite New Contemporary Romance Series? Let me know! 


Vote for the best of the best on my Goodreads list: New Contemporry Romance Series (2015)

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review 2015-08-13 00:00
Win Me Over
Win Me Over - Nicole Michaels This review was originally posted on Bookish Things & More


I adored both Callie and Bennett.  They are full of passion, want to help others, and completely devoted to those on their teams.

Callie is hilarious.  She's very outspoken and bites off more than she can chew.  She's been proud of herself to never needing, or wanting, a man.  But that may all change when she is paired with Bennett to compete in a dance competition.  Bennett is definitely broody.  He used to play professional football, but wants his players to know that football isn't everything.

The story overall is pretty predictable, but that's completely okay with me.  We follow Callie and Bennett trying to figure out how they feel about each other, and how they fit in each others' lives.  Seeing the two of them interact was funny, awkward, and really sweet.  The writing flows really well, and we always know who is speaking.  Callie's mom is funny, and I love all of her friends.  I can't wait to read about the next couple in the Hearts & Crafts series.
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